Being A New Military Spouse or Family Member

Military OneSource has a wonderful resource guide available for new Army Spouses and Family Members.

While the guide is directed specifically at Army type programs and information, a great deal of the included information will also be of benefit to spouses or family members from other branches of service.

*Military OneSource requires that you login on their site in order to access information, so direct links do not work.  You will need to login and search ‘spouse guide’ in order to find the guide titled "A First Guide for Army Spouses and Family Members."

Military OneSource describes the guide as:

This guide introduces new Army spouses and family members to military family life. It contains information on aspects of Army life from military benefits to recreation. It also includes a glossary of Army terms and abbreviations as well as a list of useful Web sites.

The guide is available to download in PDF format.

For other spouse resources you can go to the website and search ‘new military spouse’ and it will bring up a list of many great resources and checklists to have on hand.

About Love My Tanker

I am an Active Duty Army Wife. I have enjoyed living in the US and overseas. I have volunteered in many realms over the years with various FRGs, Sew Much Comfort and a Wounded Warrior Equine Therapy program. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of the SpouseBUZZ family since 2006.

I homeschool my children and continue to love volunteering when time allows. The Army life is a busy life, but a good life!


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