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Worried He’s an Alcoholic? Use These Tools

Telling anyone you’re concerned about their drinking would be difficult – but telling a military spouse about your concerns seems especially daunting – it’s like telling your favorite … [Read more...]


Head Towards Wellness — Here’s a First Step

You’ve envisioned the healthiest version of yourself and you know the results you’d LOVE. But life keeps getting in the way. As you try to juggle reoccurring family relocations and frequent spouse … [Read more...]


What 3 Retirees Want You to Know About Money

Believe me, none of us are financial planners, nor are we independently wealthy. But as we thought about future retirees' worries over money, we knew we had something to share from the other side. … [Read more...]


Volunteering Gets You a Job? Yes!

Nine years ago we decided I would leave my job and stay home with our children. At that time I knew my unemployment wasn’t forever and that someday I would return to work when the time was right. We … [Read more...]


You Could Impact Spouse Federal Hiring

It's probably no surprise to you as a military spouse, but many in the civilian community don't realize it: researchers at the National Defense Research Institute (RAND) uncovered differences in … [Read more...]


How Do You Explain Your Hometown?

“Where are you from?”  “Um [slight pause]…well my husband and I are originally from Indiana, but we lived in Tennessee until just recently. Now we live in Georgia.” Does this sound … [Read more...]


How I Bloom Where I Am Planted

I just moved back to the states. My family had the (wonderful, amazing, life changing) opportunity to live in Germany for three blissful years. I was able to ride a cog train up a mountain in the … [Read more...]


10 Things Every MilSpouse Crafter Thinks

Are you a crafty and DIY kind of spouse living in military housing or a rental? Then you’ll probably recognize yourself in this list. 10 Things Every MilSpouse Crafter Thinks   1. I sure … [Read more...]


A Letter to Uncle Sam From the Hurting

Dear Uncle Sam, Do you see me? I am the granddaughter of immigrants and the great-granddaughter of immigrants who came to this country for freedom to live the American Dream.  I am the daughter of … [Read more...]


5 Reasons to Visit Blue Star Museums Now

Blue Star Museums is one of our favorite summer programs. It is an incredibly cost-effective idea for fun this summer -- and there's still time to visit some before school starts again. Did you … [Read more...]


11 Military Moving Tips From a PCS Pro

Practice doesn't make perfect when it comes to military moves, because the rules are always changing. But here are a few things I've learned over the past twenty years of moves. 11 Military … [Read more...]


About the Gate Guard that Never Smiles

During morning rush hour, cars creep forward in a queasy gas-break rhythm toward Gate 1. The most recent ISIS threats have prompted heightened security, so the guard is taking his time. After … [Read more...]


Dear America: Cut the Crap and Learn Their Names

I was sitting in Firehouse Subs with my kids. It was a hot day, and we were out shopping, just killing time out of the house and out of the heat. We’d stopped for lunch and, as my boys laughed and … [Read more...]


Why I Love MilSpouse Life in the Summer

Summer is my favorite season. And during this season of my MilSpouse life summer is extra fantastic. Here's why: Why I Love the MilSpouse Life in the Summer 1. Lazy summer afternoons that lead … [Read more...]


A Response to Criticism of Amber Roof’s Crowd Funding

I'd say I'm surprised by the judgement being passed by perfect strangers on the internet about Amber Roof's Go Fund Me account, but let's be honest -- I'm not. Instead, I am disappointed. Here … [Read more...]


The American Heart Is Always Home on the 4th

This summer I am traveling overseas with the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families. This is a traveling USO show that visits and entertains military families around the world. It is not … [Read more...]


OCONUS? Here’s How We Do Independence Day Overseas

Living overseas can make celebrating Independence Day challenging, to say the least. Due to OPSEC, we’re limited in how we can celebrate and where. I cannot proudly display the red, white and blue … [Read more...]


7 Military Spouse Employment Transition Tips

Transitioning to the civilian workforce can be a challenge for many veterans, along with their families. I know this first hand, coming from a Air Force family, being married to an Army veteran and … [Read more...]