Is Unhappiness Causing Your Debt?

I’m never surprised when military folks struggle with money. For one, the steady paycheck is nice, but the majority of us don’t make that much. Look it up. For two, we live in a two-income … [Read more...]


Financial Protections for Military Members Go Too Far?

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6 Easy PCS Savings Tips

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Anti-Hunger Org Calls for DoD Food Benefit Changes

Junior military personnel or those with large households can apply for a Defense Department food assistance subsidy to be added directly to their paycheck every month, instead of applying for or using … [Read more...]


How I Get a Military Utilities Refund Every Month

For most us, living in base privatized housing means that we are responsible for our own utilities ... kind of.   In the Army, the military contracts with a civilian company to monitor and … [Read more...]


Did You Know the VA Still Denies Same Sex Benefits?

A deceased veteran’s spouse is twice denied survivor benefits because he resides in a non-marriage equality state. A Korean War veteran is denied joint burial in a national cemetery for his same-sex … [Read more...]


Short Term Goal Ideas for a Huge and Embarrassing Debt?

Do you have short term goal ideas for military families like mine with a lot of debt? I am hoping you will send them in to help me. It has been a little over a year since I revealed my Huge and … [Read more...]


Poll: What Should be Done About Debt Collectors?

A sailor and his money are lucky to get together in the first place. The same goes for Coasties and soldiers and airmen and Marines. So it isn’t surprising to find packs of people surrounding … [Read more...]


Behind Huge and Embarrassing Debt

My huge and embarrassing debt is becoming less huge but is still embarrassing. So I contacted Military One Source to get some help from a counselor with the emotional piece of this process. This is … [Read more...]


10 Terrifying Ways To Save Money

My 20-year old Army son and I have been talking about money. Specifically, he wants to know about all the stupid money decisions we made when we were his age—the brand new cars, the mortgage on a … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: What Should You Charge for Rent?

Once I accepted the fact we were PCSing to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (think negative 40 degree winters) from Georgia I had to move from “dazed and confused” to "focused and productive."  The biggie … [Read more...]


How To Stay on Budget (Without Really Trying)

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Housing Hacks: Dealing With Eviction

This could have been the shortest Legal Information Article ever written. If you are being evicted you really need to call the JAG office immediately. End of article. In all seriousness, calling … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Be a Terrible Military Landlord

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Housing Hacks: The Military Clause and Getting Out of a Lease

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Embarrassing Debt? Not About The Money

I do understand why I need to maintain a budget. I understand I need to limit spending in order to pay down my debt. I completely get it that more money must be sent to my debt and less money needs … [Read more...]


Poll: What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund?

My friends who attack their finances with the precision of a money ninja think tax refunds are for the birds. They have figured out their paychecks just so – and manage to not give their federal and … [Read more...]


Is It Cheaper to Live On or Off Base?

It's a question every military family asks when they make a permanent change of station (PCS) move -- is it cheaper to live on or off base? And how do you choose which path to take? We linked up … [Read more...]