Dear America: You Failed Our Fallen Rangers


As a Army Ranger Regiment wife and wounded warrior spouse I know that we take care of our own.

But what happens when our own make the ultimate sacrifice for a country that fails the left behind in their hour of need?

Our Rangers, one of the Army’s elite Special Operation units, took a hit, a big hit, over the weekend in their fight against terrorism. We lost four of our own and have a load of casualties — wounded Rangers whose lives will never be the same. My heart aches for the families and for our entire Ranger community. You see, we’ve gotten comfortable with deployments. Some of our guys have done as many as 13 rotations. The Ranger Regiment has been extremely successful in the war on terrorism and we have done this with minimal injuries or deaths.

So this mass casualty has shaken me to the core. It has brought about a reality, a harsh reminder that we are still at war and a reality that our badass Rangers aren’t invincible.

But it also highlighted another truth: as the government shutdown lingers on and our lawmakers fail day after day to come to a solution, military families are paying the ultimate sacrifice and the government they did for does not have their backs.

When a soldier dies in combat and their paycheck immediately stops, they leave behind benefits. One of these entitlements is $100,000 to assist with any immediate needs like paying rent or funeral costs.

But yesterday four families were told that their loved one had paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country — and that they would not receive that benefit until the government shutdown is resolved.

“We regret to inform you ….” the casualty officers said. And at some point not long thereafter those officers told the families that there would be no monetary help coming right away.

Essentially, these families have received an IOU from the government.

An IOU isn’t good enough. And while there is no way to put a monetary value on a person’s life, the very least they could do — the RIGHT thing to do — is to help the family with the immediate needs caused by combat death.

In the Ranger community we take care of our own. When my husband was critically injured when a grenade exploded inside the Stryker he was in, our Ranger family held us up.

And there is no doubt in my mind that our Ranger community will come together and do whatever it takes to support these families in their time of need. It is what we do.

But I am heart broken that our own government, the very one that these brave soldiers sacrificed for  – has failed them and left their families in despair.

The Ranger Creed is the official mission statement of these elite soldiers. The second stanza says:

Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier, who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact that as a Ranger, my country expects me to move further, faster, and fight harder than any other soldier”.

Our Rangers fully uphold this commitment to our country. After all, Rangers lead the way. They know what their country expects of them.

But about what they expect from their country?

The Fisher House Foundation, renowned for providing a comfortable place to stay for military families and veterans forced to travel for medical care, is offering an advance grant to the families of the fallen to “fund flights, hotels and other incidentals for all family members,” according to this story. You can donate to the Fisher House here or through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

About the Author

Kimberly Kapacziewski
Kim Kapacziewski is the wife of SFC Joe Kapacziewski, the only amputee in Army Ranger history to return to combat, eventually serving ten tours in the Middle East. Joe describes Kim best when he writes, “The girl was long-haul material. She had the 'right stuff.' Kim was Ranger quality.”
  • The leadership of this country let u and all vets
    Soldiers ,sailors, airmen and Marines down!!
    I am so sorry for all the losses to date. I am a recent Vet we all fill your pain!!

    • Charles

      As a prior service vet who has great memories of my service, I too am disgusted at this failure of responsibility by Congress. As an avid military history reader, I’ll note that both George Washington and Alexander Hamilton faced worse problems as they saw firsthand the results of Congressional inaction. Soldiers were not clothed nor fed and certainly not paid resulting in “Mutinies” having to be quelled. Does anyone recall the vet’s in the fighting at Trenton leaving blood trails in the snow from their bare feet before the battle began. I only note the ironic similarities with our current “Congress” specifically the House of Representatives.

    • Gary L Senkus

      In Vietnam we shard the ranger club, we were warned not to get close. their teams would go out for prolonged periods, with only half returning.. Their job has always been one of the most fatal in the army.

  • Joe

    Wow ! As a Soldier who has served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, I am appalled that the Gov’t has the audacity to even contact those Ranger’s families and inform then that they will not receive any of the benefits that is entitled to them. How can the Government be so selfish? Or should I ask do they even give a damn?

