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5 Things To Love About Coast Guard Birthday

Happy 224th Birthday, Coast Guard! We’ve all watched “The Guardian” and routinely watch the “Coast Guard Alaska” show on The Weather Channel, right? So we totally all know rescue swimmers … [Read more...]


Should You Send Kids To Online Public School?

As an Air Force spouse for the last 17 years and the mother of three, I have experienced almost every educational option available for military families: homeschooling, traditional public schools, DoD … [Read more...]


Three Habits of a New Military Spouse

I was twenty-five and a new Navy wife. Being straight from the Land of Oz, I didn’t know the first thing about the military lifestyle; there were no warships in Kansas! With Uncle Sam as my … [Read more...]


What to Do About Toxic FRG Members?

When do you move??  For the past 12 years, I’ve volunteered with the local installation or the Family Readiness Group wherever we have lived. When I meet a truly negative spouse in the FRG, … [Read more...]


5 Things Military Movers Want You to Know

I am a packer. I work for a moving company, and I go to houses every day and pack military family belongings. I  have so much respect for these military families and everything they go … [Read more...]


Help This Spouse: Local Program to the National Level?

I remember hearing that the ship was in “River City” during my husband’s first deployment. I Googled the term and felt even more confused. I thought, “My husband is deployed. Why is he in … [Read more...]


Complete Your Education, Military Spouse!

Why do some students make it to graduation, while others flounder or disappear after a few months? Meeting educational goals is a bit like meeting health objectives, isn't it? My health club has a … [Read more...]


5 Ways We Give “A Million Thanks” To Troops

I founded the A Million Thanks organization in 2004 when I was 15 years old. My goal was simple – to collect and distribute cards and letters of appreciation to military stationed around the … [Read more...]


Harder to Send a Son to War?

For too many years, I lived with the unholy fear that a blue Air Force staff car would pull up in front of my living quarters. The doorbell would ring, and the somber faces of uniformed death angels … [Read more...]


A Gift To My War Weary Friends

I'm so tired of this war. I know you are too. A deep malaise – sometimes cynical, sometimes maddening – hits me deep in the gut. I wish I could give our military spouses some reprieve. As the … [Read more...]


PCSing? File for Unemployment

You finally get the job of your dreams. You are working at it for a year or so and just getting comfortable. Then, whoosh -- the rug is pulled out from under your feet as your active duty spouse tells … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: What Should You Charge for Rent?

Once I accepted the fact we were PCSing to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (think negative 40 degree winters) from Georgia I had to move from “dazed and confused” to "focused and productive."  The biggie … [Read more...]


Poll: Have You Used The GI Bill, Spouse?

Under the 9/11 GI Bill, military members can transfer their benefits to dependents including spouses. Yet, according to the 2014 Military Spouse Employment Report from MOAA, more than half of all … [Read more...]


I Sued My Husband’s Commander

I might be the first spouse to ever sue her husband’s commander in civil court. This is the story of  why. My husband, Lt. Col Craig Perry, was fired from his job as a squadron commander, in … [Read more...]


Never Too Late for a White Wedding

With the military lifestyle, it’s hard to plan out a wedding. Instead, many of us get married in a courthouse. Then we often come to the realization that we will never have a wedding. Or if we do, … [Read more...]


Army Birthday Is More Than A Piece of Cake

During my Army career, first on active duty and later in the Reserves, the Army Birthday was one of those things that usually meant a piece of cake and back to work. But this year I’ve been … [Read more...]


Our PTSD Story: I Thought It Was The Alchohol

I thought that our problem was the alcohol. I thought it was the fifth of whiskey and the six-pack of beer he could put away in a night.  Instead our problem was combat PTSD.  And I couldn’t let … [Read more...]


Pride Month: Understanding Transgender Military

Our allies allow transgender service members to serve openly. Australia, Belgium, Canada, The Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the UK all have openly working … [Read more...]