Poll: Commissaries Could Close Wednesdays


All stateside commissaries and most located OCONUS will be closed on Wednesdays starting in April if Congress does not find a way to avoid sequestration, the massive across the board budget cuts, according to a memo from the Defense Commissary Agency’s CEO.

The memo, which was issued Feb. 21, says that closures will make the commissary comply with the Defense Department’s decision to furlough civilian federal employees for up to 22 days. The weekly closures could last through September.

They’ll also be on top of any other normal closures. For example, many commissaries are closed on Sundays, Mondays or both already.

You can read more about the memo in my story on Military.com.

For shoppers the closures will be at best annoying and, at worst, cause family budgeting problems.

For example, the Wednesday closure schedule would have the commissary closed at least one pay day — May 15.

Would the commissary closing impact you? Do you think this is a cost cutting measure that should stay in play beyond sequestration? Take our poll to the right of the screen and see the results below.

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  1. While the closing on Wednesdays won't really affect my family since we don't live on base I have PLENTY of friends who it will impact IMMENSELY. For those that live on base here it is a 30 minute drive to the nearest non-base grocery store and a 30 minute drive back to base. We already our Commissary closed on Mondays and if the Monday is a holiday it is closed on Tuesday too. If this closure goes thru it would mean for our area that there will weeks where the commissary will be closed MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY….

  2. I dont generally shop on weds anyway, but I will just plan ahead & make sure I have the necessary things like milk & bread, ahead of time.

  3. It's not that I don't care. I don't shop there because I live too far away.

  4. We can expect a lot of expired food on the shelves~ if the folks are not there to buy it, it goes BAD! See this all the time when there is a holiday and they are closed for two/three days in a row. Sad!!! Lots of waste~

  5. My commissary is closed on Mondays. It is also always busy. It doesn't matter if it is payday or not. Closing it another day in the week is going to be a pain because everyone will have to squeeze in. The shelves are always bare by the evening. I wonder how another day closed will impact the crowds and merchandise availability?

  6. Carlos E Flores | February 24, 2013 at 10:14 am |

    The employees will take the brunt of this as their take home income will be reduced.

  7. It will affect everyone who lives on Fort Irwin beings its 45 mins to the closest grocery store..

  8. Richard Foy Jr | February 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm |

    I’m retired and live outside Ft Hamilton and New York prices in local supermarkets are outrageous and I depend on the commissary but, can deal with one day less as long as we still have access and same stock to chose from. Shame that you gave to your country/government and can’t count on the little things that make a difference. Commissary is a big deal in New York.

  9. My wife only goes to the Commissary a couple of times a month armed with her resupply list for the next couple of weeks or month. Since she plans her menus and food requirements ahead of time, the only impact a Wednesday closing will have is remembering that the Commissary is closed on Wednesday's.

    The world will not end and we will all adapt.

  10. What are they talking about ? I was told by many people that the commissary was self suficent the goverment doesn't pay to operate the commissary!! Another scare tactic

  11. The commissary on Parris Island is a big fat joke! Tiny, dirty, hours suck and so does availability of products. I only stop by once a month for non perishable foods and products. Customer service sucks now, I can just imagine how much worse it may get since the people working there will get less pay or less hours. Not don't get me wrong, not all the employees are rude, just most of them. Besides all that it is the only commissary available…I drive 25 miles one way to a grocery store that has better service and products, now that store is "worth the drive"!

  12. I thought the commissary's sales paid for their costs. Why would they be impacted by sequestration?

  13. The typical commissary and BX prices are usually higher than your local Wal-Mart. Maybe its time to privitize these services.

  14. I can't say it will effect our family, we will just plan around it.

  15. As with most, we can work around this closure. I think a better way to save the gov money would be to curb the excessive use of Air Force One and congressional travel.. The congressional performance is way out of control. Clean sweep is in order…..

