Top 10 Signs You’re a Complainer (And How to Fix It)

I am not one to join a Quit Complaining campaign. I figure if you aren’t complaining about life just a little, you aren’t paying enough attention. But in military life where so many hold a … [Read more...]


11 Ways To Calm Down (When Freaking Out!)

During deployment, we don’t just worry about our service member’s safety, we worry about the house burning down for good measure. We don’t just worry about the deployment being extended, we … [Read more...]


Commissary Card Now Up for Android

If you're an Android platform user you're now in the money, or at least the mobile coupons, with the commissary. Eight months after the original launch of their rewards card app for iPhone, an app for … [Read more...]


Caregivers of Vets Deserve These Proposed Perks

If you’re a caregiver of a veteran wounded before 9/11 you receive no stipend from the Veteran Affairs administration (VA), no health care and no mental health help. And if you receive the Defense … [Read more...]


YDU: I’m a Big Fat Fraud?

Why didn't you tell me that I would be a big fat FRAUD? I have been through many, many deployments. So many, that I haven’t even kept track of the number. I have felt the dread of … [Read more...]


Top 10 Things I Had To Learn About Military Marriage

Last night while I was waiting for my two-year-old to stop crying after being moved to her big girl bed, I realized how far I’ve come since I was a military bride of 22…and how much I have stayed … [Read more...]


Behind the CNN ‘Military Wife’ Weight Loss Story

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Why I Miss the Magic of Military Housing

I wouldn't trade living in our new home in the outer 'burbs for anything. Yet, when I drive onto base I'm suddenly flooded with a sigh of relief and a twinge of homecoming. Could it be that I'm … [Read more...]


Unmarried Girl’s Guide To Deployment

I braved my first Navy deployment as a long-term girlfriend. I use the term “braved” because I was not fully prepared for the challenges I was yet to face. Even though I attended spouse club … [Read more...]


What I Learned About Military Life From Cancer

I’ve watched it closely, but  it was still at distance when cancer hit two dear military spouse friends. I thought immediately, “Really? They’ve already survived extreme life challenges because … [Read more...]


New PCS Rule Gives Users More Power Over Movers

Have a really bad moving crew? Starting in May 2014, a new rule gives you a bigger say in whether or not they get to keep working for the government. But to make it work, you've got to fill out the … [Read more...]