Poll: Hunger In the Military


A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that the Defense Department needs to step-up their game on keeping track on just how many troops are using programs like food stamps (SNAP) and WIC.

We know anecdotally that plenty of military families use WIC and food stamps. But there’s very little data to actually demonstrate that that’s true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which manages the SNAP program, doesn’t keep complete track of how many military families use it. Private organizations don’t keep track of how many military families use their programs, either. On-base school free and reduced priced lunch registrations are tracked — but military kids in those programs off-base aren’t.

There’s not even a single office within the Pentagon overseeing the issue.

The result? No one really, truly knows how many military families are using food assistance. And without that kind of information, GAO officials said, there’s no way to understand how many military families are facing hunger issues.

We know that our polls here at SpouseBuzz are not a scientific tracking of issues, but we still like to hear about what you’re seeing and experiencing. That’s why we want to ask you about his issue. Take a moment to take our poll – and maybe leave your thoughts in the comment section. And by the way, it’s anonymous.

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