Why ‘American Sniper’ is for Military Wives

When the husband of one of my close friends was killed in Iraq, she slipped an e e cummings poem into his casket before he was buried at Arlington. That poem ran through my mind, in verses and lines, … [Read more...]


Military Love Letter: 70 Years Later Still Brings Tears

Military love letters connect couples over long distances -- whether by email or text or Pinterest or cards in the snail mail. During World War II, Myra Strachner exchanged nearly 700 letters with her … [Read more...]


Military Kid Cooks With Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray

Military kids are known for their adaptability, their good humor and their talent to oorah from birth, but did you know they could cook? Marine kid Helen Wilson, 12, will join the second season of … [Read more...]


Gold Star Wife’s Courage Showcased in New Film

It wasn't long after Lisa Hallett's husband, Army Cpt. John Hallett, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in August, 2009, that she turned to running as a way to cope. And when those of us in … [Read more...]


Sesame Street USO Show Not Just for Kids

You probably don't take your military child to a Sesame Street show so that you can also be reminded how to navigate military life. You're probably there for Elmo. Or Cookie. Or Elmo. But when my … [Read more...]


‘A Hero’s Welcome’ Commercial Hits the Spot

Redeploying soldier running into the arms of his girlfriend – check. Banners, signs and cheers form the whole town – check. Surprise welcome home parade – check. Shown during the Super Bowl … [Read more...]


Lighten Up on ‘Enlisted:’ Even the Military Likes to Laugh

An exciting Friday night while my husband is away for Army training added up to Chinese food and surfing Facebook. A friend posted  a reminder that the new Fox show "Enlisted" would premiere in just … [Read more...]


3 Reasons to Give a Shout-Out to Your Deployed Spouse on ‘Enlisted’

I am a reluctant sucker for TV military greetings. You know the ones -- often broadcasted mid-sports event or during a day-time talk show, they feature a grinning military spouse saying something … [Read more...]


3 Military Uniform Rules We’d Love to Break

No one wants to see a Marine look like a 2-liter bottle of soda with a white plastic cap on top.  So we were really glad to see the USMC nix the whole discussion about making everyone wear the Dan … [Read more...]


Dear Tom: Stop Confusing Your ‘Deployment’ With the Real Deal

Editor's note: Tom Cruise was widely reported as having equated his time on a movie set away from his child with the hardships of being deployed to Afghanistan. However, since those quotes were … [Read more...]


MilSpouse on Shark Tank Tonight!

I bet you didn't know your plans tonight involved watching ABC's business-pitch reality show, Shark Tank. But with a military spouse on tonight pitching her own product, we should all tune … [Read more...]


Dear Royal Baby: Be A Warrior Prince

When you are born a prince, like the newborn Prince of Cambridge, there are a lot of ways to live your life. You can be a Prince Charming, wooing the ladies. You can be an Evil Prince, scheming for … [Read more...]


Help Your Military Kid by Hanging Out With Elmo

Explaining military life to little children – that Daddy is going to leave (and come back!), that we are going to move (again), that even though all of this seems crazy you are still safe and loved … [Read more...]


3 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

Over here we’ve been celebrating summer since it’s unofficial start Memorial Day weekend. To us summer is already one-third over. But the season doesn’t actually officially start until June … [Read more...]


Please Represent Me, American Military Spouse Choir

I think there ought to be some rules. I think that before you represent military families on reality TV you ought to: Like your servicemember -- at least a little. Avoid lying about your level … [Read more...]


Win Cash for Kitchen Remodel (If I Don’t Win it First)

My kitchen sink up and left me. It got so sick of being permanently stained and rusty it took off to live with its equally disgusting partner, my disposal. So when I stroll into my kitchen, I am … [Read more...]


Cheap Vacation Ideas for Military Families

I’m itching to go on vacation and explore the great outdoors.  It’s that perfect time of year here in Tennessee when the weather is ideal – not too hot, not too cold – and the bugs haven’t … [Read more...]


MilSpouses Can’t See Dove Real Beauty

My friends have been talking about the clip from the Dove Real Beauty project. In the clip, a forensic artist asks women behind a curtain to describe themselves. “Tell me about your hair,” he … [Read more...]