Blame the Marshmallows, not the Military

When I dove into depression in the early years of military married life, I blamed it on the military. And yes, there were many aspects of military life that led to my unhappiness in those early … [Read more...]


Where Is the Instruction Book for Military Life?

Celebration time! Terri Barnes’ Spouse Calls: Messages from a Military Life hit the shelves this week. Why am I celebrating each new military spouse book? When Holly Scherer and I tried to get … [Read more...]


Would You Try to Fill Your Servicemember’s Chair?

Dinnertime: It’s a time to gather around a table to share stories about daily happenings. It’s a time to relax with good company and no distractions after a busy day. It’s a time designated for … [Read more...]


Must Spouse Be “Cheerful As A Cricket?”

I was pregnant and on bed rest with our first child, permitted to move only to switch which side of the wall I faced. That was the least of my worries the day that an editor at the Washington … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: 168 Hours

I am crazy for productivity. The idea of squeezing every drop out of every second of every day intrigues me. I think it's my competitive nature. Time is a finite source, and I'll be hanged if any of … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: Apartment Therapy

What Drew Barrymore is to relationships, I think I am to houses. My husband and I have had 16 houses since we got married.   I fall madly in love with every one of them and then fall into a crying … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: Unbroken

In all honesty, I was not excited -- at first -- about reading this book. Mention any book dealing with history, or the military, or worse military history and I quickly switch tracks to something … [Read more...]