  16. It doesn't bother me personally, but I feel bad for all those employees getting their hours cut.

  17. Military wife | February 26, 2013 at 8:52 pm |
  18. None of the choices for the answer in the survey reflect my answer or attitude. Who wrote this survey? It is not very scientific, and its results will be biased, unscientific, and will have a pre-programmed desired outcome Do I shop there? No. But I still care. I care for a couple of reasons. Reason 1, our troops are already working 12 hour days most days, if not more. They don’t have quite the leisurely life-style that their civilian counterparts enjoy., and any convenience we can provide them is much appreciated. Keeping Commissaries and PXs open is such a little thing, but it IS something to help them. 2, I care about the people who work there. I’m sure that they’re making as much, or even a little more than, their civilian counterparts in retail. But they too are actually working and earning what they get. It’s a part of their income and budget, which surely isn’t much at the individual level. They aren’t gouging the Federal Budget any where near the amount that the High Officials in Washington are. I’m a disabled vet, and haven’t had what I could call a vacation (leaving the house, let alone the state), in well over a decade (and the rate of inflation just keeps going up far more than is acknowledged in Washington). If the first lady cut her annual vacation plans just in half, that would probably save enough to pay all the salaries of all the PX and Commissary workers what little they might plan on ‘saving’ by making these cuts. Imagine if she cut out any vacation plans for an entire year. Now imagine if all the First Ladies didn’t go on world-class vacations for an entire decade (since the rest of us can’t, either). No, that alone wouldn’t reduce either the deficit or the National Debt, but it does point out just how little and ineffective the proposed cuts will be towards reducing anything.

  19. I just love this…sequestration to cut spending. Here's an idea obama and friends…QUIT SPENDING MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE!!! What is so difficult to understand about this? Five trillion dollars in four years wasted in trying to pick up the economy that needed reset to begin with. Why don't we blame it on Bush and ban guns, oh wait, we're already doing that!

  20. Since we moved to Texas where there is no tax on food we no longer shop at the commissary. Until they shut it down and hand it over to AAFES to run we probably wont be going back. By the time you pay their tax and tip the bagger it is cheaper to shop off base.

  21. They get paid better than social security and have more benefits, why do they deserve any discounts on food…join the other ones struggling to make it!!!!!

  22. I still say why do they deserve a discount on food more than anyone else that is struggling??????

  23. The typical commissary and BX prices are usually higher than your local Wal-Mart. Maybe its time to privitize these services.

  24. Since we moved to Texas where there is no tax on food we no longer shop at the commissary. Until they shut it down and hand it over to AAFES to run we probably wont be going back. By the time you pay their tax and tip the bagger it is cheaper to shop off base.

  25. Chaplain Arnie | February 26, 2013 at 9:40 pm |

    Allen West could have gone a lot further in his naming communists. The democrat party has gone so deep into communism that they are eye to eye with the Stalinists and Lenonists. All we can do is pray for them.

  26. When We are 18th in the world of nations you can thank our government dems and republicans. they all suck. I WOULD NOT RISK my life again for these jerks let them practice the art of surrender. I just found out the simple weed killer the military used on base contained the dioxins that made some of us sick. I was called agent white.

  27. Well folks. Mid term elections November 2014. You PCS, TDY and other active duty stateside or overseas, get your absentee ballot request in early. Vote wisely.

  28. I'm concerned for the workers, the ones who rely on the paychecks…!!!

  29. This is just one more step to the total erosion of military benefits. Go ahead, spend half your life in the military and expect your "promised" retirement and see what actually happens. The government can change the law at any time and there is nothing you (or I) can do about it.

  30. the commissery and BX suck……close them down …go to wal-mart………your better off then the base stores………….or are you that stupid……………….

  31. I have alot of problems with the journalism in this article, starting with…I highly doubt the majority of the commissary work force is making 50k a year. My sneaky suspicion from the way the math was done (take home 500-600 a week) was that they are stating the cost of the employee to the organization, not the actual pay the employee recieves. Otherwise you are presuming a 50% deduction rate…slightly over actually, and that is ludicrous for someone at even a 50k payscale, even with no dependents and claiming 0, at 50k a year there is no way, you the employee are paying out 50% of your gross to deductions.
    Now, my presumption is we are confusing apples to oranges here…and the 50k is the cost to the employer of the employee. This makes infinitely more sense, since typically employees cost an employer almost 30% more than their actual pay. These items are incurred to the employer via insurance costs, traning costs, administration costs et all.