    • lido

      the answer is no, they do not give half of a shit

    • They don’t care because through all this the president and the rest of his so called law makers are still getting their paychecks and what really annoys me is he had the nerve to tell the world war 2 vets that they could not attend the memorial there in Washington but then he made sure that his military golf course is still open so he could still play golf. Also the fact that he shut down ant access the the Statue of Liberty! What the is he thinking? What kind of president would shut down something that symbolizes America’s Freedom! Our Founding Father’s of Our Country would probably be turning over in their graves right now at knowing what has be taking place!

      • L

        The pres. Owns this.

      • D. Dorrough

        For one thing, place the blame where it belongs. Congress forced the shutdown, not the President.The President doesn’t dictate what does or doesn’t remain funded, Congress does.

        If I tried to do my job the way Congress does, I wouldn’t have a job. Congress, regardless of which party is in charge, has only two concerns – remaining in power, and making the other party look bad. All the shutdown is, is a way for the GOP to try to force concessions. It happens every year. This is just the first time it’s gone this far.

        While many don’t like the President, at least blame him for only what he can affect, not what the elected idiots in Congress (who supposedly represent our best interests… Really?) are doing.

        Yes, the shutdown is wrong, and asinine to boot, but ultimately, it’s the fault of EVERY elected official, and the voters that keep putting them back in office.

    • Chief

      The responsibility ultimately falls to Obama as Commander in Chief. He should have immediately signed an executive order and made it happen. Shame on Obama.

  • the first mel

    This also happened to the family of a Marine killed this past weekend. This is just one more betrayal to add to many.

  • sabrinacking

    It’s things just like this, which make you bitter and angry over the sacrifices we all make as military families. I cant imagine any bigger slap in the face then that door conversation. Once upon a time, I was too busy to think about any of these things. Nowadays, they just make me a ticking time bomb. I could spontaneously combust at any minute.

    • Debra

      And do what?

      • sabrinacking

        And create the next Tunguska event way up here in Siberia, read: Drum. You’re knocking on the wrong door, I’m not a traitor and I think anyone calling for civil war or a military coup or whatever they think they are calling for, are clueless. And clearly, don’t understand the actual destruction of war. I have seen too much to want to wish that on my neighbors. As an aside, going around baiting people into trying to fight with you…ain’t gonna solve anything either

  • Rand

    As a father of 2 active Ranger soldiers I’m disgusted with what the president and the rest of the politicians in DC are doing to inflict more pain to the families of these fallen Rangers. America has indeed fail their families. This is disgraceful! ….. In a positive note I read your husband’s book “Back in the fight” it is such an inspiration. Thank you for service!

  • Fred Hawksley

    IMPEACH OBAMA , he is lower than the dirt on my boots . NSDQ ,, QED

    • guest

      Wake up. The GOP shut the government down because they don’t like Affordable Healthcare for Americans. The President said no to cutting the program, no means no. The GOP decided to shut the government down by not voting on the CR.

      • Matt

        They don’t like Obamacare. Sorry but Government was never intended on being this big. If they can barely run a country, what makes you think they know how to run a health care bill.

      • The “Affordable” care act is an unsustainable train wreck. The presidents dream is a nightmare for the American people. The GOP shares in the blame, but is in no way totally responsible for this slap in America’s face. The president is taking a perverse joy in making this shutdown as painful as possible. Look at all the facts, not just the ones your political party and the mainstream media want you to see.

    • Larry Remener

      1. Who shut down the government, President Obama or Senator Ted Cruz?
      2. Who sent a letter to Speaker Boehner demanding he shut down the government, President
      Obama or 80 Republican congressmen?
      3. Who claimed they were “so happy” the government was shut down, President Obama or
      Michelle Bachmann?
      4. Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends!!!

      Larry Remener
      Twenty three years in U. S. Army Infantry & Special Forces

  • It is a national disgrace that America has abandoned her best and brightest for the sake of political expediency. POTUS should hang his head in shame for his role in this debacle.

