9 Army Things That Drive Us Crazy

The Army's 240th birthday is June 14. That's 240 years of strength, service, honor ... and driving military spouses like me absolutely batty. I love being an Army wife. I love seeing my husband in … [Read more...]


I Am Looking for a Military Sister Wife

Most mornings, I wake up alone. Yes, there are four people clinging to me, begging for my attention and toaster waffles, but for all intents and purposes, I am alone while I foggily pour juice, change … [Read more...]


Free Advice to a Mars Spouse from a MilSpouse

You may have heard about the 100 people who have been selected to go on a ONE WAY trip to Mars. That’s right. They know they are NEVER coming back. And they’re totally cool with … [Read more...]


21 Things Only MilSo’s Understand

As every military spouse knows, the "military" part of your life doesn't just affect your service member. It affects your whole life, too. And these 21 ways sum it up... completely. 1. Because … [Read more...]


Happy Birthday, Corps: Thank God for Hot Marines

First and foremost, I want to make one thing clear: In my house abides the world's hottest service member. I don't even want to hear you say that yours is hotter because he simply is not. I would post … [Read more...]


Chocolate Gravy: Comfort Food at Fisher House

Your mother would forbid chocolate gravy at breakfast. But when you are a guest of Fisher House—those lovely folks who provide free or low cost housing for wounded, ill or injured service members … [Read more...]


10 Military Halloween Costumes We Love to Hate

Oh hey, Halloween. How ya doing. I haven't seen you and your (incredibly ... interesting?) military Halloween costume choices for awhile. But then here you are, landing in my inbox, as if somehow you … [Read more...]


22 Things Drill Sgts. Want to Say to Their Kids (But Don’t)

If you have kids at home then you know how much they can really test your patience, and we aren’t even talking about the ones that really misbehave and drive you bats-balls crazy. The thing is most … [Read more...]


You Know She’s a Military Spouse When …

Once upon a time, I was in my personal Military Spouse Utopia. Living on two different military installations for five consecutive years had me surrounded by similar souls, help at every turn, and … [Read more...]


13 Songs to Avoid During a Deployment

So the shoe has indeed dropped. Two days ago we learned that it is time for my husband to once again go play in the sand.  Knowing it was coming, we weren’t all that surprised and are faring … [Read more...]


Deployment Care Package: If You Could Ship Anything …

I'm currently knee-deep in planning and packing lists as I plot seven months of care packages, and it has me thinking.  What would you pack if you could ship anything -- and I mean absolutely … [Read more...]


Should We Laugh at Military Life?

Last week I wrote a post proposing a MilSpouse version of the reality show Stars Earn Stripes. While most readers expressed their understanding of the humorous nature of it, one reader did not find it … [Read more...]


Why We Love Naked Soldiers

Naked pictures of Prince Harry cavorting in Las Vegas made the press this week. Not that impressive. Not shocking either. Are we now going to see pictures of all the 28-year old, single guys cavorting … [Read more...]


Top Ten Way NOT To Spend Stay-At-Home Wife Time

Our blogger Allie is going through that pesky stay-at-home military wife phase.  No, she didn’t stumble into a time machine and wake up in Pleasantville.  She just left her job in Washington, D.C. … [Read more...]


What Should a MANspouse Wear for Military Homecoming?

SpouseBuzz recently ran two articles on what military wives should and should NOT wear to a military homecoming. After reading those articles I just knew I HAD to write a similar blog regarding what a … [Read more...]


What NOT to Wear to a Military Homecoming

We've all seen it.  The scantily-clad, short-skirt, high-heeled romantic waiting to throw her arms around her returning serviceman.  In fact, usually she's waiting to throw her arms -- and her legs … [Read more...]


But What if There Was Spouse Rank?

While making a recent daily scan of the internet I came across an article on a controversial Pentagon proposal that spouses be assigned rank. (Warning, there is some language in the article). I … [Read more...]


Ta-Ta Tattoos — the Perfect Welcome Home Gift?

We all know military spouses are extraordinary individuals; they endure the hardships of deployment willingly and with pride. That's why it's always such an honor, nay, a privilege, when the civilian … [Read more...]