Mail Takes Too Long

I'm having mail anxiety. It just takes too darn long for the mail to travel overseas. And I'm nervous about jinxing myself.It's happened before... … [Read more...]


Counseling Assistance & Behavioral Health Come ‘Home’

You will soon be able to access care from your computer. More after the jump. … [Read more...]


Scholarship deadline extended

Go here for more information. … [Read more...]


Cooking pressure off

I am always worried about cooking for DH.  After watching this, pressure is off.  … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

TRICARE Changes Cause Some AnxietySubmit Your Photos for "Home Again" MusicVideo Yellow Ribbon Program Opens Classroom DoorsTips for Space-A TravelBlood Center Is Lifeline for … [Read more...]


Discipline: Military Mom Style

A good friend of mine, another Marine spouse, recently called me and told me about an incident involving her 2 sons. They'd been in the car for several hours and were about 30 minutes from home when … [Read more...]


Stop! You Can’t Do That!

We're down to the wire now, and the last few things I've neglected getting ready for deployment need to be done NOW or they will not get done at all. Among these is something that is not … [Read more...]


Silent Understanding

Before the Soldier deployed for his third tour earlier in the year, we decided that it would be best if Little Man and I came back home to stay with my family in civilian world. There are many days I … [Read more...]


Military Basebook

Do you Facebook? Well, now you can also 'Basebook' - if you wish! 'Basebook' helps troops link up … [Read more...]



I'm not a big fan of coats, even when they're necessary and when we're living in cool climates which require them. For some reason, I've just never been able to find a coat I've … [Read more...]


True Friends’ Celebration

Without getting into a pity party, suffice it to say I've had a monumentally lousy week. Having said that, I'm painfully aware there are others who've had worse! So, when I Facebooked … [Read more...]


Military Girls Conference Set

National Guard Daughters Plan 'Sisterhood' Conference … [Read more...]


More on marking time

When faced with deployments, many times we find ourselves marking time in different ways.I never really liked the idea of counting down. Which was convenient for us as Seadaddy is on his second … [Read more...]


Movers Beware

We arecurrently in the midst of another PCS move and we thought things were going really well. We were pretty satisfied with our packers and the driver seemed to be a nice guy, too. Then we arrived at … [Read more...]


Anything but Boring

While everyday life can often be mundane, the military lifestyle offers quite a bit of adventure, too. Early in my marriage, I met another spouse who had lived in Africa and spent time with gorillas. … [Read more...]


And the Geardo Saga Continues

Air Force Guy missed 5.11 Day. It was a big blow, but luckily the guy at the store selling 5.11 gear put everything he needed (ahem, it should be "needed", if you know what I mean) on … [Read more...]


On a trip to the commissary…

Even though we live on post, I rarely venture into the commissary. And I was going to say that I didn't know why, but today pretty much summed it up. I do not carry cash. Pretty much ever. The … [Read more...]


Coping mechanism, “not looking at the calendar” fail…

When DH was deployed the last time, I vowed to stay away from the calendar. Some folks count down to the return of the soldier, and I had tried that with deployments prior. I found it to be similar to … [Read more...]