New Column Answers Spouse Career Problems

New Column Answers Spouse Career Problems

The idea came from one of you on our SpouseBuzz Facebook page — and I’ve got to say, it was brilliant. You said we should start a write-in column where military spouses can ask for career advice.

So we did.

The new column, “Dear Career,” is aimed at connecting you, military spouses with career aspirations, with great career advice from the people who know business best — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

You might be thinking “OK that’s fine, but what do they know about military spouse careers?” Military spouse have incredibly unique career challenges. An expert in what we deal with, specifically, is important. Any old career advice won’t cut it.

And that’s why we didn’t just ask the U.S. Chamber to help us. We asked the U.S. Chamber’s Hiring our Heroes program and In Gear Career, the networking and career support organization by military spouses, for military spouses.

You can get much more tailored than that. The advisers behind this column know what they are doing. They own their space.

So how do you get your question to our experts? Email, of course. Hit them up at We promise that if you email them a question, someone will answer. And your question could end up featured in one of the Dear Career columns on’s Spouse Channel.

So send in your trickiest questions, your hardest military spouse career conundrums and let our experts help you. Problems with licensing? Got a boss who hates the military? Someone wants to fire you if you take time off for homecoming? Don’t know what to put on that resume? Send those bad boys in.

Dear Career looks forward to hearing from you soon!

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