  32. My Commissaries are open 7 days a week now, so taking Wednesday out is no big deal. When we were stationed somewhere where it was closed on Monday, that was a pretty big inconvenience. If it were closed on Wednesday, too, that would be hugely inconvenient. On the other hand, I went to the Commissary on Monday this week and came back with much fewer things that I expected because the prices weren't even competitive much less worth the trip.

  33. No big deal except for the people employeed there. Many will not appreciate the loss of wages.

  34. dont care everything cost less of base anyway

  35. That's the wrong question.
    The right question is, why would sequesture cause the one day closure?
    There are many other places to cut. But based on the responses so far, maybe this is the right one.

  36. daniel toro vasquez | February 27, 2013 at 10:24 am |

    me da lo mismo lo mas importante son los servicios de salud si se eliminan las comisarias y se mejoran los servicios de salud estoy de acuerdo 100%

  37. I use to shop on Wednesday during the day after I dropped the kids in school but now we shop on Sunday afternoons. The mid week closing will not impact me but the sequester will since we will have less money to work with and we are already on a barebones budget right now.

  38. Why are we cutting services that our troops (both active and retired) should be able to expect? Why are we cutting workdays; ergo, salaries of the little people when congress keeps getting pay raises? Why are we still giving grants to communities for programs they should be funding themselves? Why are we still building incredibly expensive equipment that we will probably never use? Why are we engaging in GSA contracts paying incredibly high prices for stuff we can get at 1/3 the cost downtown? Why aren't we cutting costs from the top down instead of from the bottom up? Why is Congress so occupied with passing dozens of bills to rename post offices, etc., instead of tending to the real business at hand (I know….I get the daily congressional record!) What are we really paying them to do?

  39. Why not shut Congress down they are the ones SCrewing up this country????????????

  40. You just learn to plan.
    When we were in Alaska the commissary was open 5 days a week.
    There was nothing else to replace it. We just learned to plan

  41. If they have to do it, Wednesday is the right day. And the Post office should do this too (not deliver mail), NOT on Saturday but on Wednesday.

    I'm retired and I live too far away from a commissary to use it regularly, but I cherished those times on active duty and in the reserves when I was able to use it. We did exactly what the first commissary manager I knew told us to do–buy the specials out in town, and the regular stuff at the commissary. It is still an important benefit for military families, and this should not be used as a wedge issue to spark wholesale closure of commissaries.

  42. Don’t care. In 18 years of active duty I think I’ve shopped there 10 times. I hate the rude people and empty shelves in there around payday, I hate the surcharges and I hate the fact that they shove that “baggers work for tips” BS down your throat. I literally have to step between the bagger and my groceries just to take them to my car my self. It’s like an episode of American Gladiators!

  43. Theresa Wertz | February 27, 2013 at 6:30 pm |

    It's not that I don't care. I don't shop there because I live too far away.

  44. Yes I think this is wrong an I don't support this liberal adminstration treat our military like Rambo, when there is a war or some foreign gov't we shouldn't even be dealing with then we're great, now forget the military an there concerns, I don't believe in half the misinformation thats coming out of Washington, but its so wrong in so many ways, NO to privatizing the exchange or commissary because once Walmart or others get there hands on it then prices will surely be dictated to us all, yes prices on some items or higher but we should be able to do price comparision to compete an that does seem to be lacking in the new commissary's an exchanges, Here's an idea, employ the unemployed Vet to work an run the Exchanges an Commissary's, because there are not jobs like this adminstration says out here for Vets.

  45. I'd like to see them close all the Commisaries and Base Exchanges and pay us 20% of what they tell me I'm saving. I know I can purchase every item they sell cheaper, either off base or online.

  46. I consider the price on the meats are great, not to forget how much u can save on milk. If you have young kids the gallon of milk is gone quick. That's where most of the groceries budget goes on. And now they began with the electronic coupon you load on the card. I save alot at my commissary.

  47. If they are going to do this why not do it on Tuesday so the workers can have three day weekends vice come to work for one day then off the next? If I worked there and was being let go one more day of the week might as well be concecutive so I could enjoy it. I can see why not to choose Saturday as for some shoppers that's the only time off from work to shop.