    With all my heart I pray that if and when America finally stands up, and the ‘shit hits the fan’ the brave men and women of the military will remember who abandoned them and their brothers and sisters in arms, as well as their families, in this… their greatest moment of need!

    All they must remember is that they are sworn to obey lawful orders, and to refuse to obey unlawful orders. The last time I checked, the US Constitution is the definitive law of the land!

    It is time! Ron.

    • Guest

      You are absolutely right. The Speaker of the House need to be prosecuted for not allowing the members of Congress to vote he is in violation of the US Constitution.

  • Marybeth Stramaglia

    As the sister of three combat veterans, the fact that this is even an issue sickens me. The men and women and families who have tirelessly sacrified for this country deserve so much better! To ask them to “wait one” during the darkest time of their lives is despicable beyond measure. The fact that the boobs in Washington who put their petty politics ahead of the needs of these valiant families is not surprising, but it is deeply distressing. What would it have taken for them to take out their wallets and pay the benefits due these families from their own pockets – to be reimbursed (or not) at the whim of their colleagues. The fact that Fisher House and others are stepping up is wonderful, but the fact that they had to is disgusting. All of our politicians should be ashamed of themselves – particularly those who are veterans who have stood by and done nothing to remedy this. Even those who have moved to fix the situation have done too little, too late. They have broken faith with the most patriotic segment of our society…and I pray to God that they all pay the price for that come election time.

    • yeah not one of them should be re elected into office after this happening!

  • Bring it


    Who ever made the choice to not pay is a nonhacking pig. They chose to do this money for them to die but no money for them after death. I can not find the words to express my outrage.

  • And yet, the lawmakers are still receiving their paychecks. That in itself is a kick in the teeth to military families. My son has 10 years of honorable service behind him. He wants to stay in and do his 20. I recommend he comes home. This government is going to hell in a handbasket and now it’s dragging America’s best down right along with it.

  • Renee

    Thank You to the Fisher House Foundation for stepping up to provide the $100,000 to the recent fallen Military men and women. It’s so sad that they gave their life, but our own Government has turned their back on them and their families.

    • Army Emergency Relief and Navy Marine Corps Relief Society are also providing funds until benefits are restored.

      It’s really pathetic that it’s come to this.

  • Ajm

    As a veteran and a military spouse of over 19 years, I am disgusted by the lack of support from the idiots in Washington; however, I am not one bit surprised by it.

    The self-serving politicians are nothing new in Washington. They claim they will change the way things work in Washington before being elected and then find themselves just another cog in the wheel of Washington politics.

    This kind of thing has been going on in Washington for far too long (which would be more than 1 day in my book). John McCain stood on the floor of the Senate yesterday and stated that he was embarrassed and that they should all be. I would love to correct Mr. McCain face-to-face and say; “No you shouldn’t be embarrassed, you should be appalled, disgusted, outraged, sickened, abhorred, revolted, disconcerted, and the list could go on and on. Embarrassed is the least of your worries Mr. McCain!

    If I were serving as a Senator or Congressman/woman right now, I would have to give serious thought to stepping down. The deplorable act that Congress and the White House are BOTH holding our country hostage right now is not only outrageous, but unacceptable.

    The fact that the families our G.I.’s, the ones that wrote a blank check to the U.S. Gov’t and have paid the ultimate sacrifice are now being told, sorry since we can’t act like adults, speak courteously to one another, that we can’t learn to share and compromise, you’ve gotta fork over the cash to fly them home, prepare them for burial, and worry about paying your bills makes me nauseous just thinking about it. And to know that, if I were currently sitting in an elected office, that I took part in that….I couldn’t stay in that position KNOWING that I had let down the most important people that placed me in that position.

    This isn’t about politics…this isn’t the blame game….this isn’t about Rep. vs. Dem….this isn’t about anyone in Washington. This is about those families!

    The families that stood beside and behind those men and women as they took an oath; “to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United Stated of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    They lived out their oath until the very end, but our gov’t , once again, is proving they cannot be trusted to living up to their end of the contract by ensuring not only their remains, but that their families be taken care of during their time of need.

