11 Ways To Calm Down (When Freaking Out!)

During deployment, we don’t just worry about our service member’s safety, we worry about the house burning down for good measure. We don’t just worry about the deployment being extended, we … [Read more...]


We Don’t ‘Stand By’ For Tragedy

Before the phone rings, it is a normal Thursday morning. Then we get the official word that there has been a casualty at the command. The next of kin has been notified, but the name has not yet … [Read more...]


YDU: I Got All My Sisters With Me

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Unmarried Girl’s Guide To Deployment

I braved my first Navy deployment as a long-term girlfriend. I use the term “braved” because I was not fully prepared for the challenges I was yet to face. Even though I attended spouse club … [Read more...]


12 Rules For Moving Home During Deployment

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Military Girlfriend: Will Deployment Be Your Break-Up Point?

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Are OPSEC Rules Scaring Spouses Silent?

Sitting in an eight hour Key Spouse training made me realize that there is a huge push from the top on the proper use and inappropriate abuse of OPSEC . . . that is, operational security … [Read more...]


7 Hilarious Truths About Life During Deployment

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The #ReverseGratitude Campaign: The Troops Are Thanking America?

“Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess.”  --Max Lucado It’s easy to be grateful when life is good.  But what about those particularly … [Read more...]


I Sexy Skype and You Should, Too

Here is a short list of things I did last year: Had a baby, waved at my husband (while sobbing) as he boarded a bus for a plane to Afghanistan, volunteered more hours at church than I can count, and … [Read more...]


TDY Trips: As Hard As Deployment?

Why didn't you tell me that TDY (temporary duty) trips can be almost as challenging as deployment? Really? Picture this: your service member comes home in the middle of the week and announces … [Read more...]


Is Every Homecoming Cause for Celebration?

When my husband came home last week, I didn’t go to the trouble to hang up the “Welcome Home Our Hero!” banner that I’d lovingly acquired several years before. I didn’t have a freshly … [Read more...]


Top 10 Things to Like About Deployment

Looking on the bright side about things that we can't control and are, without a doubt, actually terrible helps us get through the day. That's why when a group of ladies in this Facebook group decided … [Read more...]


How To Make Valentine’s Day Not Suck

Even Target is selling roses. Beautiful roses, actually. White ones with the palest pink tips. If your sailor, airman, Coastie, Marine or soldier is gone this week, go ahead and stick those roses … [Read more...]


Sexy Skype for Valentine’s Day?

In honor of Valentine's Day, a recent consumer poll conducted for Skype found that 29 percent of those surveyed have used the Skype platform for a “naughty” call. Military families know Skype … [Read more...]


Cheap, Meaningful (Last Minute) Military Valentine

You cannot count on the mail system during deployment.  It ain’t reliable. During my husband’s last deployment, I could mail a package big enough to store a Neopolitan Mastiff and nine puppies … [Read more...]


He Says She Says: A Better Deployment Preparation Checklist?

No matter how prepared we servicemembers and spouses think we are for a deployment, it’s inevitable that something will slip through the cracks. This can spell DISASTER!! So when we were writing … [Read more...]


Poll: Does Girlfriend Trump Mom at Homecoming

When it comes to having your in-laws visit during homecoming, we stand pretty firm:  Don’t do it. But what about girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others? Do they trump parents, … [Read more...]