  48. NOTE that this president is going to furlough US workers in the base commissaries in the USA, but he is not going to furlough foreign workers in commissary outside the US. He only wants to screw the US workers ! How did we end up with this kind of leadership?

  49. Who is the dumb guy that picked Wednesdays as the day to close, stupid if you ask me. When I have gone on a Wednesday is when I noticed that majority of people in it are senior types. As I read in the other comments this could come about three days in a row that the commissaries could be closed. Best get whoever picked Wednesday to run for Congress, that's where he/she belongs.

  50. Obviously a punitave move done deliberately by those who despise our nation. The stealth traitors. The same ones who are releasing the jailed illegal immigrants across our border states.

  51. Valerie Mullikin | February 27, 2013 at 8:55 pm |
  52. Come on people. One day is the sacrifice that we have to make and there are so many complaints. The commissaries before the tactical units! It is absurd to complain about this!!

  53. I didn't know the commissaries were suupported by taxes. Thought theywere supported by orher means. Glad to see them cut spending just as we all have to do.

  54. Well Asteve let me tell you let's all hope that AAFES dose not take over the Commissary. Just compare the price of like items in both Stores. As far as Wal-Mart there price's here in AZ is a lot higher . If you have a problem then report it to the IG and request the Post Commander get involved . Unless you are just blowing steam. Or got a personnel problem with the Military Then Get Out while You Can Get A Civilian Job Before You Are To Old.The young Military Need These Stores.

  55. The Commissary at Robins AFB, GA. is a joke. 99.9 percent of the prices are higher than the local grocery stores. The Sales Tax saved is eaten up by the Commissary surcharge and bagger tips. The most foolish thing the Commissary people tell you is they sell the item at cost plus 5 percent. What a laugh. How can an item that sells for let's just say $.79 cents downtown sell at what they say is cost, for $.89 at the Commissary. If they sell at cost plus 5%, then they seller is ripping the Commissary off. Maybe we need new buyers for the Commissary. But wait, they are selling to the Government. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be. Get all you can from the Government. S—- the people.

  56. I'm slowly weaning myself from the commissary. The one I shop at has a tendency to stop carrying the items I use or they are out of what I need. Less aggravating to just shop off-base.

  57. The survey questions are a bit naive. Being retired, we can plan around the Wednesday closing; I fear some of the young troops might not have that flexibility. Incidentally, in Hawaii, we save about 30% by shopping at the Commissary–and the selections are much more international. We buy at the local supermarket, at the Farmer's Markets, at dockside, and at the commissary–pretty good selection! Please keep AAFES, and the Commissary.

  58. I never fell in love with commissaries. When I was a young single servicemember overseas I was not allowed to use the commissary because I had no dependents and had a meal card for the base dining hall so I never thought commissaries were a big deal even after I got married. Base commanders used to do those sort of things back in the day. The single guys were treated like crap from getting all the nasty details to giving promotions to married guys.

  59. This is a little looney…what do you think the Commisary 4% surcharge is for? It is to cover the Commissary overhead i.e. employee salaries, etc. The Obama Administration scare tactics only works for the misinformed as the surcharge makes the Commissary sustaining. Further, the Sequestration affect only "GROWTH" of expenditures. For example if 2012 expenditures were $1, then it restricts expenditures to o/a $.98. Good Grief, can't we as nation reduce our spending by 2% after spending $16T ($16,000,000,000,000)? The same is for other Government programs…it is not a cut in real $$$s, but a cut in the "growth" of spending. BTW, the Commissary collective prices are at least 33% than most grocery stores. Don't be fooled!

  60. William R. Curd | February 27, 2013 at 10:27 pm |

    Five days still will remain for shopping should Wednesday be shuttered. I hope no employees are affected by this closure. It will not have any affect on my family.

  61. I'll say close the commissary for good instead of letting these politicians use it for their own political games at the cost of all Americans. The truth is the commissary is self-sustaining and requires no budgeting and yet the scare tactics and FUD from the WH make it sound like it does. CLOSE IF FOR GOOD!

