Worried He’s an Alcoholic? Use These Tools

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Head Towards Wellness — Here’s a First Step

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How the New 2016 Defense Bill Impacts Families

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Immigration Rule Change to Help Foreign-Born Spouses

Instead of forcing foreign-born military spouses to wait as long as a year to be able to join their service member stateside and live and work in the U.S., a new rule should make the process must … [Read more...]


If You Could Ask Two Top Spouses Anything …

If you could ask two of the military's most senior spouses anything, what would it be? So much of military life is about building on the advice of those who have been there and done that. Sure, … [Read more...]


Government Shutdown 2015: What it Would Mean for MilFams

Update: Shutdown averted! ... For now. Read more here. Although all indicators right now point to no government shutdown, there's still a chance lawmakers won't get their acts together before … [Read more...]


This is Why Commissary Shelves Are Often Empty

Ever notice that commissary shelves are often mysteriously empty? It's one of the top complaints I've read from commissary shoppers. Items - regardless of whether they carry a special price that day … [Read more...]


What 3 Retirees Want You to Know About Money

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7 Things You Think During Military Transition

Getting out of the military brings a lot of crazy emotions. On the one hand -- YAY. On the other hand -- OMG. That's because we all know that while we sometimes love to hate the military, we also love … [Read more...]


Poll: Would You Choose the Military Again?

Military recruiters are having a hard time meeting their goals. And they are blaming all the bad PR caused by the loads of challenges faced by the current force -- things like PTSD and the VA backlog … [Read more...]


New, Free eBook Step-by-Step Mental Health Help

A handy new eBook from Military Spouses of Strength gives users a step-by-step guide to mental health care. "You Matter," which is free to download when you sign-up to join the organization (also … [Read more...]


Study: 30 Percent Savings at Commissary? Um, No.

Results of a mostly annual survey conducted by the commissary system has shown that shoppers annually save about 30 percent by shopping at the commissary instead of civilian stores. And now a new, … [Read more...]


3 Ways We Can Work to Fix Mental Health Help

It isn't that he doesn't want mental health help ... sort of. It's a combination of problems. He wants to be manly, so he doesn't want to admit that he needs help. He's worried about his career, even … [Read more...]


Exchange: Watch Out for Auto Sales Scam

If you are stateside and buying a car from the Exchange .... stop. You're about to become the victim of a scam. That's because the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) doesn't sell vehicles … [Read more...]


It’s Never Too Early for 2015 Holiday Military Mail Deadlines

If you're like me and absolutely refuse to acknowledge any kind of holiday season items before Thanksgiving, you know there's an exception to that rule: mailing items to our troops stationed overseas. … [Read more...]


3 Super Easy PERSEC Mistakes

The Air Force trotted out a corny new slogan last month aimed at reminding all of us -- spouses as well as service members -- about the "fine line between letting your friends see what you're up to … [Read more...]


How To Remember 9/11 Now

Have you told your 9/11 story so many times that you have a Spark Notes version of the thing suitable for parties? I do. Mine goes like this: When the towers fell, my husband and I were at the … [Read more...]


How Do You Explain Your Hometown?

“Where are you from?”  “Um [slight pause]…well my husband and I are originally from Indiana, but we lived in Tennessee until just recently. Now we live in Georgia.” Does this sound … [Read more...]