About Jacey Eckhart

Jacey Eckhart is the Director of Spouse and Family Programs for Military.com. Since 1996, Eckhart’s take on military families has been featured in her syndicated column, her book The Homefront Club, and her award winning CDs These Boots and I Married a Spartan?? Most recently she has been featured as a military family subject matter expert on NBC Dateline, CBS morning news, CNN, NPR and the New York Times. Eckhart is an Air Force brat, a Navy wife and an Army mom.


Moving Military Kids: It’s All About the Parents

Moving military kids is really dependent on the mom and the dad, the service member and the spouse.  That's what the research on military families says. Adults who can keep a reasonably positive … [Read more...]


Help for Army Girlfriend With No Contact Point

Can’t you just Google that? So often we expect newbies to military life to be able to Google anything they need to know. And they do. The problem is that when you are just starting military life as … [Read more...]


Poll: Do You Give Your Child Too Much Money?

Do you give your kid enough money, not quite enough or is your kid totally spoiled? According to his longtime girlfriend (who should know cuz she helps spoil him) my son is spoiled. Her evidence? … [Read more...]


Family Photo at the Beach: A Mom Test?

It must be some kind of Good Mom Test. Otherwise, why would perfectly sane women put themselves through the kind of agonizing torture we call a family photo on the beach? All week I’ve watched … [Read more...]


Husbands Say: Get A Job, Military Wife

“He loved it while I was doing it,” a Navy wife told me. But once there was a ‘bill to pay?’ He forgot all about that part.” This Navy wife was not telling me about any dirty doings. … [Read more...]


The Best ‘Home is Where’ Ideas Ever!

Regular people in decorating magazines collect ceramic chickens, hotel silver, blue and white plates, itty bitty Elvises. Military folks collect addresses. Lots and lots of addresses. When you move … [Read more...]


Poll: Where Should Spouse Experience Go Next?

Our live Military.com Spouse Experience events have done so well this year at Dover Air Force Base, Del., Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C. and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wa. that our … [Read more...]


You Say ‘Dependent,’ I Say …

It sets my back up when people dismiss military spouses as "dependents.” What kind of crack is that, anyway? “Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy,” wrote Nobel prize winning … [Read more...]


10 Terrifying Ways To Save Money

My 20-year old Army son and I have been talking about money. Specifically, he wants to know about all the stupid money decisions we made when we were his age—the brand new cars, the mortgage on a … [Read more...]


Is Anti-Spouse Bias the Reason for Bad Health Care?

Why are babies born at military hospitals more than twice as likely to be injured during delivery than civilian babies? Why are new mothers at a military hospital more more likely to hemorrhage after … [Read more...]


SAHM: The Work That Just Keeps Stressing

When she saw my survey results showing that 68 percent of long married military wives identified themselves as primarily stay at home moms (SAHMs), my thesis advisor tried to make a gentle … [Read more...]


10 Unusual Ways To Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day is supposed to be about tradition. Good ol’ John Adams himself thought the day ought to be celebrated with “pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and … [Read more...]


Do NOT Go On Vacation!

Ever since we got home from vacation, my husband keeps calling in the middle of the day. He breathes heavily into my ear and says, “Whatcha doin’?” “Hating work. What are you … [Read more...]


How To Stay on Budget (Without Really Trying)

"Stay on a budget without even trying? Yeah, right,” said SpouseBuzz reader Tara Reeder. Tara isn’t kidding. It’s one thing to have a budget app on your phone reminding you how you really … [Read more...]


Beat Summer Slowdown: How To Work With Kids At Home

I scoff in the face of office workers who whimper over their little 20 percent drop in productivity during the summer months. As so many military spouses who work from home do, I actually prefer to … [Read more...]


Recruited by the Economy: Will Older Recruits Stay?

Oprah was Tyler’s real recruiter. When Tyler and his then-girlfriend Cathy were living in Michigan, they struggled to make ends meet. He was a student. She was working at a call center. “Oprah … [Read more...]


Mailbag: How To Convince Your Soldier To Seek Therapy

Noticing some PTSD-like symptoms in your soldier (and pointing them out) does not mean he or she is going to have a V-8 moment. The soldier isn’t going to smack himself on the forehead and run off … [Read more...]


How To Be A Good Military Father

What makes a good military father? Search online and you will find all these airy notions for fatherhood: Be open minded. Accept that children aren’t exactly like you. Know that it ends too … [Read more...]