Blame the Marshmallows, not the Military

When I dove into depression in the early years of military married life, I blamed it on the military. And yes, there were many aspects of military life that led to my unhappiness in those early … [Read more...]


Behind the CNN ‘Military Wife’ Weight Loss Story

When deployment slaps you across the face do you let it get you down, or do you fight back? You may have seen the story floating around Facebook early this month – “Military Wife Drops More … [Read more...]


Everything’s Great! Why Am I Still Depressed?

How do you explain not being happy when everything is going well?  Most of the time I seem to thrive on high stress situations. I didn’t feel sorry for myself when my daughter was diagnosed with … [Read more...]


YDU: You Can Find Yourself Through Running

Why didn’t you tell me I would find so much of myself through running? October 20, 2013. That was “the” day of the Army Ten Miler in Washington, DC. And I was registered. But  I. Am. Not. … [Read more...]


Confession: I Have Autism

We had moved for the fifth time in around six years, and I was floundering, yet again. I had always had trouble making and keeping friends. I tend to say all the wrong things, do the wrong things, and … [Read more...]


11 Tips for Living With Allergies on Base

More and more today people are being diagnosed with food allergies and sensitivities, and that included military families -- it might be you, your spouse, or children, but either way it can be a … [Read more...]


Military Wife Loses 100 Pounds in 274 Days

I make no claims to be a Weight Loss Guru. I am just one determined chick who decided to take control of her life and body and lost 100 pounds in 274 days. After years of unconscious eating, … [Read more...]


Poll: Tricare May Close In-Person Service Offices

Tricare may permanently close all of their stateside in-person service centers early next spring in a move aimed at saving money. The centers, located in free-standing buildings or within military … [Read more...]


Poll: Bribe Your Kids To Exercise Much?

I would love to push my skinny little sixth grader outside, lock the screen door behind him, and strongly encourage the boy to go play in the woods. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the only person … [Read more...]


Why I Had to Break-Up With Dieting

Dieting and I have a long history together. It has been there for me through multiple moves, good and bad relationships, TDY’s, deployments, kids, returning to college, etc. You name it, and dieting … [Read more...]


Why “Fat Servicemember” is Worth Cold, Hard Facts

A recent SpouseBuzz post sent the military spouse community into a whirlwind of controversy. The article, “Does Fat Spouse = Fat Servicemember” highlighted some opinions around the internet and a … [Read more...]


Will Tricare Cover Your Boob Job?

It's one of the most talked about Tricare topics out there: How, exactly, can you get Tricare to pay for breast augmentation surgery or "boob job." One of the things we pride ourselves on here at … [Read more...]


Grow Your Own Victory Garden

In all this talk of our old-school sisters and styles to emulate (or not), we left out my personal favorite old-school habit. It's one hipsters in Brooklyn try to make cool, one grandmas in Kansas … [Read more...]


Does Fat Spouse = Fat Servicemember?

Is there a connection between a servicemember not meeting military height and weight standards -- or, in official Army talk, being “over fat,” -- and having an overweight spouse? In the … [Read more...]


Hey MilSOs! It’s Time to Move It

It all started with trying to find a way to keep busy while my servicemember was away. I'm a writer by profession, so blogging seemed to be a natural choice. But what began as an idea to write my way … [Read more...]


Poll: Why Don’t You Exercise?

The evidence is hard to argue with: exercise is good for you. Research shows it increases physical health and lifespan. It has some of the same affects on your brain as an antidepressants.  It also … [Read more...]


A New Way to Mark Memorial Day

We are a tradition minded household. Every Memorial Day we visit some forsaken cemetery, hunt for the graves of veterans and place flags. But we're also on the hunt for new ways to honor the … [Read more...]


Top Ten Things Exercisers Don’t Want you to Know

Before this year, the list of things that would make me exercise would have included: Attack by lions. Fire at sea. Food prizes.Plague of locusts. Early homecoming. Butter sticks growing on trees. … [Read more...]