Poll: Commissaries Could Close Wednesdays

All stateside commissaries and most located OCONUS will be closed on Wednesdays starting in April if Congress does not find a way to avoid sequestration, the massive across the board budget cuts, according to a memo from the Defense Commissary Agency’s CEO.

The memo, which was issued Feb. 21, says that closures will make the commissary comply with the Defense Department’s decision to furlough civilian federal employees for up to 22 days. The weekly closures could last through September.

They’ll also be on top of any other normal closures. For example, many commissaries are closed on Sundays, Mondays or both already.

You can read more about the memo in my story on Military.com.

For shoppers the closures will be at best annoying and, at worst, cause family budgeting problems.

For example, the Wednesday closure schedule would have the commissary closed at least one pay day — May 15.

Would the commissary closing impact you? Do you think this is a cost cutting measure that should stay in play beyond sequestration? Take our poll to the right of the screen and see the results below.

Fill out my online form.

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