Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About the Coast Guard

I am a Coast Guard spouse. I live and breathe the Coast Guard. I know the unique and valuable service that the Coast Guard provides to our country. I hope that when you read this list, you are proud … [Read more...]


Airport Secret: The USO Lounge

The first thing I learned about air travel as a military spouse was this: don't fly through any airport that does not have a USO lounge. And this is why ... Air travel is probably part of your … [Read more...]


PCS Survival: Fort Benning

Ah, beautiful Fort Benning, Ga. –- home of the Infantry. If your spouse is an Infantry or Armor soldier, particularly if he is an officer, you will probably find yourself living at Fort Benning … [Read more...]


Hard Rock Café offers Military Discounts Worldwide

A couple weeks ago my husband and I spent the weekend Florence, which is about three hours south of our base. And yes, my jaw is constantly left hanging wide open when I say things like “we spent … [Read more...]


What You Missed: Royal Silliness and Mustaches

If you were off doing something other than surfing the internet and reading People Magazine this week Newsflash: tabloids are ridiculous You probably already knew that … but did you know that they … [Read more...]


What You Missed: Bad Text Messages, China and a Cookie App

Ah, the weekend. … or a short way to say “catching up on laundry, cleaning and all that other stuff that didn’t happy Monday through Friday.” Need a break from it all? Check out some of what … [Read more...]


PCSing to D.C.? Here Are Some Must-Do’s

My husband, an active duty Marine, was stationed at Marine Barracks 8th and I in Washington DC from the moment I met him. I was a college student who met a handsome Marine through a friend of a friend … [Read more...]


3 Tips for Dealing With Military Loss

Knowing what to do or say when a serivcemember is killed can be tricky and uncomfortable. You want to do and say the right thing – but what is that? And how do you do it? As we have seen … [Read more...]


What You Missed: Casting Calls, Breakfast Bon-Bons and BFFs

We all want the same thing in life, admit it: to eat dessert for breakfast while also magically staying skinny. In case you missed that little how-to and the rest of the online life fantastic this … [Read more...]


What you Missed: Houses, Money and Peeing on Trees

Life might be crazy, but we've got your back. We have a collection of the most important, interesting or entertaining MilSpouse news of the past week. Enjoy! Use MilSpouse Blogs to get rid of that … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Round-Up: Ninjas, Guard and Farewells

Been a busier-than-usual bee? Never fear: if you missed the Spouse world action this week we can help you catch-up.  Here are the big things that happened here on SpouseBUZZ – and a few things that … [Read more...]


Politics & the Uniform: Watch Yourselves

This is Military 101 in the manual of what not to do in uniform: Show up at a political rally in uniform Get interviewed by CNN endorsing a candidate in uniform Take the podium with candidate … [Read more...]


At a Theater Near You: The National Anthem

I’ve been a military spouse for almost two years, and I dated my airman for four years before that. I like to think our time dating was a great jump-start into figuring out this lifestyle, but when … [Read more...]


Installation Community Gardens

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program as some of my civilian friends do in their home areas. Since I have a blue thumb, I’d do the share buying and … [Read more...]


ICE, ICE, Baby!

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (or “ICE”) comment system is one of my favorite things about services on military bases. Through it I feel like I have a way to voice my concerns over things … [Read more...]


Respect For Our Flag

Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone!  This weekend (or Monday, as it were), we celebrate our freedom. Our freedom to say what we choose, our freedom to decide what we want to do with our lives … [Read more...]


The Stay-at-Home Wife

Hi, I have a confession to make: I’m a 27-year-old stay-at-home wife. Yes, I said wife and not mom—as of right now we don’t have any kiddos. Don’t get me wrong, we want children very badly, … [Read more...]


Did You Know?

Topics covered in this week's DYK include:  Partnership for All Students’ Success, PCSing made easy with TRICARE, TSP Roth Option Delayed, 2011 Spouse Scholarship, TRICARE Extends Web-based … [Read more...]