Stay-At-Home Wife Hits The Barre?

I'm having that post-PCS Now What? moment.  The house is settled.  I applied for every job in North Carolina. I met people. I Pintrested myself into glue gun heaven. I Netflixed me into Dr. Who … [Read more...]


Will You Fight for This Military Family?

I’m going to tell you a story that sounds like it can’t possibly be true. But I promise, it is. This is happening to one military family right now. When the Combes family – Matt, Shawnna and … [Read more...]


Five Rules for Being a Good Commenter

Writing is not easy. If you had told me that a few years ago, or even a few months ago really, I probably would have laughed it off. How hard can it be to write? You take your thoughts and put them on … [Read more...]


Contest: Kick That Bucket List

I’m a list girl. The joy I feel from checking things off lists rise to the level of silly. I have even been known to proclaim “check, check, check!” to no one in particular as I cross off … [Read more...]


Will you Vote for SpouseBuzz?!

SpouseBuzz has been nominated for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Military blogs.  While not all of our posts are about mom (or dad!) stuff, and not all of our contributors OR readers are parents, we know … [Read more...]


Homecoming Outfit Ideas from Fashion Experts

If you’ve ever done an Internet search for what to wear to a homecoming, you’re not alone.  Google would lead us to believe that on more than one occasion, a bevy of other people have embarked on … [Read more...]


The Perfect (and Easy!) Patriotic Picnic

Some people have Halloween.  Most people have Christmas.  We have the Fourth of July. We all know the pressure to be patriotic is at a near fever pitch every day on a military base, but there is … [Read more...]


Make a Fabulous DIY Seasonal Wreath

With the 4th of July just around the corner, it’s time to break out the red, white, and blue. You don’t have to spend a hundred dollars or raise holiday flags to add a seasonal flair to your … [Read more...]


Sweepstakes for Chick Flick Fans

I have read maybe two books by Nicholas Sparks (The Guardian being my absolute favorite) so when I heard about this contest from my FRO, it didn't appeal to me much. But I know some of you out there … [Read more...]


New Week, New Stuff: Love is in the Air

When I dwelt in the land of the Singletons I dreaded, dreaded, dreaded Valentine’s Day. Why would the world be so cruel as to have a day specifically there to highlight my loneliness? Now that I … [Read more...]


I Resolve To Reflect

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in ages and I love it. Call me the one with no resolve (smile). Life has been good and I reflect back on it almost daily. The good, the bad, the … [Read more...]


Standing Up For Yourself

Most of us stand up for those we love. If someone says something bad or does something to hurt your spouse, your protective instincts come out. And Lord help anyone who does our children wrong (or in … [Read more...]


Welcome to Our New Guest Bloggers

As you may know, we're adding guest bloggers each quarter at SpouseBUZZ. These spouses will guest blog on the weekends during their assigned quarter. Our first set of "weekend warriors" started in … [Read more...]


New Information for Sears Heroes at Home Program

Those who tried to register for Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry may have noticed delays and glitches on August 31. After evaluating the issue, Sears has decided to open registration again. Full … [Read more...]


Pardon Our Mess

We're currently working on an upgrade to SpouseBUZZ. While this process is underway, you may not be able to comment on posts. You may also notice that some blog posts are repetitive and some posts may … [Read more...]


Americans Place High Confidence in Military

Gallup is out with its Confidence in Institutions Index, and the military leads the way. Americans continue to express greater confidence in the military than in 15 other national institutions, with … [Read more...]


Weekend (Keyboard) Warriors Wanted

We've had dozens of requests from milspouses to blog or write guest posts at SpouseBUZZ, so we've decided to open up the blog to some guest bloggers on a quarterly basis. Beginning July 1st, we'll … [Read more...]


Meet Taryn Davis and Kristle Helmuth

At SpouseBUZZ, we strive to create a supportive social environment for all milspouses; past, present and future. Today, I'm going to introduce you to two amazing women who will soon begin writing for … [Read more...]