About Raleigh Duttweiler

Raleigh Duttweiler is a writer, amateur cook, and Marine Corps wife living at Camp Lejeune, NC. She insists on pronouncing Lejeune "luh-jhoon," and defends this mispronunciation by citing the pronunciation of Houston, Texas and Houston Street in New York City, her home for the last decade. When she's not on SpouseBUZZ or Spouse Channel, she can be found at the helm of her tutoring company, Tactical Advantage, which serves military children and their families as they bridge the gap between schools and navigate the college application process, finishing her Ph.D., and writing about food at DesignMom.com. She blogs at www.bunnyvictorious.com.


12 Rules For Moving Home During Deployment

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I Sexy Skype and You Should, Too

Here is a short list of things I did last year: Had a baby, waved at my husband (while sobbing) as he boarded a bus for a plane to Afghanistan, volunteered more hours at church than I can count, and … [Read more...]


10 Truths About Military Transition

After the worst move in military history (really: every single table we own was either broken in half, smashed, or crushed), the Big Change has finally happened: We're civilians. Well, the hubs is … [Read more...]


Deployment DIY: Perfect Deployment Valentine

Valentine's: The time of year where we gorge ourselves on candy hearts, pretty red peeps, and boxes of chocolate that we will spend the rest of the year working off. See also: the holiday every MilSo … [Read more...]


Mailbag: MilSpouse Student Loan Forgiveness?

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Deployment DIY: New Year’s Care Package

A fun New Year's Care Package how-to: New Year's hats, decor, sparkly drink, and even a Hoppin' John feast. All of the fun, none of the champagne. (We'll toast an extra one in your honor!) Step … [Read more...]


Poll: Is Going Back to School a Waste of Money?

Every tenth of the month, I sit down at my computer, check my student loan bill, and empty my bank account to pay off my monthly installment. I loved school, I'm glad I have my degree and can attest … [Read more...]


Syracuse Opens Classes to MilSpouses, Registration Ends Sunday

One of the biggest challenges we hear from spouses looking for work is that they need more education to get the job they want. A degree, a professional certificate, more training. Enter the Institute … [Read more...]


Just in Time: Military Themed Gift Round-Up

If you are looking for a patriotic or military themed gifts and presents, we just want to commiserate: There are only so many years you can give grandma the "USMC MOM" sweatshirt without feeling … [Read more...]


How to Stay Merry Through a Christmas PCS Move

Moving at Christmas? PCS over the holidays? No problem. This year, we have the great luxury of spending our holidays mid-move. As anyone who has done it before can attest, there is nothing quite so … [Read more...]


What Profession Works for Your Military Life?

We all know that there are certain majors you should just avoid in college. Underwater basket weaving has yet, to the best of our knowledge, landed anyone that must-have job. And I’m pretty sure my … [Read more...]


Welcome Home Your Servicemember With Beer Cake!

Beer cake. In my twenties these would have been magic words to me, but now, in my thirties, I default to other kinds of cake. Cakes of cake. Cakes of ice cream. Cakes of money to pay all our bills? … [Read more...]


How Did You Go From Military Spouse to College Student?

Have you gone back to school? Do you dream about it? If so, you’re not alone. And here at SpouseBUZZ, we’re trying to think of how we can best support you along the way. For service-members and … [Read more...]


7 Cool Things Every Milso Should Do With Instagram

Instagram is a MilSo's best friend. It's a great way to easily snap and share: with deployed personnel, family back home, and friends from all over. Also, it's the greatest way to come up with fun … [Read more...]


Expert Tips for a Fabulous Family Holiday Photo Shoot

Getting ready to take photos for your holiday cards? We turned to the experts for some advice. Military wife and professional photographer Nadia Hurtt weighs in with the dos and and don'ts for a … [Read more...]


‘What to Expect’ Baby Showers for New Military Moms

Heidi Murkoff knows What to Expect. The author of both What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect in the First Year, she knows we should expect pregnancy and new motherhood to be … [Read more...]


Solution for Finding the Perfect Ball Gown?

With every fall comes a considerable amount of dread as I peer into the recesses of my closet and look, with great trepidation, for the dress that I will wear to the USMC Birthday Ball. And every … [Read more...]


DIY Upcycled Camoflauge Wreath

I can't be the only one who finds discarded cammies around the house. Before this one pursued its life as a wreath, for instance, it faced uncertain death in the dryer with a mouth guard still in the … [Read more...]