My son looks out for me (so sweet!)

As a military spouse I, like many of you, have spent thousands of hours doing volunteer work at various duty stations. While at our last duty station I was involved in 4 different volunteer activities on/ near post. One day my son (age 10) asked me how much I get paid for volunteering…

My response: Nothing. I'm a volunteer.

Son: WHAT!?!?! You do all this work and you don't get paid???!!!

Me: That's why it's called volunteering. I choose to volunteer my time and talents because I want to – not to get paid.

Son: But that's not fair!

So I explained the concept of volunteering and why I (and so many others) do it. He seemed to be a bit more accepting after that.

Now I have a job with a paycheck (YAY!!!). The other night my son asked me how much I get paid – I told him it was none of his concern. Then he asked if I am volunteering or getting paid (not sure why since he just asked how much I got paid). I again told him I get paid for the work I do. And his response:

"Oh. So you are in a paid volunteer position."

Ummm… not exactly.

Cracked me up!

Out of the mouths of babes…

About Joan D'Arc

Joan D'Arc has been an Army spouse since 1997. She started her marriage as a geographical bachelorette and experienced her husband's first deployment before their first wedding anniversary. Since then, she has had two beautiful children who amaze her (and frustrate her) every day. Joan fought her way through graduate school and is now a Licensed Social Worker. Joan enjoys volunteering with Soldiers' Angels and giving back to the military community in any way possible. Joan feels very blessed to be an Army spouse and wouldn't trade this life for anything!