Those of you participating in the SpouseBUZZ Challenge need to get your pictures in for the August SpouseBUZZ Challenge. You can get the details here.I've received several photos for our … [Read more...]


Reason #57 Why I am NOT a Marine (just married to one):

I don't like sweating. As in the wet and dripping type of sweat. Nope. I don't enjoy it. In fact, it grosses me out. Now, I already knew this about myself. But I confirmed it this morning. I … [Read more...]


The End of an Era – Changing My Venn Diagram

Yesterday my 6 year old son told me something that nearly made my heart stop."Mom," he said. "I think I want a normal haircut now." … [Read more...]


Shhhhh. Be vewy, vewy kwiet…….

.....my Verbal Exchange Student is back in school. *cue seasonal music* … [Read more...]


I don’t mean to be a problem child…

...really, I don't! But I think I may be in HOA, um, H-E-double hockey sticks (trying to keep that G rating, folks!)I may have mentioned that we currently live in Civilian Land. Even worse, we … [Read more...]


This and That

Mocha Wifey hosts a vlog series on PCS moves. Brave girl!Also found at Mocha Wifey's site, Dr. Oz is looking for military spouses who have lost a great deal of weight during a husband's … [Read more...]


You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine

SGT Danger stopped by to say that he might do a Part II to his soldier tattoo post. Then, reader Basinah asked if they're showing theirs, shouldwe show ours? I think that's a great idea. … [Read more...]


Why Does It Feel So Different?

My girls started school yesterday. Not just a new school year, but they began their school year at an entirely new school. The first grader showed only a moment's hesitation with the entire … [Read more...]


Horror of Horrors

Well, first I disgrace the milspouse community with this little incident. Didn't think I could top that one, but imagine my horror when I took this PCS quiz and found out I'm … [Read more...]


Did You Know

Commissary CouponsTuition Aid for Spouses (MyCAA)Case Lot SalesGoogle Debuts New Free ServiceAF Museum Launches Podcast Audio ToursMore Health Coverage in AlaskaSpouse Quick Hire Rule Beings in … [Read more...]


Air Force, We Need to Work on This

I've been trying to find a Cub Scout pack for my son, which is not as easy as it sounds when you home-school! You tend to miss all the neat-o reminders and such that go home in backpacks from the … [Read more...]


Fit Club: The August Edition

I admit it, it is lame that I have only posted once this month. I don't know where this summer has gone - it seems like just yesterday that the kids were getting out of school, and now they are … [Read more...]



Earlier this week, I found a soldier's blog post courtesy of Mrs. G, which I found interesting. SGT Danger posted photos of soldier tattoos and asked them what their tattoos represented. The post … [Read more...]


Q & A Invitation

You canAsk The Chairman.Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants to hear from you. … [Read more...]


Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio!

Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio we have a very special show - Dondi Scumaci, author of the books Designed for Success and Ready, Set, Grow!Dondi writes and speaks about the issues that confront women in … [Read more...]


The First Time

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine recently and she mentioned that she found out her husband would be deploying on his first combat tour (in 2004) through the grapevine. Apparently, her husband was … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

August is Eye Health MonthCombat Veterans Sleep ResearchMonitoring Swine FluImportant DEERS InformationMarine Fitness Test ChangesMichael Yon PodcastNavy Relocation Assistance ProgramNew Army Pre-K … [Read more...]


Go ahead, punk…

Recently, I was reminded of a fringe benefit to having my own personal Marine: … [Read more...]