On-Base Living Expands the Military-Civilian Divide

The availability of on-base housing and all the wonderful perks of living within the confines of the base gates is making the military-civilian divide worse. That, at least, is what a recent story … [Read more...]


10 Truths About Military Transition

After the worst move in military history (really: every single table we own was either broken in half, smashed, or crushed), the Big Change has finally happened: We're civilians. Well, the hubs is … [Read more...]


9 Polite Ways to Answer Ignorant Civilian Questions

I don’t care for the term "civilian-military divide." It infers an "us and them" mentality and I’d rather dedicate space to breaking down that wall. Still, considering less than eight-percent of … [Read more...]


Survey: MilFams and the Civilian Divide

While the Blue Star Families annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey may show that benefits are the number one topic on the MilFam mind, another issue from the survey stuck out to me: the … [Read more...]


YDU: Is a Spouse Military or Civilian?

Even after 22 years of marriage to an Army infantry guy, one of our Facebook readers is still little confused over the military or civilian thing.  She wants to know: If you marry someone in the … [Read more...]


How to Make Civilians Understand Us

They say “Thank you for your service.”  They say “Thank you for your sacrifices.” They say “I could never do what you are doing.”  Civilians are all too eager to express their gratitude … [Read more...]


Confession: I’m Jealous of Your Normal

OK, that’s probably a lie. Your normal is probably pretty much the same as my normal. And I am not jealous of that at all. You've got deployment, reintegration, sudden change of plans, unplanned … [Read more...]


Top Ten Things We Didn’t Wanna Hear On Veterans Day

For those of us whose Marines, Coasties, sailors, airmen and soldiers were not deployed, Veterans Day was a great time to appreciate the ones we love.  It was pretty nice to have the rest of the … [Read more...]


Are MilSpouses Entitled to Anything?

A male military spouse was recently stranded in Hawaii after he was denied boarding for a military hop on its way to Japan because his name was on the “no-fly” list. He had gotten as far as the … [Read more...]


Should a Spouse Correct a Servicemember?

You know the rules. You may even know them better than most. But you're not a servicemember. You're the servicemember's spouse. Are you allowed to correct another servicemember in public when he is … [Read more...]


The Agent’s Wife

Sometimes the truth about what my husband does for a living wraps around me like a corset and makes it hard to breathe. He is in danger. He travels all the time with and without advance notice. He has … [Read more...]


Why I Decided the MilSpouse World is Better

When my husband and I PCSed from Yuma, Ariz. to the Pentagon, it was a welcome change. I’m a Chicago gal and was desperate for city life, a fat National Sunday paper to devour, hip neighbors, … [Read more...]


The Civilian-Mil Gap: Does it Weigh Down Troops?

Sgt. Eric Williams was a combat flight medic, a son, a husband and a blogger. He was on his way home last week from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan when his forward operating base came under … [Read more...]


In or Out? That Is The Question

"I’m thinking about getting out of the military.” I’ve heard my husband say this many times before in his decade-long active-duty career, but it has never before been followed by, “I’m … [Read more...]


How To Piss Off Your “Peace-Loving” Mother

When I read this story about Rosie O'Donnell's son Parker begging his mother to attend a military academy, I was reminded of my friend's sister-in-law who forbade my friend from giving her nephew … [Read more...]


Do Military Families Feel Entitled?

There's been a lot of chatter over the past few years about the disconnect between civilians and the military community. I do believe that there is a huge disconnect, but I also believe it's not … [Read more...]


Twenty Questions

Being a National Guard family has its benefits, such as being able to live where you want and not having to move as soon as you've just settled in to your new location. It also has its downfalls, … [Read more...]


Patience for ‘Window Dressing?’

There’s no doubt that any attention by the public on military spouse issues and the honor of sacrifice (instead of, say, the drama) is a good a thing. However … As this Time magazine online … [Read more...]