On-Base Living Expands the Military-Civilian Divide

The availability of on-base housing and all the wonderful perks of living within the confines of the base gates is making the military-civilian divide worse. That, at least, is what a recent story … [Read more...]


New Operation Homefront Goal: ‘Staying Relevant’

The head of the military family support non-profit Operation Homefront said his top goal for the organization is making sure it stays relevant for young, incoming military families. "We continue … [Read more...]


New Report Confirms Things We All Already Know

A recent report from the Defense Department shows a bunch of stuff you and I already knew from experience -- but it does it with science, and it might actually be good for something. The Military … [Read more...]


New Children’s Book Breaks Down PTSD Anger

A new children’s book by an Army veteran has gained national attention for the simple yet heartfelt way it breaks down for young listeners the anger often associated with post traumatic stress … [Read more...]


Egg Shortage Brings Commissary Price Hike

An avian flu fueled chicken egg shortage in the U.S. has forced commissary egg prices to climb. Between May 1 and June 9, the average price per dozen eggs at stateside commissaries almost doubled … [Read more...]