  62. The closing of the Commissary is temporary until The Federal Budget is worked out. Both side need to compromise. I am an independent thinker and realize that the right wing and left wing, both equal in strength are not willing to budge. This is a stalemate that is not good for any of us. Whichever side you may be on, perhaps you should spend some open-mindedness time looking at the problems of the other side. Until all of the citizens learn to compromise there is going to be more trouble. Please do not blame the President all that he can do is sign or not sign the bills that the House of Representatives presents to the Senate and the Senate approve. Remember throughout history of the United State the rule has been "The President Proposes but Congress Disposes"

  63. thats fine,we only go to commissary once a week.

  64. All business are in for a profit, no matter how small. If they close one day, that is less profits. Unless somebody pays for the difference. If that is the case, be TRANSPARENT and say so. Is it a lossing or a brake-even or a profitable business ? Seems to me like a self inflicted wound.

  65. It’s a 100 mile roundtrip to “my commisary”. With todays gas prices, do you really think I will save by shopping at the commissary?

  66. Dewayne Burgess | February 28, 2013 at 12:30 am |

    Folks: This is a political hoax just like all the other previous "government shut downs". By law, the president can choose what is impacted by this 2.5% but in spending increases. Have you noticed that no one is whining about cuts in spending on unemployment benefits, bank bail outs, union pension bail outs or subsidies for green energy scams? That's because there aren't any cuts to those democrat voting blocks and campaign funders.

  67. Ron Illingworth | February 28, 2013 at 12:46 am |
  68. the thing wrong with closing commisseries is that it is just another little chip off our already reduced benefits.

  69. Will not affect me in the least. Do the same with the rest – MWR, BX, and Library. DODS Schools overseasa – send the kids off base (gasp) to German school.

  70. Take notice they made sure to give them raises and more benefits to include medical before all this cut backs.


  71. Customers will adapt for the short term. If the closure were implemented permanently, then other days would likely be busier, probably Thurs or Fri, since customers who shop on Wed are likely retirees.

  72. Commissaries should stay open for all overseas areas. That gives our troops a taste of home away from home. Stateside commisaries could be closed for the extra day. I shop the commissary once a month and drive 38 miles one way. The rest of the time I shop wal-mart and find that the majority of prices are equal to or even less than the commissary. A lot of small commissies that are within 50 miles of a large commissary should be closed to save the government money. If the government is really serious about saving money..They should talk to wal-mart and the other food chains about giving the 30% savings to all military shoppers. Just show military ID card and casher pushes 30% discount button. Then they could close all stateside commissires and save really big.

  73. The commissary has such short hours now compared to other groceries. Seems like they shouldn’t need to close more.

  74. For the people that live on base or very close to a base, the convenance of the commissary would benefit htem. For the reast of us, going to the nearest food store is more practicale with gas prices so high. As for the Exchanges, yes they have high quality stuff but that also carries a higher price tag. Sometimes if you just shop around, even paying taxes, you can get a better deal at a nearby department store and have a warrenty. I used to buy my appliances at Sears because there was a Sears everywhere I got stationed. Most of the Exchanges did not carry what I was wanting or looking for or if they did have it I could get it at a lower price so I did not go there except for uniform items or a snack when I had duty. Now if I go to a DOD Exchange….forget finding anything Coast Guard….it seems we are the bastard child of the military (DOD) Exchanges. Yes, you will find more Air Force stuff at a air force base exchange but even at the VA store here at he VA Hospital Coast Guard stuff is very rarely found. But you can find just about anything from the other services. So…..in my opinion one day will not matter much to me or my family.

  75. By the time you add the surcharge, bagger tip and the 1-2% mark up for dry goods it is often cheaper to shop the local stores unless you live in a high cost of living area. Many of the stores need to close permanently rather than just one day a week.

  76. I am wondering who answered the actual poll? I could not figure out how to vote on it? However I seldom use the commissary or BX due to distance (Retired) from base. I've seen numerous posts concerning this and agree and disagree with a number of them. 1) Fuzzy math=who is making the 50,000 a year and what percentage? 2) Yes another erosion of benifites, taking little by little…3) How many actual (%) of vertarans (Family members should count) actally work at either of these places. Yes they serve the Military, but do they really in percentages? Show me the numbers. Then I'll vote on how exactly it is hurting the actual military vs. civilian percentage making a living off those who actually serve or those who have ever served.

