5 Ways to Tell You Have a MilSpouse Friend for Life

It doesn't really matter where you met her. Maybe it was online, or maybe it was in passing at a unit meeting, at your church or through a mutual friend. However it happened, you just knew that this … [Read more...]


Don’t Let Labels Define You, Smash Them Instead

Maybe it's because we are so often forced to make new sets of in-person friends thanks to frequent moves. Or maybe it's because we are so used to holding down the home front during very stressful … [Read more...]


A Letter to Uncle Sam From the Hurting

Dear Uncle Sam, Do you see me? I am the granddaughter of immigrants and the great-granddaughter of immigrants who came to this country for freedom to live the American Dream.  I am the daughter of … [Read more...]


New Program Offers Peer-to-Peer Counseling

Officials with Military OneSource have peeled off from their 800-number counselors pool a group of experts with military experience to run a new peer-to-peer counseling program. The idea behind … [Read more...]


Dear Military Community: I Know Why You’re So Mean (and I’m Sorry)

It drips with hate and disgust. Facebook spouse support groups, those horrible bullying sites, social media feedback on articles and the comment section of any given military spouse blog site, … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Friendship Fears: Confessions

Can I tell you guys something? I've been lonely. Really, really lonely. Can you relate? You're probably thinking "stop complaining and get out there and make friends." That's not the problem. I DO … [Read more...]


The 5 Friends Every Military Spouse Needs

Every year the meeting halls and conference rooms of Washington D.C. fill with military spouses. They’re there for Military Spouse of the Year, Homefront Rising, MSJDN, Spouse Summit, or maybe the … [Read more...]


Are Spouse Clubs Going Away?

Gone are the days of white gloves at spouse clubs luncheons. Maybe next on the disappearance list? The clubs themselves. The last several years has brought some major changes to the traditional … [Read more...]


To the MilSpouse Who Is Struggling

Dear Struggling Spouse -- When you wrote me to vent about your Army husband's field time absences and how lost and lonely you are, my heart broke for you. Ongoing field time and no schedule … [Read more...]


Boot Camp Teaches Spouses to Run for Office

Military spouses need to have a seat at the political table if they want the military family story to be heard. That's the message a group of about 50 female military spouses heard at a political … [Read more...]


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wife Handbook

I met my new friend April in the strangest of places — the Facebook comments of an Ask Ms. Vicki column. The topic was one that was sure to draw responses: the wife of an enlisted soldier had … [Read more...]


Surprise! Real Military Appreciation From the White House

What if I told you that the military support message coming from a pair of female celebrities and First Lady Michelle Obama was actually on target? It may be one of my biggest … [Read more...]


I Was an Online Military Spouse Bully

I never really gave too much thought to the online shaming of military spouses until recently. In fact, I was completely oblivious to the hurt, emotional abuse and let down that I was causing for the … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Shoots Husband Home to Surprise Her

Imagine this: there's been a lot of robberies in your neighborhood. Your husband isn't due home so you set the house alarm, but you're still feeling nervous. That chirping of the alarm as someone … [Read more...]


Top 10 Tips for Starting a Family Readiness Group

The FRG. The Family Readiness Group.  These three words can conjure up so many images. Some are good, some not so much. So you can imagine the feelings that came up for me when I was asked to lead my … [Read more...]


Upcoming Study Highlights ManSpouse Struggles

A study that will be released out of the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University next year takes a close look at the struggles faced by civilian male military spouses. The … [Read more...]


Female Air Force Vet Offers MilSpouse Inspiration

I called Jen Griswold because I had just quit my job. I had fallen into the trap so many spouses do of underemployment. I needed some inspiration, and through her, a fellow Air Force wife, I found … [Read more...]


Poll: Spouses Don’t Use Programs?

I am always amazed at the number providers of military family programs featured in the Family Forums at the annual convention of the Association of the United States Army  (AUSA) in Washington, … [Read more...]