    How are our service members supposed to “Support and Defend” when the enemy their fighting is the very ones that sent them to fight in the first place? What do we do, as citizens (military or not) when we find out our enemies are the ones in power?

    • Robin

      Well said! As the daughter of ret. Air Force and an American, this brings tears to my eyes. If only prayers and small donations could fix it all.

    • Lou287

      These politicians are a real sad bunch. We the people can prevent this from happening again. At election time we need to VOTE everyone of them out of office and tell the next group they will face the people at their next election. We the people need to stand up and demand RIGHT from these bums. They know they are wrong. The best advice that I can give all of them is to ask GOD to forgive them and then do right by the people and the country. God is in control of all of this and his WILL will be done. I ask all of you to PRAY because it is a praying time. To God be the glory.

      • Ajm

        Well said Lou!!

  • Mary Dailey LNSDQ!

    These Rangers and the 13 other soldiers who have given their lives for this country since the government shut down have PAID THEIR DEBT IN FULL. It is a disgrace that this government hasn’t paid their debt to their families. I am ashamed of this administration and all those people on the Hill whom were elected by the people for the people. They do not represent me.

  • Chaplain Mucher

    As a chaplain who has the honor and prvillage to serve with these great Americans I am not surprised about the broken promisses of our government. I am also not surprised about the response of the Fisher House, Care Coalition, the other Ranger non-prophet support services, and countless great Americans who continue to give sacrificially to needs such as this. Rangers have always taken care of their own. Realities like this should remind us that our trust, hope and reliance should NEVER be placed in our politicians but rather God who owns it all and who is able to get the necessary resources to those that need it by means of Great Americans who are willing to be used by Him. God does not want us to place our Faith on an Institution filled with corrupt persons but in Him. These families will be forever changed by their tremendous lost. Because the Govnt has failed them others will have an opportunity to meet the need and demonstrate a sacrifice (financial) as Amercan citizens that they are not able to do as Army Rangers who sacrifice their blood, tears, families, and way of life. Let us band together towards a common task to meet the needs of each other and stop putting our hope in an institution that is broke and will only get worst. May the God of all comfort be with these families and their brothers in arms during this time of gray need.

    • sabrinacking

      Thank you for this.

  • Carol P

    I am the mother and wife of a veteran! Any soldier past or present has my utmost respect! It sickens me that our country has called on these young men and women and when they do make the ultimate sacrifice , all they can say is,,”I’m sorry to inform you there is no available help,,,” Why are our politicians still receiving their pay? I know there is 1senator from TN that has said he will not accept his pay until the shutdown is over. We need more people like him and the wonderful people of Fisher House! I will make this statement …when the next election comes I will NOT support anyone who is in office now! I agree ..we the people need to take our government back in control! God bless those, who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this ungrateful nation, and their families! I salute you all!

  • JLTA

    I am a deployed solider serving my country and protecting the freedoms that we each enjoy everyday………………………….wait,wait, wait!!! That was what I thought when i first joined. I now know that the government does not care about me or the brothers and sisters that are serving, have served and those who have givin there lives on the alter of “freedom” for this country! I am an American solider for the people of America!!! Not the government of her! I am truly heart broken about what these families have had to endure with both the loss of there loved ones and our “government” saying FUCK YOU! I will keep all of you in my prayers. One last thing know this America YOUR TROOPS WILL STAND UNITED WITH YOU THE PEOPLE IF EVER IT SHOULD COME TO ???????

    • Debra

      I hope they find you and court marshal you for treason. I am a veteran who is in danger of losing my service connection pay, health care and health care for my special needs child. I will never commit treason just because I’m unhappy with the events going on right now. Grow up and don’t claim a brotherhood you have no right to claim!

      • DJ

        Its time for you and the rest of America to grow up and wise up. Taking back our country and following our constitution is not treason. Our founding fathers allowed us to keep and bear arms because they had seen first hand what tyrannical government was capable of. Just because we are the United States doesn’t mean that wont or in this case isn’t happening. Look around. We are no longer a democracy.

