Poll: Do You Give Your Child Too Much Money?

Do you give your kid enough money, not quite enough or is your kid totally spoiled? According to his longtime girlfriend (who should know cuz she helps spoil him) my son is spoiled. Her evidence? … [Read more...]


Family Photo at the Beach: A Mom Test?

It must be some kind of Good Mom Test. Otherwise, why would perfectly sane women put themselves through the kind of agonizing torture we call a family photo on the beach? All week I’ve watched … [Read more...]


Is Anti-Spouse Bias the Reason for Bad Health Care?

Why are babies born at military hospitals more than twice as likely to be injured during delivery than civilian babies? Why are new mothers at a military hospital more more likely to hemorrhage after … [Read more...]


SAHM: The Work That Just Keeps Stressing

When she saw my survey results showing that 68 percent of long married military wives identified themselves as primarily stay at home moms (SAHMs), my thesis advisor tried to make a gentle … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: What Should You Charge for Rent?

Once I accepted the fact we were PCSing to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (think negative 40 degree winters) from Georgia I had to move from “dazed and confused” to "focused and productive."  The biggie … [Read more...]


4 Reasons to Try Camping With Your Family

"I require a toilet that flushes. And I don't go to the bathroom with spiders." Those were my primary reasons for not going camping with my family before last year. I want to pee in peace … [Read more...]


Beat Summer Slowdown: How To Work With Kids At Home

I scoff in the face of office workers who whimper over their little 20 percent drop in productivity during the summer months. As so many military spouses who work from home do, I actually prefer to … [Read more...]


How To Be A Good Military Father

What makes a good military father? Search online and you will find all these airy notions for fatherhood: Be open minded. Accept that children aren’t exactly like you. Know that it ends too … [Read more...]


Poll: Is Your Military Husband a Good Father?

One of the best pieces of marriage advice I ever read came from Dr. Scott Haltzman. In his book, The Secrets of Happily Married Men, Haltzman put it this way: “Be Home Now. To win your wife’s … [Read more...]


7 Reasons to Talk to Your MilKid About Feelings

Parenting is a tough job! How can you make it just a little easier? More than that, how do you make it a little easier and strengthen the bond with your awesome military kid? You can take a peek into … [Read more...]


ABA: Fighting Tricare For Autism Therapies That Work

My Facebook post from December 26 says simply, "I got what I wanted for Christmas." I wasn't excited about new perfume or a new waffle-maker. I had just received word that my son's autism coverage … [Read more...]


Book Series Helps Kids Embrace New Hometown

When I talk to my son I sometimes feel like he hears me. But most of the time I'm pretty sure he has tuned me out and is instead thinking about Angry Birds. But when I read my son a book? He … [Read more...]


New Bill Would Extend Military Mom Leave

A bill introduced in Congress last week would give service member moms up to 12 weeks off for maternity leave -- six of those unpaid. Right now military moms are given six weeks of leave after … [Read more...]


New Sesame Street App Helps Kids Move

A fabulous new app from Sesame Workshop is packed with helpful messaging to get your child ready for a move, talking points for you and major entertainment value. The highly interactive app, "The … [Read more...]


YDU: Kid Attends 9 Schools By 7th Grade?

Why didn't you tell me my son would attend nine schools by the time he reached the seventh grade? The other day I was late to an event because I started obsessing over these numbers. We will be … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Make Friends

Elementary school can be the best time and the hardest time for kids. And if you're on of the thousands of military families moving this PCS season, you are probably looking at some big challenges … [Read more...]


Should Flu Shots Be Required for Kids on Base?

Should your children be required to have the yearly flu vaccine before they can use on-base child facilities? A recently released administration message from the Marine Corps reiterates in detail … [Read more...]


Bedroom Confessions: We All Sleep Here

I just bought one of those fancy activity tracker bands to evaluate my exercise (none) and my sleep (less than none). I’m always exhausted in the morning; why can’t I get a good night’s … [Read more...]