About Jacey Eckhart

Jacey Eckhart is the Director of Spouse and Family Programs for Military.com. Since 1996, Eckhart’s take on military families has been featured in her syndicated column, her book The Homefront Club, and her award winning CDs These Boots and I Married a Spartan?? Most recently she has been featured as a military family subject matter expert on NBC Dateline, CBS morning news, CNN, NPR and the New York Times. Eckhart is an Air Force brat, a Navy wife and an Army mom.


Mom’s Accused Attempted Murder and Mental Health for Spouses

A soldier returning from Afghanistan doesn’t usually turn a spouse into a recluse. Taking care of three kids under two years old almost never results in three counts of attempted murder. People just … [Read more...]


MyCAA: Can Free Spouse Tuition Program Be Saved?

Military family programs that are not used have a bad tendency to get cut. When only one in five qualified users sign up for the MyCAA spouse tuition program, you gotta wonder: Can it be saved? Or, … [Read more...]


Are You Crazy Or Is Military Life Crazymaking?

Sometimes I wonder whether I am crazy to be trying to make a life with a military guy or whether the military life is actually making me crazy? Not only do I have my own list of crazymaking … [Read more...]


Top Ten Things I Learned From Reading Ms. Vicki

Is Ms. Vicki real? When I first started editing Military.com’s Ms. Vicki column, people asked me some strange questions. Is Ms. Vicki real? (Yes.) Is Ms. Vicki a man? (No.) Is Ms. Vicki a … [Read more...]


The Love Fight: Did You Marry An Achiever?

Achievers and Connectors often marry each other in military (and civilian) life, but can they live happily ever after? It ain't easy. According to psychologist Tony Ferretti and physician Peter … [Read more...]


Poll: What Should Your Service Member Do For You?

Yes, yes, yes. It’s an honor and a privilege to be married to a noble member of the military. We should be thanking them for all they do to selflessly serve this country.  Does that mean that they … [Read more...]


Do We Avoid Depressed Spouses?

Decorating guru Nina Campbell taught her daughter from a young age never to arrange a chair off on its own or a shy person would end up sitting there with no one to talk to. I don’t worry about the … [Read more...]


Bad Money Advice We Should Have Ignored

Some money advice is good for everyone -- civilian and military alike. But sometimes the demands of a military lifestyle mean that good money advice goes bad on us. Why is that? At our … [Read more...]


Why Our Sailors and Airmen Won’t Take Your Sabbatical

Call it burnout if you want. But really, it’s greed, folks. It is the point in the military career when the desire and demand for every single hour of the service member’s day is exceeded only by … [Read more...]


Husband Worries: What If My Wife Earns More Than Me?

“How can I justify staying in the military when my spouse earns more than me?” Those were not the exact words an Air Force major used to ask a panel on ‘Redesigning the All-Volunteer Force’ at … [Read more...]


Poll: Service Members Interview for Military Assignments?

In the military, you don’t get to pick your unit. Your service member can put in their preferences. They can agonize over their wish list, but that is the extent of influence they have over their … [Read more...]


10 Wishes For Our Military Members in 2015

I can’t help myself. When I see someone in uniform in an airport this time of year, I want to rush right up to them and wish things on them. I don’t just want to wish them a safe flight and a … [Read more...]


Top Quotes To Better Up Your Military Life

When we asked our SpouseBuzz readers about the one thing that would make their military life better, none of them mentioned having a ceremony “ending” the war in Afghanistan. (Read about how it … [Read more...]


How Military Couples Marry Young — and Stay Together

Thanks to a new study,  we know why military couples marry younger on average than civilian couples. A part of it is due to the increase in pay, sure. More of that why is explained by the fact that … [Read more...]


9 Things for Which Military Spouses Should Never Apologize

I swear I was just walkin’ here when that rude guy bumped into me. “Sorry!” I said automatically. Gah. Some days it feels like I’m sorry for this and sorry for that and sorry for everything … [Read more...]


Slacker Parenting Tips for the Holidays

What do children really want? I recently read a study that said that what children really want isn’t a WiiU or an iPhone 6 or a mini Mustang Convertible that can go zero to 60 in, say, three … [Read more...]


Pregnant At Christmas: What To Expect

I think there is something special about being ‘with child’ during the holiday season. You aren’t just pregnant. You aren’t just having a baby. This is the time of year you can stand … [Read more...]


How Do You Get YOUR Message to the Military Community?

Do you ever wonder how some people get their message about military families out to the world and some don't? I have been writing about military families since 1996 and this has always been a puzzle … [Read more...]