Free Sittercity Memberships Ending

Military families will no longer be able to use the babysitter website Sittercity after the Defense Department opted to discontinue their subsidized program with that service. The DoD-funded … [Read more...]


Military Parenting App Gives Tips, Kid Help

A new app for military parents of children under three-years-old is a quick way to access helpful tips while getting a view into what might just be going on in that baby head. The app, created by … [Read more...]


Commissary Adding Customer Wi-Fi to Stores

Have you ever noticed that even though the commissary has those online coupons, you can't actually access them while shopping in many stores because the cell signal is so incredibly bad? Welcome to … [Read more...]


10 Things Military Kids Can Teach Civilians

I grew up as a civilian, and man, I had it hard. I had to live in the same (rather perfect) house my whole young life. I had to go to school at the same school several years in a row. When I graduated … [Read more...]


Poll: Would a Big Commissary Price Increase Keep You Out?

A new study says the Defense Commissary Agency would likely have to increase prices 29 percent to make up for budget cuts proposed by the Defense Department. But would that keep you from shopping … [Read more...]