Help a Spouse: Care Package Ideas

Care packages are one of the most fun yet frustrating things to put together. We all want to send them, we all get excited about cramming them with reminders of home –but about two months into deployment the idea well starts to run dry and the whole thing becomes kind of a chore.  What’s a person to do?

I can’t help but think I could’ve been slightly more creative with care package contents during our last deployment. My poor husband received more sticks of deodorant than he could possibly have used. I figured, hey, it’s really hot there in the ‘Stan – surely one can never have enough deodorant. I was wrong. As it turned out, simply cramming each box with nice smelling America goodness just didn’t cut it after awhile. I needed ideas and I had none.

Fortunately SpouseBUZZ is a never ending wealth of wonderful folks who love to share ideas about this kind of thing.  So — what is your number one favorite, creative thing to include in a care package? What things have you included that seemed like a good idea to start with but were in the end not? Share!

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