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Should She Go To Crazy Family Wedding?

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12 Rules For Moving Home During Deployment

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Are Shorter Deployments the Key to Stronger Marriages?

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Are “Separated” Spouses Out Of The Military?

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MailBag: Enlisted to Officer = Lonely MilSpouse

An interesting question from the Mailbag archives that was sent to us some time ago: My DH has been in the Army for 11+ years.  10 as an Enlisted Soldier and the next 10+ will be as an Officer.  He … [Read more...]


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Time Off Work After Redeployment: How Much?

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Base Clinic’s No Additional Children Policy

Over the years, we've heard many, many stories from milspouses about the challenges of "solo parenting" while their spouse is away. One of which is having to tote kids everywhere you go, or simply … [Read more...]


The Pre-Deployment State of Mind: Fight Club

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Mailbag: How Much Talk is Too Much?

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From the Mailbag: Who Should See Him First?

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From the Mailbag: Spreading the Love

WB wrote in to ask this question: My kids and I would like to have a military pen pal. When my nephew was in the service we wrote to him often. He told us that their were many service personal who … [Read more...]