An Open Letter

Dear Deployment,Although I understand that we are not strangers, I did want to set forth a few ground rules and observations before you officially begin your timeline. First and foremost, please … [Read more...]


Comment Issue

For some reason, only 50 comments per post are being displayed, even on posts (old and new) where more than 50 comments have been made. We have not deleted or censored comments (other than spam) on … [Read more...]


Bearing Our Burdens Alone

I always seem to have the ridiculous luck that I turn up pregnant the day after my husband leaves. When he deployed last spring, I couldn't tell him I was pregnant until he called from Kuwait. I … [Read more...]


Time’s Up. Well, Almost….

Today's the last day to get your stuff in for February's challenge. Well, it probably isn't the last day considering I modified the rules a bit, and there's no way I'll get the … [Read more...]


The Ban on Dover is Lifted

For those of you who have been following this story, the ban on media access to Dover has been lifted, with one caveat - the families of the fallen will make the final determination. If you stay … [Read more...]


In Which airforcewife Declares War and Reaps the Whirlwind

I know I mentioned that some nasty bit of germ warfare has been making its rounds through Air Force Family. Over and over and over again.Making a lot of rounds. Well, because I have a lot of things to … [Read more...]


Thank You Too

Yesterday I was on a plane and happened to sit next to a nice man who had retired after 30 years in the Navy and who now worked in Veteran's Affairs in his state. Right as the plane landed, he … [Read more...]


We Interrupt This Broadcast…

Remember when THAT message used to interrupt your favorite programs and make you roll your eyes? I feel like I had one of those moments this weekend at my husband's deployment briefing. I … [Read more...]


No, it’s Not the Socks

My husband and I had a friend over for dinner Saturday night. He happens to be retired military and now works as a civilian, but in the military arena. I packed him a to-go bag so that he could have … [Read more...]


“Taking Care of Business”

Pre-deployment to-do list "Taking Care of Business" is a new Web-based program that soldiers and families can use to get smart about the legal documents signed before soldiers deploy. In the … [Read more...]


Stress? What Stress?

I should admit this right off - yes, I'm one of those dorks who actually clicks on the links hotmail shows me when I check my email.Omigosh! Ten tips to liven up your kitchen? What can they be? … [Read more...]


The ban on media at Dover review* Update!!!

From Andi's post on this topic last week, it's very clear that we have strong feelings about it. In comments, it was asked who folks should speak to in order to maketheir voices heard. Below … [Read more...]


Yoo Hoo….

Hey you. Yes, you! Have you tackled those bathrooms yet? If not, you better get busy, only two five days left. I'm sure you don't want to win tons of great prizes, right? New rule, because I … [Read more...]


LIVEWIRE: On Air Tomorrow. Tune in!

Tomorrow evening LIVEWIRE, the new SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio show, will debut. Strap yourselves in for a wild ride because we're going to be shifting gears every 30 minutes, and it's going to be … [Read more...]


Today Is One of Those Days…

I have spent most of today in my room. Near my unmade bed. A lot of time on the computer, too. The TV has been on. I still haven't taken a shower.Air Force Guy, on the other hand, was up at 6 am … [Read more...]


Remote Control: Yes or No?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine, a fellow Army wife, about our television viewing habits. My television time is pretty anemic. When I tune in, it's to watch news, HGTV, City … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

1200+ Coupons for Military6 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain Retreat for Military FamiliesTRICARE Podcast Launched DoD Education Wants your FeedbackSubmit Picture for Soldiers Magazine Program Helps … [Read more...]


Need a Laugh? Join This Conversation…

I was thinking today, as I located my cordless phone (the house one, not the cell phone) sitting on the windshield of my car (on the outside, on top of the windshield wiper), about how many odd places … [Read more...]