Tricare Mental Health Provider Change Delayed

A Tricare mental health counselor rule change that some worried could drastically reduce the pool of available providers has been delayed until 2017, while a rule allowing others to operate under … [Read more...]


Mailbag: How Do I Pick a Good Neighborhood?

Think back to your last Permament Change of Station (PCS), and you'll remember the anxiety you felt trying to decide where, exactly, you were going to live. On base? Off base? And, if off, what … [Read more...]


Booted Hickam Spouse Wins New Contract Process

A military spouse owned small fitness business that was given the boot from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), Hawaii in late May after a contract was instead awarded to different company has … [Read more...]


Lawmakers Ditch Military Tobacco Discount

A Senate subcommittee July 15 approved a measure that eliminates the discount military members receive when they buy tobacco at the commissary or exchange. Currently, tobacco products are … [Read more...]


Report Takes In-Depth Look at all Military Benefits

We've told you about the work the Military Compensation Retirement and Modernization Commission (MCRMC) is doing. This board is tasked by Congress with coming up with recommendations that could … [Read more...]


Special Needs and Moving? This Can Help

Moving your child to a new school is always a little scary. Moving a child with special needs, regardless of type, is even more scary. Will the district be able to help him? What resources will be … [Read more...]


Commissary To Donate Expired Food

After the government shutdown last year left the commissary closed Oct. 2 to 6, stores found themselves with a sizable amount of food that they could not sell thanks to expiration dates, but was not … [Read more...]


How You Can Get a Free YMCA Membership

If you don't live near a military base during deployment - or are stationed far away from one - you could get a free YMCA membership for your family. That's because a program that gives free YMCA … [Read more...]


Exchange Wants to Open Website to all Veterans

The Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), which operates Exchanges, Class Six stores, Shoppettes and gas stations on Army posts and Air Force bases worldwide, wants to expand who can use their … [Read more...]


‘Better for You’ Foods Score Commissary Spotlight

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) is planning to rearrange products in a handful of stores in an effort to highlight healthier foods that meet a "better for you" set of qualifications. They also … [Read more...]


Are Military Health Town Halls Just Box Checking?

A series of town hall meetings advertised as a means of hearing from families users as part of Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel's 90-day military health care system review may feel more like pro-forma events … [Read more...]


Commissary Case Lot Sales Return Despite Cuts

After eliminating case lot sales last year and the first half of this year thanks to budget cuts, they are now back for stateside shoppers, commissary officials said. The sales, which will be … [Read more...]


DoD To Roll Out New Housing Site

Military families were a little surprised when the Defense Department (DoD) decided not to renew their contract sponsorship of the popular Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) website late last … [Read more...]


Tricare Might Force You Back On Base

If you're a Tricare Prime user living near a military treatment facility (MTF), you're probably seen on base. But there are some of us (including myself and my children) who got lucky when we moved to … [Read more...]


The Military Fired My Friends — Are We Next?

My stomach is in my throat. After sharing this article on Facebook about 1,100 Army Captains being given the boot sometime this week, my phone rang. "I'm calling because that's us," she said. "My … [Read more...]


Poll: Iraq is Back? We Got Punked

Drawdown is a "believe it when I see it" sort of thing for me. And I was just starting to buy in. So little of our battalion is deploying on this rotation that, just a few months out, they haven't … [Read more...]


Commissary Adds New Special Needs Carts

You may see some different looking new carts (or "buggies" as they call them here in the South) soon at your local commissary, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) officials announced last week. The … [Read more...]


How to Prep for a PCS Before Orders

Butterflies in my stomach. A tightening in my chest. A insatiable desire to use Google. Obsessively creating check lists. I'm on the cusp of our next PCS. If you're like me, the beginning of the … [Read more...]