About Sarah

Sarah has been married to her soldier for a bit more than 10 years. In the past decade, they've been at six different duty stations in four different branches of the Army. They've also endured three deployments, six miscarriages, and a failed IVF. Sarah's blogging focus has shifted some in the past five years, from common military issues to something more personal: the difficult intersection between the military and infertility. It's hard for some couples to start a family; it's even harder when one person spends a lot of time on the other side of the globe. But Sarah was lucky enough to declare Mission Accomplished when their daughter was born 10 days after her husband's return from Afghanistan. And she tries to remind herself how irreplaceable and cherished that daughter is now that she's entered the terrible two's. In her free time, Sarah is a pioneer housewife: knitting, crocheting, and cooking ... and sometimes even firing a weapon.


Reintegration: It’s Not Just for Servicemembers

My husband is getting ready to leave soon for a long-ish TDY, and I know everything there is to know about getting our three-year-old daughter ready for his departure. I got coloring books at the Army … [Read more...]


Wow the Neighbors

My neighbor moved into her house on Saturday, received her household goods on Monday, and had a baby on Wednesday. The rest of the neighbors on our street were truly wowed. ┬áPeople heard her story … [Read more...]


PCS Vigilance

My husband had five duty stations in his first five years of being in the Army. I thought we were PCS pros. Moreover, nothing had ever gotten lost and nothing really had ever been damaged ... at least … [Read more...]


Primary Care Manager? I Need a Human Being

"For those leaving a message, please include...a detailed request. Please allow up to 72 hours for a request to be processed. Please refrain from leaving multiple messages and calling several times … [Read more...]


The Theory of Relativity?

You know when you move to a new installation and your spouse hasn't really settled into the job, and the CAC card hasn't been programmed yet ... and there's not much for him to do so he comes home … [Read more...]


Offering and Asking

Once you have a child, you finally realize how different life is once you have a child. That seems like a dumb statement, but hopefully it makes sense to parent readers. Before I had a kid, I … [Read more...]


Dog Tags…Literally

I don't have one of those "Home is where the Army sends us" decorations, but I have come up with my own way to commemorate all of our military moves. Each time we PCS, our dog gets a new … [Read more...]


High and Tight

I don't like Justin Bieber hair. I don't like Ashton Kutcher hair either. I like my man high and tight. I didn't enjoy it when my husband was part of SOF and had the "privilege" of growing his … [Read more...]


He Doesn’t See Dirt

Most of my showering is done in our daughter's bathroom these days; my husband takes her from her bath and starts getting her ready for bed while I quickly wash myself. This means that a lot of time … [Read more...]


Break Up Songs

There are a few deployment songs out there -- think "Far Away Coast" or "Here Without You" -- but most of the songs I find myself humming when my husband is gone are break up songs. Usually they have … [Read more...]


Honey, Where Do You Work?

Yesterday at the playground, another mom asked me the typical "So, where does your husband work?" I answered, "TRAC." "What's that?" Errr, well, um, T...T stands for... Yeah, what the heck is … [Read more...]


Square One

At our first four duty stations, I rarely used the medical services at all. I got pap smears and I think one time I got sick, but that's about it. I never needed much from our health care system … [Read more...]


That Was 17 Years Ago!

I'm riffing off of Amy here. ┬áThis started as a comment on her post about streamlining the number of acronyms, but I think it can be its own post. Here's how I started: Ha, I'll believe it when I … [Read more...]


The White Coat

There's something about a doctor's white coat that makes you OK with him seeing you naked. I mean, doctors are just people. Sometimes ladies even know their doctors socially, or see them at PTA … [Read more...]


Belatedly Affected By New BAH Rates

We learned at the end of last year that BAH levels would drop in some areas in 2011. We also learned that it was dropping a whopping 8% in our area. But we breathed a sigh of relief when we read … [Read more...]


No More Pancakes

It's been established: I am a PCS worrier. Now some of you are PCS warriors. You roll with the punches, fill out your lists (even months in advance), and focus on the good stuff, like all the fun … [Read more...]


Two Is Definitely Not Lonely

I did three deployments before my husband and I had kids, and the most recent two deployments were while I was a stay-at-home wife. One was indeed the loneliest number. I missed my husband so much. … [Read more...]


Crunch Time

Why is it that you can live at a duty station for five years, and when you have less than two months left there, all of a sudden friends and family decide they need to come visit you? Now I don't … [Read more...]