New Children’s Book Breaks Down PTSD Anger

A new children’s book by an Army veteran has gained national attention for the simple yet heartfelt way it breaks down for young listeners the anger often associated with post traumatic stress … [Read more...]


The Not-a-General’s-Wife Reading List

I’m no general’s wife. But the First Lady of the Marine Corps Recommended Reading List is being discontinued, so I hereby volunteer to step into the breach with my own military spouse reading list … [Read more...]


How to Throw a ‘Stories Around the Table’ Party

The funny thing about being stationed in Germany is, well, it's too big. There are 50,000 Americans in the Ramstein Air Base area. For someone who has moved as often as I have, you would think it … [Read more...]


Blame the Marshmallows, not the Military

When I dove into depression in the early years of military married life, I blamed it on the military. And yes, there were many aspects of military life that led to my unhappiness in those early … [Read more...]


Where Is the Instruction Book for Military Life?

Celebration time! Terri Barnes’ Spouse Calls: Messages from a Military Life hit the shelves this week. Why am I celebrating each new military spouse book? When Holly Scherer and I tried to get … [Read more...]


Would You Try to Fill Your Servicemember’s Chair?

Dinnertime: It’s a time to gather around a table to share stories about daily happenings. It’s a time to relax with good company and no distractions after a busy day. It’s a time designated for … [Read more...]


Must Spouse Be “Cheerful As A Cricket?”

I was pregnant and on bed rest with our first child, permitted to move only to switch which side of the wall I faced. That was the least of my worries the day that an editor at the Washington … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: 168 Hours

I am crazy for productivity. The idea of squeezing every drop out of every second of every day intrigues me. I think it's my competitive nature. Time is a finite source, and I'll be hanged if any of … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: Apartment Therapy

What Drew Barrymore is to relationships, I think I am to houses. My husband and I have had 16 houses since we got married.   I fall madly in love with every one of them and then fall into a crying … [Read more...]


Unexpected Book Club: Unbroken

In all honesty, I was not excited -- at first -- about reading this book. Mention any book dealing with history, or the military, or worse military history and I quickly switch tracks to something … [Read more...]