  77. The commissary will then have more pressure on them the other 5 days . Getting the shelves stocked overnight will be problem. Why not add another 1% to the surcharge? ON most items the commissary is still significantly cheaper that off base. Wal Mart can match some prices but only on their house brand.

  78. We will just shop on a different day, one day a aweek wont be tha bad. Besides they don't have any great sales and the gas prices on base are as high if not higher then off base. Maybe they will get more competive.

  79. JERSEY ANGEL 1 | February 28, 2013 at 11:37 am |

    What gets me is that way back when they told us the commissary was self-supporting….this is why we pay a surcharge to use the commissary. Years since that time something changed. What, I don't know. I can manage to work around the Wednesday closure, but it might be an inconvenience at some point along the way.

  80. Whatever! This is all bogus anyway! Sequestration should have NO effect on commissaries or DOD civilian employees. The sequestration is a 2% cut of the INCREASE in funding the DOD is due to get. In other words, the DOD will get the same that they had this last year to run the military services PLUS 98% of the increase they asked for. This is just extrememely poor "leadership" by our civilian and military leaders up top. They are forcing their "leadership" directives to do damage that will be noticed…political. Why aren't people asking these leaders the tough questions about all of this?

  81. Complete nonsense…This so called cutback is only about 2.5% of the increase in spending. On top of that it is not 85 billion but about 41 billion. Telling everyone the sky is falling is a complete hoax on the public. We who are associated with the military should have more common sense and not be sucked in with the wild rumors being circulated.

  82. I live 100 miles away so it will not affect me personally but, for a new airman on base with no transportation the extras on base are essential to him or her. Stop closing things unless there is a greater benefit for our sevice men and women.

  83. Reality Check | February 28, 2013 at 1:55 pm |

    Really? That's what we're worried about? Closing on-base shopping for one day? Get real. Over the next two years, you will see a Reduction In Force that will dwarf everything that has happened in the past. It has nothing to do with Sequestration. It has to do with cutting down the military force structure and planned manpower reductions desired by the Executive Branch. Lost jobs and your future unemployment ability is what you should be worried about… not closing Commissaries for one day. Wake up.

  84. L Nall ATC(AW) USN | February 28, 2013 at 4:02 pm |

    It would be better to close the exchanges in all but OCONUS and bases near small towns. The exchange prices are not lower than the local civilian market. The selection is poor and now I can't even save on Sundries and the like. The commissary however, offers real savings against the local markets on (in my opinion and my purchases) about 60 to 75% of the items I'm interested in. The exchange offers almost no items at at a savings even including the fact of no sales tax. If the sole purpose of the exchange system is to generate profit for MWR, then let them streamline processes, reduce overhead (specifically reduce the number and salary of paid executives) in order to lower prices and make the exchange system worthwhile. Most importantly, leave the commissaries alone!!!!!!!!

  85. Ruth Ellen Hill | February 28, 2013 at 7:26 pm |

    I just think that any cut on anything that pertains to the Military benefits really rubs me the wrong way, cut their salaries in Washington and leave the benefits for our military and military families alone. My husband was a 24 year + Air Force Veteran and there were times our money was sooo tight even with our PX, commissaries that we would not have made it without them. We love our Military and support them, we love AMERICA!!!

  86. When I was a Soldier during the 1980s, the commissary was closed on Mondays. We accommodated.

  87. We make a bi-monthly 50 mile trip to our commissary and it is usually on Wednesday, our only free day to go. The commissary system has always been self sustaining and this looks like another "The sky is falling" scare tactic by the current administration. The commissary at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is small in area and we don't have to walk 1/2 mile to get milk like at Wal-Mart. Us retirees like that!

  88. Closing the commissary one day a week will not have any impact on our family. We'll simply plan around it. Personally, I think this is political posturing. Why else would the decision be made to close them on Wednesdays instead of Sundays? Why hasn't AFEES mentioned closing the PXs/BXs as well? If the government wants to save money then reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud and set limits on unearned entitlements like food stamps and day care. If you can't afford to raise children on your own resources, then don't have them.

