Female Troops and Their Shocking Divorce Rate

Do female troops love divorce? Probably not. I can't imagine anyone loving the excruciating pain that is divorce. But the military divorce statistics released yearly by the Defense Department tell … [Read more...]


Vet Creates Clothing Line Just for Female Veterans

This one is for all you prior service female spouses who know the struggle is real ... the struggle to find something to wear showing you served, that is. Nadine Noky, who left the Army in 2007 … [Read more...]


New Military Kids Magazine Speaks at Kids’ Level

Sometimes managing military life for our kids is about striking that balance between acknowledging publicly that, being a military family is hard and letting yourself wallow in it at home. We … [Read more...]


Final Vote Opens for 2015 AFI Military Spouse of the Year

Update: Voting is now closed. Check back in May when the winner is announced! We've told you about the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year award before. Each year military spouses from … [Read more...]


Uncle Sam Could Credit You $500 After a PCS

Are you a military spouse with a career that requires a professional license? Your life could be about to get $500 better. So you moved across the country -- again. You managed to check all the … [Read more...]


Your Favorite Commissary Cut? None

A few weeks ago we launched a poll telling you to pick your own commissary cuts. We laid out the options that are floating around the military policy world and let you tell us which one you like best. … [Read more...]


Exchanges’ Customer Services Scores Tank — Here’s Why

If you were paying very close attention last week (or read Military.com Feb. 21) you might have heard that a new report says that the Exchange tied with WalMart for the worst customer service score in … [Read more...]


Army Launches New 2015 Community Services Family Survey

If you are still operating on the hope that all the feedback surveys the military asks us to take actually do something, we've got another one for you, this time from Army Community Services … [Read more...]


Pick Your Own Cuts: Tricare Changes

Among the many budget cut proposals that have popped up this year, the one that would have the biggest day-to-day impact on the lives of everyone -- active duty families, Guard and Reserve users and … [Read more...]


What You Need to Know About the Clay Hunt Law

They pop up on my Facebook news feed far too often. This soldier got out last year. This Marine had such a bright future ahead of him. This one struggled and we knew it -- and we did what we could. … [Read more...]


What Does Military Transition Really Do to Marriage?

Very little about military transition is easy. We all know that the military is more than a career track or job -- it's a lifestyle. And unlike most jobs held by the breadwinner, it intimately … [Read more...]


SpouseBox Review: The Perfect MilSpouse Pick-Me-Up

If you haven't heard about SpouseBox, the new snail mail subscription service for military spouses, by military spouses you are missing out in a major way. UPDATE: The March SpouseBox sold out in … [Read more...]


ISIS Threatened Me But They Didn’t Win

It's not every day that you can say "Today I got a personalized tweet from someone claiming to be with ISIS." And that's probably a good thing. It happened like this:  The Twitter account of a … [Read more...]


Poll: Pick Your Own Commissary Cuts

The last several weeks have been a flood of news about benefit cuts. Commissary cuts, Tricare changes, housing allowance cuts ... whoa. The really confusing part of all this is the different … [Read more...]


What Real Military Spouses Want for Valentine’s Day

According to love experts, 86 percent of men will buy their Valentine the wrong gift this year. Many of those gift givers will be buying flowers, which, according to these experts, most women don't … [Read more...]


Tag Us on Instagram in Your #MilCrush Military Love Photos

We want to see your military love photos. Follow us @MilSpouseBuzz on Instagram and tag your photos with #MilCrush in honor of Valentines Day! We are suckers for military love photos here at … [Read more...]


Commissary WIC in Asia Expands to Off-Base

If you are a user of the commissary WIC program in Asia, you may have noticed recently that when it comes to using your benefits on eggs, well ... you can't. But now officials have a … [Read more...]


Poll: Free Birth Control for all MilSpouses, Troops?

If you're a military spouse or female service member, accessing birth control can be expensive, depending on what brand or type you want to use. But a few lawmakers are trying to change that. Right … [Read more...]