Advocates: Tricare’s ‘Adequate’ Care Isn’t Enough

A long awaited report from the Defense Department on Tricare's care for children released July 15 says the agency is meeting the needs of children, yet still has areas that need more examination. But … [Read more...]


Three Habits of a New Military Spouse

I was twenty-five and a new Navy wife. Being straight from the Land of Oz, I didn’t know the first thing about the military lifestyle; there were no warships in Kansas! With Uncle Sam as my … [Read more...]


Special Needs and Moving? This Can Help

Moving your child to a new school is always a little scary. Moving a child with special needs, regardless of type, is even more scary. Will the district be able to help him? What resources will be … [Read more...]


Poll: Where Should Spouse Experience Go Next?

Our live Military.com Spouse Experience events have done so well this year at Dover Air Force Base, Del., Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C. and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wa. that our … [Read more...]


Commissary To Donate Expired Food

After the government shutdown last year left the commissary closed Oct. 2 to 6, stores found themselves with a sizable amount of food that they could not sell thanks to expiration dates, but was not … [Read more...]


Behind Huge and Embarrassing Debt

My huge and embarrassing debt is becoming less huge but is still embarrassing. So I contacted Military One Source to get some help from a counselor with the emotional piece of this process. This is … [Read more...]


5 Ways We Give “A Million Thanks” To Troops

I founded the A Million Thanks organization in 2004 when I was 15 years old. My goal was simple – to collect and distribute cards and letters of appreciation to military stationed around the … [Read more...]


YDU: Don’t Believe the Spouse Sisterhood?

Why didn't you tell me you didn't know about the military spouse sisterhood? In my 25 years as a Military Spouse, I have come to fully believe that, “Yes Virginia, there is a Military Spouse … [Read more...]


Flag Cake Recipe for Normal People

I've been ogling flag cakes for years. Those gorgeously layered, red, white, and blue baked beauties that the instructions swear are easy to make. (I see what you did there, Pinterest. Pulling me in … [Read more...]


Harder to Send a Son to War?

For too many years, I lived with the unholy fear that a blue Air Force staff car would pull up in front of my living quarters. The doorbell would ring, and the somber faces of uniformed death angels … [Read more...]


10 Unusual Ways To Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day is supposed to be about tradition. Good ol’ John Adams himself thought the day ought to be celebrated with “pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and … [Read more...]


Tricare Might Force You Back On Base

If you're a Tricare Prime user living near a military treatment facility (MTF), you're probably seen on base. But there are some of us (including myself and my children) who got lucky when we moved to … [Read more...]


Do NOT Go On Vacation!

Ever since we got home from vacation, my husband keeps calling in the middle of the day. He breathes heavily into my ear and says, “Whatcha doin’?” “Hating work. What are you … [Read more...]


A Gift To My War Weary Friends

I'm so tired of this war. I know you are too. A deep malaise – sometimes cynical, sometimes maddening – hits me deep in the gut. I wish I could give our military spouses some reprieve. As the … [Read more...]


The Military Fired My Friends — Are We Next?

My stomach is in my throat. After sharing this article on Facebook about 1,100 Army Captains being given the boot sometime this week, my phone rang. "I'm calling because that's us," she said. "My … [Read more...]


Poll: Iraq is Back? We Got Punked

Drawdown is a "believe it when I see it" sort of thing for me. And I was just starting to buy in. So little of our battalion is deploying on this rotation that, just a few months out, they haven't … [Read more...]


It’s Time to Run for Office

What if I told you that you should run for office? Give me a chance, here - you're bright and capable, I know you have issues that mattered to you (hello, Tricare much?), and you're a military … [Read more...]


4 Reasons to Try Camping With Your Family

"I require a toilet that flushes. And I don't go to the bathroom with spiders." Those were my primary reasons for not going camping with my family before last year. I want to pee in peace … [Read more...]