Here’s When Your Commissary Will Get Wi-Fi

More stateside commissaries are set to receive customer Wi-Fi. Is your local store on the list?

If you’re a heavy mobile Wi-Fi user or you like to download coupons while shopping, you’re probably pretty happy that the commissary system is working to join us all in the 21st century by adding Wi-Fi to their stateside stores. Commissaries somehow manage to be a cell signal black hole in many instances. And then there are the ones that are located on bases where the cell signal is just bad in general. Wi-Fi in the commissary in those places is a gift from heaven.

In early April the Defense Commissary System (DeCA) announced a roll-out plan for 106 of the 200-odd U.S. locations. To log into it you just need to accept the system’s user agreement, just like you would while using Wi-Fi at Starbucks, for example. But missing from that list were most of those in Florida and all of them in Alabama, for example.

More stateside commissaries are set to receive customer Wi-Fi. Is your local store on the list?

Now some of those have an expected roll-out date, officials said. Sixteen more stores have been slated for the project between now and mid-September. They are:

Alabama: June 22 – Fort Rucker; Aug. 17 – Maxwell Air Force Base

Florida: June 22 – Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport

Oklahoma: July 6 – Altus Air Force Base and Fort Sill

Texas: July 6 – Sheppard Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

Colorado: July 27 – U.S. Air Force Academy and Peterson Air Force Base

Mississippi: Aug. 17 – Naval Air Station Meridian and Columbus Air Force Base

New York: Sept. 7 – Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs and Fort Drum

Massachusetts: Sept. 7 – Hanscom Air Force Base

New Hampshire: Sept. 7 – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

You can see the original list of 106 stores over here.

As for the remaining 60 or so stateside stores, officials said, Wi-Fi is scheduled to be added mid to late fall of this year. The roll-out has taken longer in some places than others because of infrastructure upgrades that are needed to make it possible. Those changes were already planned, so officials said adding Wi-Fi to the stores doesn’t come with any additional cost to the system.

Officials also plan to make this change OCONUS eventually as well. But for now it’s just a tentative plan, and likely won’t happen until summer 2016.

Have you use the in-store Wi-Fi? Does it work?

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  • ripped off again

    wont use this and never will….why does one need this and wont this mean our ripoff stores pass the cost to the already bad prices for stuff now that it has in it. No military bases close to where we live here in southern Illinois and I will not drive 50-75 miles to get to one!! They are already not giving us pay raises that do not mean anything and refused to give us fair disability payments if we live long enough to get them so don’t expect many of us to care at all about some techie toy at the exchanges!!!

    • Dealer08

      If you live 50-75 miles away from a base then why do you care at all what the bases do?

      Wi-fi is very cheap and in general very useful for a number of people. Especially those who just moved into the area. On top of that it increases linger time in the area. The longer people stay in the store proximity the more they buy.

      Though I’m a little confused this seems much better for the food court and the BX than the commissary.

  • Guest

    Since there is so much concern over cutting the expenses in running the commissaries, perhaps we should live without the WiFi in a place where it is completely unnecessary.

  • Dan

    Just close the darmn stores down and give us shopping credit at local grocery stores. In Va. the grocery tax is 2.5%, not the 5% on everything in the commissaries and the baggers are employees and aren’t tipped.