When the Cape Comes Off: Reintegration On the Guard Side

I love Superman. He is by far my favorite superhero, but there is something utterly ridiculous about the Clark Kent “disguise." I never could wrap my mind around the fact that he could change his … [Read more...]


New Military.com Pay App Makes Life Easier

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How Introverts Make Military Friendships

I think military life may have turned my husband and I into an "outgoing introvert."  My husband was voted “Shyest” in his high school class. If my high school would have had that Senior … [Read more...]


Flag as MilFam Photo Prop ‘Shocking’ and ‘Disrespectful?’

There's nothing like a service member in uniform with his newborn. Maybe it was giving birth alone that did me in. Maybe it's the troops I've seen meet their babies for the first time at the … [Read more...]


Too Much Praise Puts the ‘Brat’ in ‘Military Brat?’

I want my military kids to know I am always proud of how they adapt and overcome. I want to encourage them. I do not want them to grow-up to be aggressive, narcissistic jerks. But a new study … [Read more...]