So Long Visitor Passes and DoD Car Decals

Fort Benning announced this week that they are no longer requiring visitors to get passes before entering post or those with military IDs who want to skip the visitor center to get DoD car decals.

Security guards will instead use a hand held scanner to input visitors’ license plates, which will be checked against some sort of database, while those with a military ID can just cruise on post, this story reports.

And that will be that.

Um – what?

In my experience, many military families choose to live on base largely because it feels secure. Sure, it’s also extremely convenient, and sometimes more economic. But in this family, living on base means that I am not worried about stuff getting stolen from my patio or locking my car at night. Maybe I should be – but I’m not.

But now, even though I know they are technically still scanning folks at the gate, I’m feeling a little less secure – and a little annoyed that we give up all of our BAH for a measure that is no longer in practice.

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A base spokesperson said in this story that no longer requiring vehicles to have decals eliminates a risk for folks traveling off post. The decals, she said, can make them a target.

While that never crossed my mind before, the benefits of the decal may still out weigh the problems. For example, to get a decal a owner must show proof of insurance. And it’s a wonderful thing to know if someone in the military hits you they are covered.

This story also claims that Navy and Air Force bases have already gotten rid of the car decal. Since I’m neither Navy or Air Force, those of you who are should jump in here. Is that even remotely true?

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