YDU: I’m a Big Fat Fraud?

Why didn't you tell me that I would be a big fat FRAUD? I have been through many, many deployments. So many, that I haven’t even kept track of the number. I have felt the dread of … [Read more...]


What To Write For SpouseBuzz

One of my favorite moments at a Spouse X event is when the writers appear at my elbow. “What can I write for SpouseBuzz?” they ask me. Some of them are professional writers already. They have … [Read more...]


How This Service Dog Saved Her Soldier

When retired Army Spc. Josh Tucker first met his black Lab military working dog Ellen, he had no idea she would someday give him back his soul. After a injury and short recovery period in … [Read more...]


My Shocking Discovering About Parenthood

Well, girlfriends, I have something I want to talk to you about. Our lives are busy, sticky, grimy, tumultuous, and sometimes it's all we can do to feed our children on any given day. However, … [Read more...]


We Don’t ‘Stand By’ For Tragedy

Before the phone rings, it is a normal Thursday morning. Then we get the official word that there has been a casualty at the command. The next of kin has been notified, but the name has not yet … [Read more...]


We Just Got the Best PCS Orders Ever

Dear Family and Friends, My husband and I are excited to FINALLY announce our next duty assignment! It's always hard to think about moving (again). But hey! We knew what we signed up for, … [Read more...]


PCS Alone: Any Ideas To Survive?

No one thinks of going through a PCS move during a deployment and thinks, Oh, Joy! Rapture! Instead they think, Oh @$&^%^%! Asami is the mother of two “really, really active boys” ages 5 … [Read more...]


What I Learned About Military Life From Cancer

I’ve watched it closely, but  it was still at distance when cancer hit two dear military spouse friends. I thought immediately, “Really? They’ve already survived extreme life challenges because … [Read more...]


YDU: Gotta Remember The Good Stuff

Why didn't you tell me that I would remember?  I remember some moments like they were yesterday, don't you?   I remember  standing at the air terminal with the kids in their carseats and trying not … [Read more...]


Reserved for Rank: Spouses Get to Park in ‘Special’ Spots?

Yeah, I know the rules.  Yes, I know that I am not the active service member - my husband is.  And no, I do not wear my husband’s rank on my collar. The rank I proudly wear is: stay-at-home-mom, … [Read more...]


Army Ranger Rules for Parenting

"Don’t forget nothing." When Major Robert Rogers organized the Army Rangers in 1756, he established his 19 Standing Orders.  These were simple common sense rules for victory and survival. Some … [Read more...]


Give Up Mean Girling, Military Wives

As I sat in the laundry room one day, I overheard two women talking about another spouse.  They spoke with disdain about how she was afraid to drive overseas and how the only time she went anywhere … [Read more...]


Why Am I So Tired By My Military Life?

Raising a family in the military can be overwhelming, especially during the past 12 years of war and, presently, it’s aftermath.  No wonder so many of us feel tired these days.  How do we keep … [Read more...]


Want YOUR Kids To Hunt Eggs At White House?

Every year on Easter Monday, the President and First Lady host a bunch of cute kids at the White House for an Easter Egg Roll. Every year I wish my kids were invited to that event.  I have cute … [Read more...]


You’re Not a ‘Real’ Military Spouse Yet

You don't get to be a "real" military spouse until you've experienced every sucky situation in the book. Or is it that how "real" you are increases over time? At least, that can sometimes be how … [Read more...]


Cut the Commissary! 6 Things MilFams Can Live Without

Department of Defense cuts are getting plenty of attention right now. It’s a topic affecting military families, more than anyone, so it’s time we considered what we can do without. Here are my … [Read more...]


Seasoned Spouses: Please Help Out!

Seasoned Spouses, tell us:  What do you do when you have spent your adult life supporting your service member, raising your kids, stringing together paid and unpaid employment—and then you need to … [Read more...]


The #ReverseGratitude Campaign: The Troops Are Thanking America?

“Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess.”  --Max Lucado It’s easy to be grateful when life is good.  But what about those particularly … [Read more...]