New, Free eBook Step-by-Step Mental Health Help


A handy new eBook from Military Spouses of Strength gives users a step-by-step guide to mental health care.

“You Matter,” which is free to download when you sign-up to join the organization (also free), is an easy, quick read — and a great tool to have in your self- and family-care arsenal.

That’s exactly what military spouse Liz Snell was going for when she wrote the 13-page Ebook.

“The purpose of the book is to bring awareness,” she said. “I think that we can realize when we see someone struggling but we don’t necessarily know what to do. Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else … the purpose is to help.”

The first part of the book talks about seeing the signs of mental health distress in someone else. You could easily use this tool to help take care of your service member. You could use it to see the problems as the emerge and know where to turn for assistance.

A new mental health eBook helps spouses - and those they care for - cope.

But the book is also meant to help spouses help themselves, Snell said. It’s easy to focus on the health of the service member, so much so that spouses fail to take care of themselves. The guide is also a great tool for those looking to hook themselves up with resources and help.

“The self care is the hardest thing to do, especially, in our community because we’re often so focused on caring for our children or our spouses or others in the community,” she said.

Snell founded Military Spouses of Strength in 2013 to improve the overall health and wellness of military spouses after experiencing her own mental health challenges. Now the organization has renewed its focus on wellness with plans to help spouses with their mind, body and spirit.

“That’s kind of where this came from — my own personal experiences and seeing the need,” she said.

Check out the organization and sign-up to join (and get the eBook) over here.

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