  89. Former Navy Vet. In visiting a family member at Ft Sill last year, I went to the commissary to compare prices. I was amazed at how high their prices were. In some cases 40% higher than Wal-Mart, SAMs Club, or Cosco. Why is it always our Military who take it in the neck?

  90. The day I was at Ft, Sill, I wrote the prices down on a small note paid. When I got home I used my laptop to campare with the local Wal-Mart, Sam's, and Cosco. Trust me they were higher, not all at 40%, but some. My intent was not to slam the commissary nor the military

  91. yeah im a contract stocker for different brokers and overall way gas is going up i'm surprise shoppers are going to go to walmart on the closing days and probably get use to it but nobody cant touch the prices in a commissary especially on meats so people will go shopping at 2 grocery stores 1 for meat and buy half of what walmart got on sale if u call it that compared to commissary prices but far as i hear every employee and me will get affected if it happens me and other employees count every cent especially these day and live month by month for everyday we work for so i have consideration of myself, employees and patrons who shop especially its one of the slowest day in our commissary but its easier for people to shop on the dead days especially for the senior citizens and retirees

  92. This is something that can be planned around. Although it's cheaper for me to shop at the commissary (I just did an "experiment" and found that even with double coupons up to $2.00, the items, with the same coupon not doubled, were still cheaper at the commissary than at the regular grocery store). I don't know how our family of five on 2nd class pay would be able to make it if we didn't have the commissary. Understanding that there is a surcharge, but my groceries are still cheaper at the commissary, even adding in those factors. I realize some commissaries are already closed on Mondays, then with a holiday situation there could be a three day closure…but it's still not difficult to plan around it. I'm grateful that they are not completely being taken away!

  93. President Obama proposed the sequester 18 months ago and he signed it into law 3 days ago. What are we going to do now. 800,000 Government employees will be furloughed, policemen, teachers, firefighters will be laid off, janitors will lost theii job, parks will be closed. Etc. President Obama could stop it. He want the American people to starves…?
    Stop over spending… We have 16.5 trillion dollars debt and climbing…

  94. George Henderson | March 3, 2013 at 8:43 pm |

    None of these responses make sense. The real impact will be on the commissary employees who will be giving up 20% of their pay checks every payday. This is totally unnesessary given that the House and Senate could easily stop all of this nonsense by simply doing their jobs. Let's all propose they give up 20% of their pay and benefits and see how fast they fix the budget problems…in a New York Minute!

  95. Glenn Robinson | March 4, 2013 at 7:50 am |

    Military stores have always strived to get the best deals for it's Military and civil service members; depending on where you live the closures may start to tell a larger story; if military stores keep losing out on prices for items, in time they may close permanently, because they can no longer remain competative with the community stores. Now depending on where you live, this will cause a major strain on military/civil services folk who depend on the stores for thier needs. I think the closures would have to be looked at very carefully if you used the commissary/AFFEES stores where you lived.

  96. I have no problem doing my part to reduce the budget. However, around 1970 & 1971, inflation was somewhere around 15 – 18% and there was a military pay freeze for 2 years. The first year I felt, OK, I will do my part. After a year of seeing unions go on strike because they were only being offered 15% – 17% raises, yes, strike because of huge, but not huge enough raises, I was a bit more than angry the 2nd year. I was & had done more than enough being in the military & having gone thru Vietnam as Marine infantry. I will always do my share, and as long as there are other serious 'give ups' by other groups, I don't object. R Willis, USMC (Ret)

  97. asteve is a troll everyone, dont fall for it

  98. Retired Army | March 5, 2013 at 8:01 am |

    It wasn't Congress that caused this, this was Obama's idea. Now he wants it to hurt as many people as possible so people will agree with him that he needs more taxes. God forbid he take a pay cut or cut back om Michelle's trips to his fake birth place (Hawaii).

