Unaccompanied to Korea

My husband is PCSing to Korea in 88 days.  At least, I think he is.  He graduates from his current school in 87 days, and he has been told his follow on assignment is Korea.  The problem is that he doesn’t even have a RFO (request for orders) let alone actual orders.

Normally, I don’t put much thought into where we are PCSing until we have orders.  Even with orders in hand, I always keep in mind that the “Army Gods” can change their minds on a whim.  With all that being said, it is pretty much set that he is going to Korea.  He even knows what unit he is being assigned to and what his job will be.  We’re just waiting on those pesky orders.

You might be wondering what I’m going to do while he is in Korea.  Well, I’m going with him!  I’m about 99% certain I am going to be unaccompanied.  We are planning on applying for Command Sponsorship, but the Command Sponsorship process is so discombobulated in Korea right now that I’m not counting on being Command Sponsored anytime soon.  However, I refuse to be left out of an adventure, so I’m going with him!

I’ve been searching around the internet for information on being Non-Command Sponsored in Korea.  It seems like there isn’t much information because it isn’t something that is encouraged even though I read a statistic that about 2/3 of the families in Korea are Non-Command Sponsored.

I know the financial considerations for being Non-Command Sponsored thanks to this awesome matrix I found.  I’m wondering…what other considerations do I need to take into account for being Non-Command Sponsored?

Has your significant other been stationed in Korea?  Did you accompany him or her?  Why or why not?  If you did go unaccompanied, would you recommend it to another spouse?

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