  • Chase Ford

    As a Viet Nam era veteran…I AM ANGRY. Those who die for America can’t get paid..but those who are the problem continue to get paid. Something has gone seriously wrong in our country. The Liberals are slowly but surely eroding our values and our standards to the point that only a few Americans keep their word anymore. The rest make excuses…when the simple truth is..they could care less about those who die for this country. I am ashamed.

  • Daughter/Mother/Wife of Vets

    Dear President Obama, Congress, Senate, Uncle Sam,
    For the People, By The People! You ALL Took an Oath when you were elected! You are ALL none compliant to your OATH and DUTIES that you swore to serve, protect and there for the people,by the people!
    I ( and I hope all other Americans ) Demand you step down and relinquish your potion and the American people put alternate people in place that will make the decisions and run out country for the betterment of THE PEOPLE!

  • ALL of US are so totally shocked, dismayed, disappointed & truly flabberghasted at this as well. WE THE PEOPLE want our troops home & out of harms way. But for now, even if you were to be able, Im certain you would all need to keep your guns at the ready. Our country & our Government has been infilterated by the muslim brotherhood. With our traitor n chief at the helm. We need you all here to help US get this Usurper out of our house. God Bless all of you. Condolences to the family of the fallen. TY to those helping these families. And THANK YOU TROOPS & YOUR FAMILIES FOR THE SACRIFICES THAT YOU HAVE MADE or ARE MAKING FOR OUR FREEDOMS SAKE. <3 Even though there isnt much of that left & Obama is getting crazier everyday. We are doing things as peacefully as possible for now to put our US house back in order. But push is rapidly coming to shove. We want our Constitution back as it was before Obama took office. He actually had the audacity to say its just an outdated piece of paper. I love you all. Be safe & watch your 6's. <3 Hurry home safely.

    • families*

    • ck2

      Go home, Jade. You’re drunk.

  • Jeanette

    As the widow of a career veteran of the USMC, I would like for our government to do away with the SBP/DIC OFFSET. It is unfair for you to take my insurance money, paid into the SBP, by my husband and use it to pay me the DIC, death benifit. My husband died as a result of Agent Orange and after the VA finally added Ischemic Heart Disease to the list in 2010, I applied for the DIC. Little did I know that the nightmare was to begin. They are now paying me the death benefit with my own insurance money, with the exception of 90.00 that I is now paid ny DFAS The rest of the SBP money is coming from the VA. What a way to cheat the widows out of the insurance money, paid for by the veteran ! My, My, My, what a cold slap in the face !! There is so much more that I would like to share and would love to discuss with someone honest enough to let everyone know what is happening g to the dedicated veterans and their families. God Bless each of you and may God Bless America !!

  • Gary Griffin

    Amen Brother, where do we muster!

  • Tamara Fedder

    Robert. This is not all laid on our COMMANDER IN CHIEF’S shoulders. George W. Bush left him a disasterous situation. And if you truly follow politics, you should know that he has been stymied by your elected officials known as Republicans. From a USMC vet.

  • Laramie Bozeman

    Fuck everyone who plays the blame and excuse game! STEPUP and support the troops! If your focus is shifting blame, or excuses like: Bush made the mess for Obama, instead of shutting your mouths in reverence for our fallen HONORABLE HEROES and donating money & love to the families…..then fuck you! Leave politics out of it! And get this done!

    • Debra

      Thank you Laramie. Well said. This is for our fellow service members.

  • Debra

    Treason is punishable with death. Maybe you should rethink your statement. As a 100% disabled veteran I too am disgusted by these events. But the overthrow of the US Government is not on the table.

  • I agree with you because our government is out of control, they are violated many of our Constitutional rights and expect the American people just to sit back and do nothing!

  • Randy in wyoming

    It sickens me to no end the length the government goes to make excuses and pathetic attempts for our military. I have never served….tried but bad knee prevented it so I cant even begin to imagine what our troops and families go through. But to deny benefits to our fallen to me is the last straw….our soldiers put their lives on the line when our country calls whether they like it or not. It is time for a change….cutting our military, providing bad equipment etc….. is not how we can remain the best. We need new leadership, let the people who know what they are doing run things.

