Military Resort Cracks Down on Unauthorized Guests (That’s You)

If you were thinking you'd travel to Europe and stay in the military's Edelweiss resort in Garmisch, Germany well, you're probably out of luck. That's because despite having a standing policy on … [Read more...]


12 Crazy Military Life Things We Weirdly Love

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Commissary Delays in Europe Caused by More Dock Problems

If you noticed things were a little more sparse than usual at your commissary in Europe here's why: dock problems. Lots and lots of dock problems. A pretty hefty percentage of food stocked in … [Read more...]


Dear America: Cut the Crap and Learn Their Names

I was sitting in Firehouse Subs with my kids. It was a hot day, and we were out shopping, just killing time out of the house and out of the heat. We’d stopped for lunch and, as my boys laughed and … [Read more...]


Binder Tool Helps MilKid School Transition

A new tool for military parents could make your child's next transition to a new school just a tiny bit easier -- especially if he or she is a unique, gifted or challenged learner. A trio of … [Read more...]