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Heather Sweeney is an Associate Editor at Military.com, former Navy wife, mother of two, blogger, and avid runner. She’s the blogger formerly known as Wife on the Roller Coaster and still checks in every now and then at her blog Riding the Roller Coaster.


Back-to-School Tips for Military Families

Back to school is crazy for most families.  When a military family throws in a deployment or a PCS, we face even bigger craziness. As a former teacher of military children and a parent of my own mil … [Read more...]


Quote: Eyes in the Back of Your Head are Still Asleep

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thrown your kids the old line about having eyes in the back of your head. Despite the fact that it’s one of those sayings my parents used that I swore I’d … [Read more...]


Top 10 Tips for Packing Yourself for a PCS

Here at SpouseBuzz we’ve written a lot about PCS’ing. Whether we’re discussing the etiquette of tipping military movers or the possibilities of a PCS-induced case of control freak, it seems that … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Start Where You Are

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been overwhelmed by military life. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this is sitting front of a computer with a raised hand. (And if you aren’t, please share … [Read more...]


Top 10 Ways to Prepare MilKids for a PCS

The planning that goes into a PCS move can stress even the best of us military spouses to our limits. And just as we go through a roller coaster of emotions while we pack up our lives and start over … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Tell the Negative Committee to Shut Up

I’m not typically a negative person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments of pessimism and self-doubt thanks to those little negative voices inside my head. The other day I was … [Read more...]


What Does Your Home Say About You?

The other day I was reading an article in the latest Real Simple magazine called “You Can’t Go Home Again” about the author’s visit to a home she lived in 40 years prior. As she stood outside … [Read more...]


8 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Moving is the perfect time to take stock of your belongings. After living in my current house for the past 5 years -- the longest I’ve ever lived in one dwelling in my adult life -- I can’t even … [Read more...]


How Do We Get Past the Mommy Guilt?

I don’t travel by myself a lot, but when I do, it’s a major undertaking. The planning, the scheduling, the packing. And that’s not even for me. It’s for my children who aren’t going … [Read more...]


Quote: We Have to Keep Everyone Resilient

Sometimes military life wears me down. Yes, there are aspects of this lifestyle that I appreciate, but there have been times when I wondered if I was cut out for military spouse-hood, when I was ready … [Read more...]


Top 10 Reasons Spouses Appreciate Military Life

It’s really easy to complain about military life. As MilSpouses, we’re alone a lot. We have to move all the time. We struggle to find jobs. We… See, I just caught myself complaining. But … [Read more...]


Would You Try to Fill Your Servicemember’s Chair?

Dinnertime: It’s a time to gather around a table to share stories about daily happenings. It’s a time to relax with good company and no distractions after a busy day. It’s a time designated for … [Read more...]


Friend Dating for Military Spouses

There’s something special about MilSpouse friendships. I don’t know if it’s because we share a common ground that allows us to empathize with each other or if it’s because those common … [Read more...]


Is Teaching a Smart Career Choice for MilSpouses?

Around this time last year, I was standing in front of a room full of 5-year-olds wearing a cotton kimono, displaying yen on a desk and demonstrating the proper use of chopsticks. It was part of my … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Every Survival Kit Should Include a Sense of Humor

We all know that military life isn’t always easy. Yes, we need to appreciate the positive aspects of it, and yes, we need to embrace the lessons we’ve learned and the friends we’ve made along … [Read more...]


Book Club: The Five Love Languages of Children

If your kids are anything like mine, they speak their own language. While typically that language revolves around the word poop, I’m sometimes able to translate meaningful exchanges every now and … [Read more...]


Deployment Details: Better Left Unsaid?

"We didn’t have to talk about it. It was just best unsaid." That’s what Sal Giunta, the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War, thought about talking to his family about … [Read more...]


The Key to Successful Marriages: Submissive Wives?

Marriage isn’t easy. And there are a million books on the shelves at Barnes and Noble telling us that marriage is easier if we recognize that men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and we need to … [Read more...]