PCS Moves Put on Hold Until Shutdown Ends

If you were planning to PCS soon you've probably already figured out that your move could be in jeopardy -- at least temporarily. According to the Army, at least, moves for any Soldiers whose new … [Read more...]


DoD: Commissary to Reopen Soon!

Update 0630 a.m. EST Oct. 7:  While some commissaries reopened yesterday, most posts and bases have announced that their stores will open either today or, in places where stores are closed on … [Read more...]


Free Military Sam’s Club Membership Until Shutdown Ends

UPDATE Oct. 25, 2013: Sam's Club has extended this offer until Oct. 31, even though the shutdown has been over for more than a week. From Sam's Officials: “On behalf of every associate that engaged … [Read more...]


No Commissary? No Problem — How to Save Money Without It

With commissaries stateside completely closed for the duration of the shutdown, this family is going to have to decide where to do our normal weekly grocery shopping. If you’re anything like me, … [Read more...]


Crazy Town: The Commissary on Shutdown Day

Wondering what the commissary is looking like on shutdown day? Two words: meat rush. In case you hadn't heard, with a government shutdown actually at play, the commissary will be closed starting … [Read more...]


Why is ‘Obamacare’ Picking on Military?

A home visit program tied to the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," could result in forced home visits by state officials both on and off base for active duty and former military members with young … [Read more...]


Stateside Commissaries Closed in Government Shutdown

Stock your fridge and brace yourself! With the government shutdown Oct. 1 commissaries stateside will be closed starting Oct. 2, according to officials with the Defense Commissary Agency … [Read more...]


Can You Sue Housing and Win?

A group of Hampton Roads Navy families is suing the privatized military housing company for mold damage – and may just win. The lawsuit, which was filed last year, cleared a major legal hurdle … [Read more...]


How to Survive the Child-Free Military Life

 I know what you’re thinking, mainstream society (and Army Wives) would have you believe such people do not exist. But we do. We are few and far between and you might have to look for us, but … [Read more...]


Why Can’t Students Honor Veterans and Sacrifice?

“You have blood all over you. I can smell it,” one female protester yelled. Sacrifice and honor should always go hand-in-hand. But sometimes, to some people, they don’t – and the result is … [Read more...]


Will Tricare Cover Your Boob Job?

It's one of the most talked about Tricare topics out there: How, exactly, can you get Tricare to pay for breast augmentation surgery or "boob job." One of the things we pride ourselves on here at … [Read more...]


How to Put Together a Great Birthday Care Package

When your Birthday Boy (or girl) is out of the country over his big day you have to come up with a way to make him feel special from a world away. Cake aflame with candles is out. Breakfast in bed is … [Read more...]


Top 8 Most Surprising Things About Military Life

It doesn’t take long in military life to figure out that all of those rumors you heard about how things work and how great it all is were, well, just rumors. In our travels around the country … [Read more...]


Top 10 Military Life Tips for New MilSpouses

Welcome, new military spouse, to the wide world of government bureaucracy.  We know you're happy to be here with us on our military base. We love seeing how in love you are. We adore how patriotic … [Read more...]


Viral Photo Sparks Honor, Not Pity — Finally

A photo of a woman toting her amputee husband on her back has gone wildly viral this week as commenter after commenter marvels at the couples’ apparent devotion. Former Marine Staff Sgt. Jesse … [Read more...]


Poll: What Do You Unpack First?

Unpacking from a PCS is something of a science. The more you do it, the more you get it down to a fine-tuned rhythm. Me? I let the movers bring in my boxes and put together the stuff they took … [Read more...]


Welcome Your New Neighbors in Style

When you move to a new duty station, and into a new home and don't know a soul, there's something extra special about someone near by taking the time to introduce themselves ... while holding … [Read more...]


Top Enlisted Soldier Calls Out Trashy Troops, MilFams

When you leave trash in your commissary cart, let your vehicle tags expire, allow your dog to poop outside unsupervised, and drive around with loud music, you are showing that you have no … [Read more...]