Why You Should Hit the MOAA Spouse Career Event

Remember that stay-at-home mom business? It ends. My first born is heading off to college and my second will be a junior in the fall. My servicemember is looking at PCS orders again. We will move this … [Read more...]


The (Un)Written Lessons I Learned in Grad School

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Uncle Sam Could Credit You $500 After a PCS

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Leaving SpouseBuzz: 7 Lucky Things I Learned From You

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MyCAA: Can Free Spouse Tuition Program Be Saved?

Military family programs that are not used have a bad tendency to get cut. When only one in five qualified spouses used the MyCAA spouse tuition program, you gotta wonder: Can it be saved? Or, maybe, … [Read more...]


Husband Worries: What If My Wife Earns More Than Me?

“How can I justify staying in the military when my spouse earns more than me?” Those were not the exact words an Air Force major used to ask a panel on ‘Redesigning the All-Volunteer Force’ at … [Read more...]


MG Stout: Using Creativity to Heal Military Burdens

What do you do when the kids are on your nerves, your job has you down, and your spouse is deployed or otherwise unavailable? Instead of reaching for that box of cookies or your favorite distractor, … [Read more...]


Top Quotes To Better Up Your Military Life

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The Investment Every Military Spouse Should Make

Invest in yourself and become the fullest version of yourself possible. That is the investment every military spouse should make. If that seems selfish, it’s not; it’s the best gift you can give … [Read more...]


How To Find Work From Home

You know those ‘work from home’ jobs must be out there. Other military spouses have them. They have clients and they have deadlines and they have paychecks. How can you, too, be one of those lucky … [Read more...]


‘Troop’s Career Important?’ Poll Results Surprising

A recent SpouseBuzz poll on whether or not a service member's career should always come first demonstrated something I never expected -- an almost even split among all the options. Early last month … [Read more...]


Military Kid 2015 Commissary Scholarship Open Soon

A scholarship program run through the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) and administered by the Fisher House Foundation will open for applications Dec. 15. The program, which is celebrating its … [Read more...]


Poll: Would You Support a Longer Military Career?

Do you ever get the feeling that your Coastie, Marine, sailor, soldier or airman might never leave the military? They may have promised you that they will be ready to get out after the next tour. … [Read more...]


Boots to Business Suit: A Veterans Day Memoir

Ten years ago on Veterans Day, I was still an eager young Captain, my rank newly pinned on, and proud to don my uniform on the Air Force flightline every day as an aircraft maintenance officer. I … [Read more...]


Poll: Should Your Troop’s Career Be Most Important?

I have a problem: in the fight for career-priority, my service member wins every single time. In my equal-career fantasy world my soldier and I balance our careers against each other, split our … [Read more...]


Why The Low Expectations for Military Spouses?

I had a big league career. Watching my daughter switch to softball this year made me realize that I’d been traded into the minor leagues. How does that happen to military spouses like us? I have … [Read more...]


9 Ways to Get Hired Now, Military Spouse

After five rounds of interviews and a test that I passed with flying colors, I was rejected from my dream job at a public relations firm in Washington, D.C. I was told it was because there wasn’t … [Read more...]


What You Wish You Knew BEFORE Starting a Business

I don’t regret starting my business Powerhouse Planning at all, but Lord knows I wish I’d had an article like this two years ago helping me make wise decisions. That said…I’m sucking up my … [Read more...]