About Raleigh Duttweiler

Raleigh Duttweiler is a Marine Corps wife, mother, and professional procrastinator living just down the road from MacDill AFB in Saint Petersburg, Florida. She writes about spouse employment and education weekly for Military.com and posts here twice a month about truly life-altering, important issues like What Not to Wear to a Military Ball (visible thongs), Military Halloween Costumes We Love to Hate (ones that generally resemble both military uniforms AND thongs), and how to pack awesome care packages. (Who are we kidding? That really IS important.) She is passionate about spouse employment, higher education, and helping families navigate the often-bumpy transition back into civilian life. She also manages the SpouseBUZZ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, so make sure you say hello!


Military Wife on Bed Rest? HA.

Two years ago around this time, I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with our first child. NBD.  The staff at Walter Reed were awesome, hubs was deployed, and I was staying with my mom. Can you … [Read more...]


Who in the World is ‘Gunny Claus?’

Macy's has the Real Santa. 1st Civ. Div. has a mall stand-in. But here in the Marine Corps, we have Gunny Claus. That's right, Gunny Claus. 1st Reindeer Division, Marine Corps Base North Pole. I'm … [Read more...]


21 Things Only MilSo’s Understand

As every military spouse knows, the "military" part of your life doesn't just affect your service member. It affects your whole life, too. And these 21 ways sum it up... completely. 1. Because … [Read more...]


18 Great Military Presents Under $20

We spend a lot of time roaming the aisles at the Exchange hunting down holiday presents for our spouses. And our spouse's parents, our parents, our grandparents, our siblings, our closest friends, our … [Read more...]


Why Obama’s Ebola Comments Should Make You Angry

Some days, as a military spouse, I feel like I need to beat the public over the head with what our life is like. The misconceptions, misunderstandings, and general misrepresentation of our troops and … [Read more...]


Everything You Wish You Knew Before Your First Ball

Ever been that girlfriend nervously googling "what to wear to a military ball?" Because I have. Guilty as charged. But that was several years ago, and honestly, the internet pretty much failed me. I … [Read more...]


5 Picture Presents We’re Ordering for our Holiday Care Packages

It's that time of year again. When the rest of the world starts buying Halloween candy, and we start thinking about what on earth we can put in a Christmas or Hannukah box that might take the bite out … [Read more...]


Should A Pregnant Cinderella Go to the Ball?

Cinderella has always welcomed the opportunity to strut her stuff at the ball. Maybe she leaves the pumpkin chariot at home, but hey, she shows up, looking awesome, sparkly shoes and all. Until... she … [Read more...]


10 Military Halloween Costumes We Love to Hate

Oh hey, Halloween. How ya doing. I haven't seen you and your (incredibly ... interesting?) military Halloween costume choices for awhile. But then here you are, landing in my inbox, as if somehow you … [Read more...]


We Got the Pink Slip – And We’re Okay

Every time I see a story like this one about another service member getting pushed out and another family getting the pink slip, my stomach turns. Partially out of fear (because I know that sinking … [Read more...]


Five Tips for Cleaning Military Uniforms

Because camouflage doesn't clean itself. And, for reasons I don't understand (and, for the record, don't like), the 'don't touch my gear' rule seems to apply to everything but the dirty cammies. The … [Read more...]


Flag Cake Recipe for Normal People

I've been ogling flag cakes for years. Those gorgeously layered, red, white, and blue baked beauties that the instructions swear are easy to make. (I see what you did there, Pinterest. Pulling me in … [Read more...]


It’s Time to Run for Office

What if I told you that you should run for office? Give me a chance, here - you're bright and capable, I know you have issues that mattered to you (hello, Tricare much?), and you're a military … [Read more...]


The Best Boot Camp Graduation Gifts

For the last few months, everyone here at SpouseBUZZ HQ has been stressing out about various basic training graduation gifts. Y'ALL. IT IS HARD WORK! I mean, I know boot camp must be hard and all -- I … [Read more...]


What I Learned at the Spouse Summit

You know that crazy awesome feeling of inspiration and new-leaf-ness you get when you attend the Spouse Experience? The Spouse Summit is like that, only amped up on coconut cupcakes, coffee and a … [Read more...]


Manage those Business Cards

Conferences like the Military.com Spouse Summit (our favorite conference, obviously) are a great place to rub elbows and network in your field. They're a treasure trove of new contacts, and with them, … [Read more...]


12 Rules For Moving Home During Deployment

If you're thinking about moving home during deployment, you're not alone. Forty-eight percent of SpouseBUZZ readers agree -- depending on your circumstances, moving home can be the right idea. We … [Read more...]


I Sexy Skype and You Should, Too

Here is a short list of things I did last year: Had a baby, waved at my husband (while sobbing) as he boarded a bus for a plane to Afghanistan, volunteered more hours at church than I can count, and … [Read more...]