  99. I'm not really worried about them closing stateside. I used to have to drive 20 minutes into town to do my grocery shopping anyway before the Army. I can live without it in the States. Now, overseas, it's harder to live without. Unlike some people I will eventually get out and try to shop on the economy wherever I am at to try the local foods and see what there is to see. But I couldn't do without some of my American staples. Did you know how hard it is to find a dill pickle in Korea? It's almost impossible. And forget about brewing coffee, the only stuff you get is instant, unless you shop at the commissary. We are now in Germany and I am so glad that we have one since this post is literally out in the boonies of Europe. At least in the States you can go to a place like Kroger, Meijer, Piggly Wiggly, or Wal-Mart to get groceries, and another plus is that I don't have to tip a bagger. I hate going shopping to realize that I didn't grab some ones out of the jar while in line with a full cart.

  100. It's a matter of planning, the majority of the time we shop at Harris Teeter of Food Lion.

  101. I'm amazed that people are upset about commissaries being closed on wednesday. All you have to do is change your shopping day. Hopefully it will only be for six months.

  102. Need to stay open | March 13, 2013 at 4:24 am |

    We are overseas in Italy. Not only do we rely on the commisary we are dependent on it.

  103. I am retired and shop there 5 times a week, i catch a lot of sales and enjoy the lower prices on Meats. Those of you that think we don't deserve the lower prices probably never served your country and I say to you Go Pound Sand (asteve).

  104. Honestly-the commissary isn't what it used to be. The sales prices aren't marked correctly when you reach the register, conflicting prices and sales. You'd probably save more money over time if you shopped Costco and other local stores, really the only break you're getting is a tax-break, but ask yourself is it really worth-it?

  105. Let's take a few minutes to repair the brakes. Many owners of vehicles for brake repair as a sign that the car starts to disintegrate. Not so! It's a lazy engine a sign that your car has seen better days? Of course not. If the engine of your car goes wrong, you take your car in a fit, if you soon start to tire, replace them. The same applies to the repair of the brakes. brake repair is not the beginning of the end, it's just a sign that your brakes are doing their job and need a tune of theirs.

  106. This is just another benefit we would lose. The sad part is we can't stop the government, and every time they need to cut something it is usually a benefit and they use the lame excuse of taking away funds from the defense if it doesn't happen.

    Also, you can't compare commissary food or especially meat to Wal Mart. Wal Mart has disgusting meat.

  107. Why are all these comments dated 38 weeks ago. Was this a problem last January?

  108. retired airman | November 26, 2013 at 7:45 am |

    athe baggers work for tips only that you dont have to tip usually its lowergrade service dependants who are just barely getting by as it is port more hardships on them thanks mr golf club obama

  109. Robert Sublettt | November 26, 2013 at 10:18 am |

    I am a retired vetran and this is one of the ldoumbiest idea I have ever heard. Commissaries are in place to help the service members and theier families, we are already underpaid and out side the the prices are outragious To think this could save 600-800 million a year is apauling. Try looking at a place like Ft Campbell NCOA academy in 2010-2011 they spend 1.2 millions on on WW2 "60 year old building" barracks remodeling and a year later the floors are buckeling, and oh by the way now to get it fixed it will cost extra. What happen to warranty work there is where they can start to do cut and save. Leave the Damn Commissaries alone. I remember stationed in Arkansas in a remote area, No commissary had to buy everything on the economy and you guessed it no additional cost allowance "0" to help with all the high priced local purchased, and the closest military installation was 180 miles away. "Leave this alone". Any one reading this sound off to these great idea "Nuts".

  110. Retiree SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We depend on the commissary. Our families served…and ARE STILL SERVING THIS COUNTRY. …..even tho we are not active duty……we ARE ALWAYS ON DUTY. Not only did our family member serve in uniform but the wives and children fought to keep the house fires burning , encouragment, and love so our service member could have something and someone to come back to. THE WHOLE FAMILY SERVED AND EANED THE RIGHTS THAT THE PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES WANT TO TAKE AWAY. We all paid for the privileges with our swet, blood and tears.Cut some of the privileges that the governmental bodies enjoy. Is anyone listening out there?

  111. As a Viet Nam vet. I resen closing the commissary. Our elected officials always find ways to cut the men & women of our military who are sent all over the globe and when they need help our government disregards their cry for help. REMEMBER BENGHAZI. REMEMBER these men & wowen are being deployed to these hell holes four to five times. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    Cut the fat in WASHINGTON. They are raping the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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