About Chrissy Vimini RD

Christina Vimini (aka Chrissy) is an Army wife, Coast Guard brat, puppy parent, pianist, Terps-enthusiast, and Registered Dietitian. Hailing from Maryland, she and her husband are currently located at Fort Bliss, TX where she works providing nutrition therapy and counseling at an El Paso medical center. Her philosophy is that you can eat anything...in moderation. Connect with her on Twitter @CVimRD or on her website at http://csvimini.com.


The Deployment Effect: Pet Edition

My husband and I took home a special little dog from the local Humane Society on Halloween, 2011. Ziggy (who we expanded to Ziggy Stardust in honor of my husband’s love of David Bowie) was a 15 … [Read more...]


Military CrossFit Craze: What is the Paleo Diet?

In the military community, it seems like everyone knows someone who does the CrossFit exercise regimen. Even my own husband is a CrossFitter. Maybe you've seen people in your neighborhood running … [Read more...]


8 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Military Budget

Military families have tight budgets. Sometimes BAH doesn't cover it all. Sometimes it’s hard for us as spouses to keep working through multiple relocations. Sometimes unexpected (and expensive) … [Read more...]


Healthy Holidays for Your Military Family

The end of the year can be a particularly stressful time for anyone, especially military families.  As we juggle our social calendars, school breaks, time off work, visiting family, and preparing … [Read more...]


Eating Across America: Become a Military Foodie

One of the perks of being an active duty military family is that we get to live all over the country.  (Admittedly, it’s also one of the downsides too.)  We’re never in one place too long, … [Read more...]


Making Mealtime Military Family Time

How do you spend “family time?" And I’m not talking about silently sitting on the couch watching TV together in the evenings.  Between your spouse’s military career, your kids’ school and … [Read more...]


6 Commissary Survival Tips for Your Waistline

Grocery shopping.  The Commissary.  “Honey, we’re out of food."  These very words may be enough to trigger a nagging sense of dread.  Buying food for your family is obviously very important; … [Read more...]


Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain: MilSpouse Edition

Wedding Season: the prevalence of weddings occurring in late Spring and Summer, defined by those who have the luxury of not dealing with unpredictable military orders.  By that conventional standard, … [Read more...]


From Military Brat To Mil Spouse

Choosing to marry someone is a big decision. Choosing to marry someone in the military complicates things even more. Especially when you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I grew up in … [Read more...]


Celebrate Your Servicemember With a Late Summer Cookout

The month of August has always felt slightly bittersweet … yes, it’s still summer, but the end is near. Plus, it can be a busy time for military families; perhaps you’re welcoming your … [Read more...]


Can you Travel and Eat Well, Too?

Tis the season … for traveling. Many military families are likely PCS-ing, going on vacation, or visiting relatives during summer break. By now I’m sure you’ve packed the GPS, iPod, and travel … [Read more...]