About Heidi

Married to her high school sweetheart/AD Air Force man, Heidi was initially reluctant to life as a dependent, finally drank the Kool-Aid, and has since embraced being an active Air Force spouse. With a background in sports medicine, she has no real reason to write other than she enjoys it and likes to get others thinking. Heidi enjoys at-will employment as a substitute teacher, serving as an Arlington Lady, mothering two boys, rehabbing their short sale home purchase, recovering from a case of volunteeritis, correcting her verb tense, and learning more acronyms.


Deployment Friend Request: Think of Me

The most interesting thing about my husband’s deployment is that on a day which honors military members such as this past Veterans Day, is not when I miss him the most. I was a tad upset with the … [Read more...]


Plane Crash: General Lauded, Spouse Ignored

Last week, two unexpected deaths occurred within the Air Force Family, a husband and wife.  Maj. Gen. Joseph D. Brown IV and his wife, Susan D. Brown, died Friday when the single-engine plane he was … [Read more...]


We May Never Have to Move Again?

“There is a good possibility…living here…we may never have to move again.  Unless we want to, of course.” Those words, spoken by my husband, would evoke a voluminous “WAHOO!” with full … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: Unbroken

In all honesty, I was not excited -- at first -- about reading this book. Mention any book dealing with history, or the military, or worse military history and I quickly switch tracks to something … [Read more...]


Our Military Easter Tradition: The McEgg Hunt

Thank goodness for smart and crazy neighbors who welcome you to their twisted ways. With older kids, some of the “fun” around any holiday is lost with Easter the biggest wah-wah of all. But … [Read more...]


You Know She’s a Military Spouse When …

Once upon a time, I was in my personal Military Spouse Utopia. Living on two different military installations for five consecutive years had me surrounded by similar souls, help at every turn, and … [Read more...]


The Mega Gift of Giving and Receiving Help

For some, help is a four letter word ... a word they feel carries a negative connotation of weakness or inferiority. Others understand that help is a two-way street ... the more you ask for help, the … [Read more...]


Should all Military Retiree Pay Rates be Equal?

There was an interesting article in last week's Washington Post concerning the unaffordability of the all-volunteer military. Some of what was written was not a surprise:  the current retirement pay … [Read more...]


How Much Fun is Appropriate During a Deployment?

Am I the only one who cancels previously scheduled family vacations when the active duty member deploys? Alright, alright, alright ... I know I will go on living and do all kinds of super-fun stuff … [Read more...]


How to Land a Mom Job

Most stay-at-home moms I know come to a point in their lives where they need something outside the house. Since many moms feel like they have already achieved the stressful part of a normal career by … [Read more...]


13 Songs to Avoid During a Deployment

So the shoe has indeed dropped. Two days ago we learned that it is time for my husband to once again go play in the sand.  Knowing it was coming, we weren’t all that surprised and are faring … [Read more...]


Out Of Sight, Out of Mind to Extended Family?

Our kids are never going to really know their family, are they?  With this nomadic military life, trying to reinforce the family bond between my kids and their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and … [Read more...]


News Flash: Women Can’t Have It All

I will not apologize if this revelation ruins your existence. Maybe you read about it in a recent issue of The Atlantic. Maybe you thought that only applied to really important women in high … [Read more...]


Deploying Or Not? Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

In the past four months, my husband has been told twice to prepare to deploy, only to hear days later "never mind"...that each notification was a mistake because someone did not pull up the correct … [Read more...]


Unrealistic Tear-Jerker: Survivor

On a recent trip to visit a family, we stayed up late every night and parked ourselves on the couch every morning for a marathon viewing of "Survivor."  The dad, divorced and recently back from … [Read more...]


In Sports — Home Team vs. Hometown Team?

Should military families always Root Root Root for the home team??? A more experienced military spouse recently told me it was bad form to show up at a baseball game, or any sporting event for that … [Read more...]


Is a Reduced Mil Presence in Government Coming Soon?

What impact will the all volunteer military have on our country's political future? I have another concern.  My latest concern is that the one percent of Americans that serve in the military will … [Read more...]


How We Leave Our Mark In Military Life

I have two boys. They are 11 and 9. They make a big mess. I am only one person. I am old enough to know I shouldn't have to pick up for able bodied boys. I bitch and moan about their mess. Last year … [Read more...]