If You Love the Commissary, Say So

There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether or not we actually need commissaries. After all, for most of us the commissary system falls squarely in the “nice to have” category. Unless you’re stationed overseas or jealously watching every dime you spend, the commissary is something you could live without if you had to.

But that doesn’t mean you want to. Just yesterday I drove across town to stock up on ketchup at our own location. I love the commissary.

So that’s what I told the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) when I spent a few minutes this morning taking their  online survey.

Officials say they will use the results of this survey to understand how they’re doing.

“Why this new online survey? Simple, like any organization engaged in customer service, we want to know from our authorized patrons how we’re doing in delivering their commissary benefit. We’ll take their responses, analyze them and use them to help improve their shopping experience,” said Kevin Robinson, a DeCA spokesman, told me.

But I wonder how much the recent kerfuffle over shutting or outsourcing the commissary had on the decision to run this survey — the first one they’ve done online since 2007. An entire section of the survey is devoted to gauging how much shoppers value the benefit.

This survey is different from the annual Commissary Customer Service Survey, which is traditionally available in paper form and done in stores.

This year the CCSS will be conducted on iPads instead of using paper everywhere except for 21 OCONUS locations.. You’ll be able to take that survey in store in July, though specific dates have not be announced.

Take a few minutes to fill out this survey and get your opinion out there. Love it or hate it, this is your way to tell DeCA’s leadership just what you think.

Find the survey here!

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