5 Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Make Friends

Elementary school can be the best time and the hardest time for kids. And if you're on of the thousands of military families moving this PCS season, you are probably looking at some big challenges … [Read more...]


Changes to OCONUS Vehicle Shipping Hit Now

Military families and service members will have fewer options for picking up and dropping off their vehicles for shipment to and from OCONUS duty stations starting May 1. Eight of the current 46 … [Read more...]


Commissary Experiments With New ‘Club’

The commissary system is testing a new store idea -- increase lower-cost bulk items. At Joint Base Lewis-McChord the bulk item increase is housed in a new section in the back of the McChord Field … [Read more...]


Should Flu Shots Be Required for Kids on Base?

Should your children be required to have the yearly flu vaccine before they can use on-base child facilities? A recently released administration message from the Marine Corps reiterates in detail … [Read more...]


Poll: Tell Us What You Think About Pay, Benefit Changes

As military spouses we know that pay and benefits are the most important issues in our homes. They may not be something we think about every waking hour, but they are what make this military life … [Read more...]


Gold Star Wife’s Courage Showcased in New Film

It wasn't long after Lisa Hallett's husband, Army Cpt. John Hallett, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in August, 2009, that she turned to running as a way to cope. And when those of us in … [Read more...]


Military Life is Socialism and I Love It

Military life is a perfect example of socialism in action says Daily Beast columnist and Iraq and Afghanistan vet Jacob Siegel. Other than a few key ways it's not actually socialism at all … [Read more...]


‘We Can Live Without the Commissary’

Next to the camp of service members, military families and retirees who rely on the commissary as a must-have benefit is another less vocal but just as important group of people: those who are fine … [Read more...]


Drawdown and Other Things That Are Too Good to Be True

"The military is drawing down. Deployments are slowing. Your service member will be home more." Someone please tell me I'm not the only person who reads those words and thinks "I'll believe THAT … [Read more...]


Commissary Card Now Up for Android

If you're an Android platform user you're now in the money, or at least the mobile coupons, with the commissary. Eight months after the original launch of their rewards card app for iPhone, an app for … [Read more...]


Sesame Street USO Show Not Just for Kids

You probably don't take your military child to a Sesame Street show so that you can also be reminded how to navigate military life. You're probably there for Elmo. Or Cookie. Or Elmo. But when my … [Read more...]


Money Nightmare: Commissary Changes and You

There seems to be three types of military grocery shoppers out there -- those who are certain the commissary saves them money, those who think it's a wash, and those who find they save more by staying … [Read more...]


How This Service Dog Saved Her Soldier

When retired Army Spc. Josh Tucker first met his black Lab military working dog Ellen, he had no idea she would someday give him back his soul. After a injury and short recovery period in … [Read more...]


Ingenius Spouse Moves Family Training Online

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of you. That's how it was for Brandy Pearson. As a certified Army Family Team Building (AFTB) instructor currently far from a traditional base … [Read more...]


She Had No Idea He Turned Down SGLI

Like so many of our service members, Lt. Cmdr. Landon Jones thought he was invincible. He was also the saver in his military home, squirreling away money for the future any way he could. Which is … [Read more...]


Why Increased Base Security Is a Mistake

If you think the most recent mass shooting on Fort Hood means that we really ought to tighten up physical security on military bases, I'm betting you haven't spent much time on one lately. With … [Read more...]


Poll: Combine the Commissary and Exchange?

The CEO of Army and Air Force Exchange (AAFES) has officially proposed combining with the commissary in an effort to save them from the higher prices and potential closings under a new potential … [Read more...]


Salad Shake-Up at Commissaries in Europe

If you are stationed north of the Alps in Europe you're about to see some changes in the produce section that could change prices and increase freshness. A few weeks ago we reported that the … [Read more...]