About Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry is a male military spouse (or as he likes to say, a MANspouse). He and his wife have been married for nearly seven years and she has been in the Army for three. Wayne is a stay-at-home dad with two boys that keep him extremely busy. Wayne is also an advocate for MANspouses, inspiring them to get involved in the military community and support each other. Through the facebook page MANning the Homefront he hopes to connect MANspouses with one another.


Still Giving to NASCAR But Lowering Our Pay

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the Daytona 500 in the National Guard sponsored car. People jam recruiting offices to enlist citing his car as their inspiration. But a mass exodus takes place when Hagel and … [Read more...]


Do I Want my Wife to be Eligible for Combat?

My wife, like I would assume of most female servicemembers, is not your typical woman. She was made to be a soldier. She has the ability to put the mission first. I have total faith that, if needed, … [Read more...]


Death Star a No Go, But What About Social Activism?

Perhaps you already heard, but if you're a Star Wars fan I want to break it to you softly: just because you believe in the ultimate defense system, neither the DoD or the American Government will be … [Read more...]


The Comfort of “I Know How it Feels …”

Typically I leave my deep blogs about my life to my personal blog, TheArmyWife(DUDE), but I am hoping what I have to share will be seen by many and figured writing here for SpouseBuzz would generate … [Read more...]


Why Marriage Should be Like Enlistment

It shouldn't take much of an opening paragraph to get most in agreement that divorce rates are absurdly high (in both the military world and civilian world). There are conflicting statistics as to … [Read more...]


Cheating is Not a Military Thing

Since the news broke of Gen. Petraeus' extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell, the opinions of folks have been flying. There has been a VERY large group of people who are screaming "conspiracy" … [Read more...]


What Should a MANspouse Wear for Military Homecoming?

SpouseBuzz recently ran two articles on what military wives should and should NOT wear to a military homecoming. After reading those articles I just knew I HAD to write a similar blog regarding what a … [Read more...]


Military Suicide: It Makes Me Sick…

I think I could vomit right now. In fact, that burning sensation may have hit my throat a few times already and I was able to swallow it back down. Why you ask? Because of the report that came out … [Read more...]


All the Buzz: Public Military Breastfeeding

Lately boobies have been creating quite the commotion. Not because of breast cancer awareness -- "save the ta-tas" is now a household phrase -- but because of breastfeeding. While it may seem a … [Read more...]


What Do You Get a Soldier For Mother’s Day?

There are certain days that just about every guy fears when it comes to recognizing his wife. The big ones are anniversaries, her birthday, Valentine's Day and of course, Mother's Day for the … [Read more...]


Man, Myth, Legend: The Male MilSpouse

"The male military spouse? What is that? There is no such thing!" Au contraire, but there is. Believe it or not there is a fairly large population of male military spouses, or MANspouses as I … [Read more...]