I Didn’t Know to Have the ‘No Touching’ Talk With My Toddler

My 3-year-old shouldn’t be impacted by both Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Month of the Military Child. I was not prepared for the call I got at work one afternoon. An incident had occurred … [Read more...]


Sesame Street USO Show Not Just for Kids

You probably don't take your military child to a Sesame Street show so that you can also be reminded how to navigate military life. You're probably there for Elmo. Or Cookie. Or Elmo. But when my … [Read more...]


My Shocking Discovering About Parenthood

Well, girlfriends, I have something I want to talk to you about. Our lives are busy, sticky, grimy, tumultuous, and sometimes it's all we can do to feed our children on any given day. However, … [Read more...]


7 House Cleaning Games For Lazy Parents

When you are a Must Have Parent (the kind who holds down the fort alone because your partner is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or, say, Kabul), you are doing the work of two parents. So you gotta … [Read more...]


How to Help Your Toddler PCS

If you have been in the military community for any length of time, you know that PCSing can create feelings of excitement ...  and nausea. Waiting for official confirmation for your next move, … [Read more...]


Military Kids: Resilient or Masters of Deception?

Why couldn’t my son say, “Mom, I’m not OK?”  After my son attempted suicide 16 months ago, one of the things I asked him was how I could have NOT known how bad things were? He looked me … [Read more...]


Army Ranger Rules for Parenting

"Don’t forget nothing." When Major Robert Rogers organized the Army Rangers in 1756, he established his 19 Standing Orders.  These were simple common sense rules for victory and survival. Some … [Read more...]


Military Brats Gone Wild

No military parent wants to see their kid on CNN with the caption, “Porn to pay tuition.” If your military kid is going to be famous, you might hope it is because they are someone like … [Read more...]


Have You Tried Teleparenting?

I know I’m supposed to be scandalized at the mom in the Exchange who handed her fussy toddler an iPad. The kid instantly stopped fussing, but think of his brain development! And I know I’m … [Read more...]


I Lost My Son To Military Teen Suicide

My son TJ was supposed to graduate this summer.  He was supposed to dye his hair to match his date’s prom dress (again).  He was supposed be Best Man at his brother's wedding. But instead of … [Read more...]


16 Tips for PCSing With a Special Needs Child

We are rapidly approaching the main PCS season for military families and are already into that time of year where families learn where they are moving to this summer. As the Facebook administrator … [Read more...]


Are Military Kids Too Far From Grandparents To Count?

When military families kids live so far away from their extended families, a true sense of family can be lost. So how do we help to capture it? When I was growing up, we were close to my grandparents … [Read more...]


Are Spouses the “Must Have Parent?”

All parents are “must have” parents. I think we would all agree that kids need their moms and dads to love them and protect them and help them make their way in the world. But lately I’ve been … [Read more...]


Top 10 Reasons Military Babies Have More Fun

For those lucky military parents starting the new year with a new baby, life turned into a wild ride with the turn of the calendar. Life in the military always puts a twist on our version of … [Read more...]


How Can We Support Pregnant Wives During Deployment?

When our battalion received orders to deploy on short notice, we realized we had nearly 50 spouses who were pregnant and due to give birth while their Soldiers were deployed. Since the Army went … [Read more...]


22 Things Drill Sgts. Want to Say to Their Kids (But Don’t)

If you have kids at home then you know how much they can really test your patience, and we aren’t even talking about the ones that really misbehave and drive you bats-balls crazy. The thing is most … [Read more...]


Are Military Teens More Likely To Consider Suicide?

At a recent military conference, an attendee rushed up to tell me that there was an “epidemic” of military teen suicides. With tears in her eyes, she told me a story of a local military family … [Read more...]


Dear Military: Thank You For My Cancer Free Child

My seven-year old daughter is cancer free. It is amazing that these words are coming out of my mouth. If you would have told me this three years ago, I would have never believed you. Many are … [Read more...]