  • John Lothrop

    My heart is very heavy for the Ranger community and their loved ones. I know a few Rangers and have trained with some others. Very solid people. Not enough of these guys around. Get used to the fact our government is going to let us down. They’ll take your benefits,close our memorials, send us off to a war or some other “engagement” they would never ever consider going themselves. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Semper Fi

    L/CPL Chesty

  • fsugirl

    Ok folks first debra ..laramie . Get real its everyone in the big wonderful world of government an its starts with our leader .if he an the rest from both sides could sit down an remember how an why they are in iffice this crap wouldn’t shouldn’t be. How dare our so called leaders treat our service members who give us their all each an every day like they are nothing its a disgrace I am so very sorry as a 27 year vets wife to witness this is heartbreaking an every American out there should be on the phone email to the folks from our so called leader to the aids letting them know we will not forget an to the families I am so sorry for your loss we as military salute you

  • Brothers and sisters time for all veteran s to unite ! We need our own party. Our country is in trouble .Time for congress an senate to get with it or get out.

  • Marine by choice

    Tis a truly sad state of affairs we, veterans, active duty and families find ourselves in. As a retired Marine and 100% disabled, I can fully comprehend what we face.

    We face a government that makes promises with the left hand and reneges on that promise with the right. We face a government that says they support the veterans and the armed forces, yet they have never served.We face a government that is all about self because that is the way of Washington DC.

    This attitude has started making its way into the senior leaders of the armed forces. Pick up any paper and you will see of which I speak.

    This issue goes to prove the point. Had it mattered to the senior leaders, it would have never happened. A true leader would have authorized the payment to the families of these heroes.

  • DJ

    Its time for you and the rest of America to grow up and wise up. Taking back our country and following our constitution is not treason. Our founding fathers allowed us to keep and bear arms because they had seen first hand what tyrannical government was capable of. Just because we are the United States doesn’t mean that wont or in this case isn’t happening. Look around. We are no longer a democracy.

  • Mike

    The Politian’s are to busy worrying about their own paychecks and they don’t care who gets hurt. Pay the families that have lost their loved ones what they deserve even if it has to come out of all the Politian’s pockets. They make to much money and they don’t put themselves in harms way each and every day for our freedoms that we have, that falls on the all the Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines.

  • fourwarschief

    As a vet of four wars I lost all faith in our military commanders. Where was Chuck Hagel, and even worst not a peep from our chairman and joint chiefs of staff. From our commander in-chief I am not surprised from a non-military POTUS. When I found out I went online and found a web site and made a donation . And that site is Special Operation warrior fund . They help with family and children education of our fallen heros. God bless all our military and God bless our country.

  • Sheridan S. Elliott

    As a retired Army officer, I am not only sickened by the actions of our political leaders on this issue, but also the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Secretary of Defense. Their has been a lot of talk about Army values by the senior leadership, but in my book they need to stop talking about it until they demonstrate those values. Loyalty and moral courage are more than words and apply as much to the senior leadership as the soldier in the field. As a commander, I was responsible for those serving under me and responsible for seeing to their needs and their families. I would assume that the Chief of Staff of the Army understands that he is the commander of the Army, and not just the manager of the service. As commander he is responsible for all members of the Army. It is one thing that our political leaders dropped the ball, but since they authorized pay for military personnel, the military had funding. Upon notification of the death of military personnel if I had been the Chief of Staff of the Army I would have told my staff that I do not care what pot of money the funds come from, the families of those fallen soldiers would be taken care of and paid their death benefits. That is showing loyalty to those fallen soldiers and the moral courage to do what is right, even if it is not technically authorized by law or legal guidance. The Secretary of Defense would have then had the responsibility to back the Chief of Staff of the Army. Just because someone says something cannot be done one way, does not mean you accept that response. When I was told by someone they could not do something, I would then ask what can you do or how can we make this happen. We maybe could not do exactly do something the way I wanted or to the same level, but I would not accept that it cannot be done as an answer. The same applies to the senior leadership. They set the example and tone for those under them.

