About Erin

Erin is an Army wife of seven years and the mother of two little girls. Her Army wife resume includes five deployments, five PCS moves, four duty stations, and a few stints volunteering with the family readiness group. She has been documenting her family's military life experience since 2008 on her blog The Unexpected Army Life.


My Soldier is Being Separated

For my entire 10 years as an Army Spouse, I have always thought that the only people that get kicked out of the military are the losers. The drug users. The thieves. The slackers. And then it … [Read more...]


Gay Military Spouses and Acceptance in Your Unit

It's been more than sixteen months since Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed and openly gay service members have been allowed to serve. According to military officials the change has gone pretty … [Read more...]


PCS: A Chance at Great Food

There are so many pros to military life. But of all the awesome perks of being a military spouse, my favorite is the opportunities I have had to eat the country. We have lived in four different states … [Read more...]


So You Landed a Job: How to Make Working Work

We all know that landing a job and having a career as a MilSpouse is challenging. But a few weeks ago, I beat the odds and landed my dream job. And no, it wasn't as an errand runner or baby sitter. … [Read more...]


Review: Operation Cupcake

This weekend I caught the new made for TV flick Operation Cupcake on the Hallmark Channel. Sorry, but I am a sucker for TV movies and always take an interest when they involve the military. Here's … [Read more...]


To Listen or Not? Dealing With Combat Stories

It's been almost five years since my husband returned from his 15 month tour to Iraq. He has deployed three times since then, but that tour will always stand out in our mind as the hardest. The year … [Read more...]


4 Reasons Not To Get A Pet

Like many other military families, we are the proud owner of a fur child. Her name is Annie, and she is a black lab. She is gentle, loyal, great with our kids and the best company a girl could ask … [Read more...]


You’ve Had How Many Addresses?!

The last few weeks I have been on the job hunt. My girls are getting bigger, and I am feeling ready to rejoin the workforce.  As if finding a job in a rocky economy wasn’t difficult enough, it’s … [Read more...]


The Other Side of Early Redeployment

Sometimes our fantasy scenarios aren’t all they are cracked up to be. A few weeks ago my husband returned from his fifth overseas deployment … three months early. This is the first time this … [Read more...]


Army Wives Highlights Gay MilSpouses

If you didn’t see last week’s episode of "Army Wives,"  you missed a first in the show’s history. The plot revealed that Charlie, a female civilian employee of Fort Marshall’s Youth Activity … [Read more...]


4 Tips for Surviving a Cross Country PCS

The military lifestyle provides many stressors on families and marriages. But I think one of the biggest stressors on a military marriage is a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Especially if this PCS … [Read more...]