7 House Cleaning Games For Lazy Parents

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Top 10 Signs You Are A Seasoned Marine Spouse

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Create a Lovely Valentine’s Day Care Package for a Friend

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Deployment DIY: Perfect Deployment Valentine

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Deployment DIY: New Year’s Care Package

A fun New Year's Care Package how-to: New Year's hats, decor, sparkly drink, and even a Hoppin' John feast. All of the fun, none of the champagne. (We'll toast an extra one in your honor!) Step … [Read more...]


Just in Time: Military Themed Gift Round-Up

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Vacation Time? Things to do at Myrtle Beach

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8 Cheap Military Ball Tricks for the Glamour Conscious

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3 Military Uniform Rules We’d Love to Break

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Easy Crafts for an Annual MilSpouse Gift Exchange

I freely admit it: I'm a under-achieving crafter. Some call it "lazy," but I like to think of it as less laziness and more a matter of priorities. I just don't have the time or patience for hours with … [Read more...]


Decorative Coasters: Easy Holiday MilSpouse Hostess Gift

The more my schedule fills up with holiday parties, the more worried I get about the great hostess gift conundrum. How can I come up with something appropriate yet fun  ... and also inexpensive? … [Read more...]


What Profession Works for Your Military Life?

We all know that there are certain majors you should just avoid in college. Underwater basket weaving has yet, to the best of our knowledge, landed anyone that must-have job. And I’m pretty sure my … [Read more...]


Welcome Home Your Servicemember With Beer Cake!

Beer cake. In my twenties these would have been magic words to me, but now, in my thirties, I default to other kinds of cake. Cakes of cake. Cakes of ice cream. Cakes of money to pay all our bills? … [Read more...]


7 Cool Things Every Milso Should Do With Instagram

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Expert Tips for a Fabulous Family Holiday Photo Shoot

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‘Drunk’ Cocoa How-To: An Easy Gift Idea

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Solution for Finding the Perfect Ball Gown?

With every fall comes a considerable amount of dread as I peer into the recesses of my closet and look, with great trepidation, for the dress that I will wear to the USMC Birthday Ball. And every … [Read more...]


DIY Upcycled Camoflauge Wreath

I can't be the only one who finds discarded cammies around the house. Before this one pursued its life as a wreath, for instance, it faced uncertain death in the dryer with a mouth guard still in the … [Read more...]