  • Bill Alves

    No President, no congresss, no Uncle Sam, AND NOBODY GIVES A GODDAMN! The Speaker of
    the House and his damn Tea Party hoodlums should tarred and feathered.. Signed: A 30 Year Vet.
    Bill A. (Retired Chief)

  • Lewis

    I hate to say this but after 29 plus yrs of servce I have watched our government let our troops down continually. I know that I signed a check that was payable with my life if necessary; but to espect them to go into a killing field and not be able to do anything but watch their friends, buddies, and families die to be brought home for burial and to have themselves and their families to be treated with so much disrespect from their government and country men is a disgrace. I was lucky I am still mobile and can take care of myself but those that can’t keeps me steaming. However when I even make a comment about this I usually get my comments deleated for now conforming to guidelines. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

    Just providing information…you make up your own mind.

  • Kevin Wright

    The House of Representatives ONLY has the power of the United States purse. That is the Constitution, that soldiers take an oath to defend. The EXECUTIVE, wants to spend more money, than the PEOPLE, as the people have expressed their will through the elected Congress. Time and again, the willingness of the Executive to engage in illegal, unauthorized spending has shocked the Nation, as in the use of the BATF, and the FBI, to purchase machine guns, and furnish those weapons to Mexican Drug Lords. Currently, the Attorney General of the United States is in Contempt of Congress.

    The Executive, is willing, to insult Veterans at the most egregious level, locking away the WWII memorial, from WWII Veterans, even as at THAT VERY SAME National Mall, was given over to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    The withholding of Veterans Memorials is illegal at least on two counts:
    1. The Monument was DEDICATED to the VETERANS. There was no provision in the legal dedication, that the dedication could be REVOKED, by the executive, because of a financial shortcoming. This situation is analogous to your banker, locking you out of your house, because the Banker, cannot afford to open a bank branch office.
    2. This lockout, by the executive, was done to COERCE legislation. To put illegal PRESSURE on the legislature to pass an appropriation is a GROSS MISDEMEANOR according to Federal Law. Let there be no doubt that it was the executive that chose, in its discretion to engage in this lockout. CONGRESSMEN, had to leave their chambers, to personally stand with WWII veterans, so that they would not be denied.

    As shocking as this dust up at the National Mall was for Veterans and their families, it does not compare to the damage the EXECUTIVE is doing to servicemen NOW. The continued tampering with the ROE, costs soldiers lives, and encourages our enemies on the battlefield. The restriction of the worship practices of Chaplains violates the Freedom of Religion protections, in the constitution. The imposition of experimental marriage values on men of conscience similarly violates the 1st Amendment.

    The actions of the Fisher House, to “Loan” money to the Executive, with the stipulation that the Executive would REPAY, the Fisher House, is another UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT. The executive, has no power to borrow any money for any purpose, without Congressional approval. Had the President asked in a separate action, to borrow from the Fisher House, the House would have voted to approve. The Executive was not after legal expediency, the President merely wanted to expand his power, with no opposition.

  • lucasjames325

    I was never in Regiment but I have a few comrads that are and a few more that were. I served in 325th A.I.R. 82nd Abn Div, attended Ranger school and have conducted several combat missions running blocking positions for the 75th, and am now lost and forgotten in the civilian world. Ive tried to explain to folks that when units such as the 75th the 325th, and Oda take any casualty it hits our communities extremely hard due to the tens of thousands of successful raids conducted by these units just in the past decade that have resulted in very minimal kia’s comparative to history. We dont loose guys often and When we do we tend to take it very personally. Our elected officials have crossed a line here in my mind is unforgivable… RLTW….

  • Mary

    I work for the VA best job on the world!!! I have children in the military and have had tours over seas! I think out govt should be ashamed if them selfs!!! Stop the checks of these lazy ass welfare people!! Use those millions to pay the pay who work! Welfare recipients had not one once of concern about loosing their money!! Why is that???