Praise the Lord and Roll-Up Those Sleeves, Marines

I'm going to be honest, and I hope you don't tell my husband: I have a thing for Marines -- or, rather, their biceps. Which is why I am so happy to tell you that rolled sleeves are coming … [Read more...]


How the New Budget Cuts Would Impact You

You've seen the headlines and all you want to know is this: "what do the upcoming pay and benefit cuts mean for my family?" UPDATE 3/5/14: The Defense Department has released all the details of the … [Read more...]


Poll: Commissary Prices Will Likely Go Up Under New Budget

Defense officials confirmed Feb. 24 what you've been hearing -- that the commissary is about to see a budget cut so major that it will be forced to raise prices. The commissary system will be given … [Read more...]


Commissary Food Stamps Use At New High

More troops and military families redeemed food stamps at military  commissaries last year than ever before, according to statistics from the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) -- but is it really the … [Read more...]


Top 10 Things to Like About Deployment

Looking on the bright side about things that we can't control and are, without a doubt, actually terrible helps us get through the day. That's why when a group of ladies in this Facebook group decided … [Read more...]


Scams: If It Seems Too Awesome, It Is

Pentagon officials this month warned military servicemembers and families of a phishing site aimed at stealing servicemembers' official email accounts and passwords. The site, which has since been … [Read more...]


Study: MilSpouses Earn Far Less Than Civilians

A new study from the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and Syracuse University shows a huge wage gap between active duty female military spouses and their civilian … [Read more...]


Sexy Skype for Valentine’s Day?

In honor of Valentine's Day, a recent consumer poll conducted for Skype found that 29 percent of those surveyed have used the Skype platform for a “naughty” call. Military families know Skype … [Read more...]


Can Pentagon Do More to Help Transitioning Families?

If you've had military transition on your mind lately like so many of us, you may have started to pay attention to just what the military offers families as they look to rejoin military life. The … [Read more...]


Homefront Rising: Be Your Own Advocate

Over the last year I have noticed something new in the military spouse world. Instead of just talking amongst ourselves when lawmakers give us a bum deal, we've started to make some waves. We've … [Read more...]


‘A Hero’s Welcome’ Commercial Hits the Spot

Redeploying soldier running into the arms of his girlfriend – check. Banners, signs and cheers form the whole town – check. Surprise welcome home parade – check. Shown during the Super Bowl … [Read more...]


Mailbag: What Can a Military Girlfriend Expect as a MilSpouse?

When we received this letter from a military girl friend asking for advice on what to expect from military life, we knew we had to answer. We gave her some of our tips -- can you add some, too? Dear … [Read more...]


DoD Launches New Military Spouse Career Help System

If you’re looking for a step-by-step plan to help in your career decisions and development or job search, you’re might love the new career help system recently rolled-out by the Defense … [Read more...]


Create a Lovely Valentine’s Day Care Package for a Friend

No matter how many times I say Valentine’s Day is silly and I plan to ignore it this year because my servicemember isn’t available, a secret part of me is still sad. My husband proposed to me the … [Read more...]


4 Ways to Help a Hurting Friend

Life – both military and civilian – is full of gotchas. You’re just walking along, minding your own business, when down from the sky falls something horrible. Maybe it’s military related … [Read more...]


New DoD Plan Would Force Major Commissary Cuts

The Defense Department plans to ask Congress for so little money for commissary operations over the next three years that keeping all stores open would become nearly impossible. The plan, which I … [Read more...]


What if They Ditched BAH, Added New Allowance?

A plan to replace Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)  and the smaller Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) allotments  is quietly being discussed by some Defense Department (DoD) officials, … [Read more...]


An Open Letter to My Med-Boarding Friend

I remember exactly where I was when I learned that your husband had been shot by an Afghan soldier during his own promotion ceremony. I slipped out of a room of people and cried and cried over the … [Read more...]