I’m So Clueless! – Commissary Baggers Edition

As you know, I’ve been doing this Navy thing for a few years.  15, actually.  And I am still dying to know the answer to this one question:  How much am I supposed to tip the baggers?

Those of you who don’t frequent the commissary probably don’t wonder about this much.  I shop nearly every day.  Because there are six of us, and because our kitchen has about 4 cupboards, and because we live one block from the commissary.  I take my wagon and call it exercise.  I’m pretty happy with this.

However, it is getting a little expensive, this tipping the baggers every darn day.  I was talking to my neighbor about this, and mentioned that I feel like I should tip at least a dollar, even when I’ve picked up $8 worth of groceries, and it is one bag.  She said that she usually tips $1 per bag – I about fell over.  Either I’m a tremendous cheapskate or she’s been drinking too much of the commissary free coffee.  At our previous home, I went to the commissary once every two weeks and spent a couple of hundred dollars – at least two carts worth.  I’d be tipping at least $20 bucks at her rate.

So I’m wondering, what do you think?

About She of the Sea

Oh dear - SpouseBUZZ wants a bio from me. I hate writing bios! What do you want to know? I'm a Navy wife and have been for something less than 20 years. I have four daughters who are approaching the teenage years faster than I can drink a Diet Coke. I love writing for SpouseBUZZ because I know that someone out there understands whatever it is I am saying. I also write about money at The Paycheck Chronicles and I am studying for the Certified Financial Planner exam. This year, I have managed to avoid most of my usual volunteer responsibilities (Girl Scouts, PTO, church, etc.) so that I can focus on helping out at the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. It also allows me to make decent but unappreciated dinners and keep relatively up on the laundry.

Still haven't learned to get Christmas cards out on time, though.


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