Giveaway Winner! Is it You?


I love picking winners for giveaways and knowing I’m going to make someone’s day. Even though I use an automatic number generator at for the job, it still gives me a thrill.

There were over 140 entries for our giveaway from all types of people with a huge number of reasons to win the seat. I’m super excited to announce that our winner is :::::drum roll::::: a deployed servicemember!

Jarrod McReynolds, come on down! His comment said:

“Being stationed deployed in Kuwait with my first baby at home with mom, a car seat like this would help easy some of the anxiety associated with being away from family.”

Generally speaking I like to give winners 48 hours to respond to their notification email. Since it sounds like this guy is deployed, I’ll give him through Friday night (East Coast, US time) to hit me back. If he doesn’t, I’ll be picking another winner.

But don’t be sad! We’ll be doing another giveaway from our awesome Military Mama Gift Guide next week. Are you excited? I am.

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Amy Bushatz
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  • Amy Griffin

    first id like to say congrats to Jarrod McReynolds! But a carseat like this one is for a bigger child, its not really going to do him much good for a newborn baby, but at least he wont have to buy one for his new baby when it out grows a carrier!! well everybody have a nice day! off to the thrift store to see what they may have!!

    • Amy

      Actually this carseat can be used starting at 5 lbs! So if they dont like hauling an infant carrier, this is golden!

  • Thanks for linking me to this site, this is great.

    • Congrats, Jarrod! Best wishes for your deployment as well as for your family at home.

  • Petra

    Congrats, Jarrod!