New, Free eBook Step-by-Step Mental Health Help

A handy new eBook from Military Spouses of Strength gives users a step-by-step guide to mental health care. "You Matter," which is free to download when you sign-up to join the organization (also … [Read more...]


3 Ways We Can Work to Fix Mental Health Help

It isn't that he doesn't want mental health help ... sort of. It's a combination of problems. He wants to be manly, so he doesn't want to admit that he needs help. He's worried about his career, even … [Read more...]


Mail-Order Those Drugs: A Tricare How-To

Like many military things, receiving medication via mail through Tricare confounds me. Once upon a time I somehow managed to get a birth control prescription delivered by mail-order instead of paying … [Read more...]


Give Them Your Best PTSD or TBI Support Idea

We are the people living on the front lines. We see the problems. We have ideas for solutions. And now we have a way to share them with the people who can make a difference. The Defense Center of … [Read more...]


You Could Get Paid to Drop Weight

Sound like a gimmick? It's not. Researchers in New York are looking for almost 300 military spouses to participate in a weight loss study and program starting in April. If you get chosen you could … [Read more...]


Tricare to Cover Breastfeeding Supplies

Thanks to a measure in the new 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), expected to become law before Christmas, Tricare will soon be required to provide breastfeeding supplies and support to … [Read more...]


What the 2015 Budget Deal Means for Families

While solid, on paper details are still emerging about a Defense Department budget deal announced to group of reporters yesterday, we do know enough about the plan to give you a big picture look at … [Read more...]


Operation Homefront Food Event Coming to You

A new free grocery and healthy eating event may be coming to a military installation near you thanks to Operation Homefront and grants from the Walmart Foundation. The Growing Healthy Military … [Read more...]


Some Tricare Paper Notifications Going Away

Tricare is moving many of its notifications from postal mail to an online system, the agency announced Oct 1. The change will be effective immediately, according to a release from Tricare, and … [Read more...]


Tricare Mental Health Provider Change Delayed

A Tricare mental health counselor rule change that some worried could drastically reduce the pool of available providers has been delayed until 2017, while a rule allowing others to operate under … [Read more...]


‘Better for You’ Foods Score Commissary Spotlight

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) is planning to rearrange products in a handful of stores in an effort to highlight healthier foods that meet a "better for you" set of qualifications. They also … [Read more...]


Is Anti-Spouse Bias the Reason for Bad Health Care?

Why are babies born at military hospitals more than twice as likely to be injured during delivery than civilian babies? Why are new mothers at a military hospital more more likely to hemorrhage after … [Read more...]


Tricare Appeals Process Long and Unsure

If you talk to someone moving through the Tricare coverage appeals process, you'll probably find that they are frustrated. At least that was the attitude of the folks I talked to over the last … [Read more...]


New Tricare Nurse Advice Line Could Make Urgent Care Easier

A new nurse advice line staffed by real humans available full time -- including nights and weekends -- to nearly all Tricare users could make getting seen at an off-base urgent care slightly … [Read more...]


Hickam MWR Gives Spouse Owned Business the Boot

A military spouse owned small business fitness boot camp, which employed over 20 fellow spouses, has been shut down by Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) MWR after officials awarded a contract for … [Read more...]


Blame the Marshmallows, not the Military

When I dove into depression in the early years of military married life, I blamed it on the military. And yes, there were many aspects of military life that led to my unhappiness in those early … [Read more...]


Behind the CNN ‘Military Wife’ Weight Loss Story

When deployment slaps you across the face do you let it get you down, or do you fight back? You may have seen the story floating around Facebook early this month – “Military Wife Drops More … [Read more...]


Everything’s Great! Why Am I Still Depressed?

How do you explain not being happy when everything is going well?  Most of the time I seem to thrive on high stress situations. I didn’t feel sorry for myself when my daughter was diagnosed with … [Read more...]