Dear Wife: This is What You Say About Iraq

My Dear Friend, You asked me what you are supposed to say to your soldier when he sees Iraq go to hell on the news and he asks:  Did any of it matter? You think this moment of questioning … [Read more...]


What Do I Say to My Spouse About Iraq?

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Military Love Letter: 70 Years Later Still Brings Tears

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Army Newlywed In Her 40s: Help This Spouse!

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6 Ways To Get Busy On Your Own Marriage

When we were first married, my husband and I were friends with the Perfect Couple.  They never seemed to argue. They doted on each other and their children. They both understood their roles within … [Read more...]


He’s Gone: Now What Do I Do?

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How To Be A Happy Marine Corps Wife

Marine Corps wife?  This life was scary to me when I first encountered it. Sure it was fun to get dressed up for my first ball, but then came the reality of what being married to a Marine was really … [Read more...]


Should Gay Military Spouses Go Overseas Anyway?

Same-sex military partners, many of who cannot accompany their spouse on an overseas PCS because the host country won't recognize them as dependents, can now get command sponsorship to … [Read more...]


Husbands Say: Get A Job, Military Wife

“He loved it while I was doing it,” a Navy wife told me. But once there was a ‘bill to pay?’ He forgot all about that part.” This Navy wife was not telling me about any dirty doings. … [Read more...]


Pride Month: Understanding Transgender Military

Our allies allow transgender service members to serve openly. Australia, Belgium, Canada, The Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the UK all have openly working … [Read more...]


5 Favorite Trump Cards For Military Marriage

The best marriage advice I ever got was, “No marriage is ever 50/50.” I remember at the time I was shocked. I was bound and determined to have equal distribution of everything. Looking back, … [Read more...]


New Bill Would Extend Military Mom Leave

A bill introduced in Congress last week would give service member moms up to 12 weeks off for maternity leave -- six of those unpaid. Right now military moms are given six weeks of leave after … [Read more...]


It’s Over: 16 Ways We Deal With Divorce

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Top 10 Things I Had To Learn About Military Marriage

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Why Do Men In Uniform Rule Online Dating Sites?

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How to Stay Together Forever, Military Style

Date. Your. Husband. At our Spouse Experience events, we always like to ask long-married military couples how they are managing to stay together forever. We are secretly hoping for sex … [Read more...]


12 Things Emotionally Strong MilSpouses Don’t Do

Emotionally strong people don’t lie in bed dreading the day. According to Paul Hudson’s awesome piece for the Elite Daily, Emotionally strong people don’t beg for attention, they don’t hold … [Read more...]


Top 10 Signs You Are A Seasoned Marine Spouse

There is something about a “seasoned” Marine Spouse that I can’t help but love. As a Navy wife I sometimes pull on the role of seasoned spouse like I had dragged an area rug off the floor to … [Read more...]