Vehicles Gone Missing? The Shipping Problem

Officials with a company newly responsible for shipping service member's personal operated vehicles (POVs) too and from overseas locations say they have absolutely not lost any vehicles in the … [Read more...]


Moving Military Kids: It’s All About the Parents

Moving military kids is really dependent on the mom and the dad, the service member and the spouse.  That's what the research on military families says. Adults who can keep a reasonably positive … [Read more...]


7 Ways Military Movers Want You To Get Ready

Editor's note: When we published an anonymous post from a military mover on what movers want you to know, you asked for more. What, exactly, is the best way to get ready for your movers? Our … [Read more...]


Civilians Can Rent Military Housing

Have perpetually empty houses on your base? Your next new on-base neighbor could be a non-military affiliated civilian getting all the perks of on-base living without any of the sacrifice. If your … [Read more...]


Mailbag: How Do I Pick a Good Neighborhood?

Think back to your last Permament Change of Station (PCS), and you'll remember the anxiety you felt trying to decide where, exactly, you were going to live. On base? Off base? And, if off, what … [Read more...]


5 Things Military Movers Want You to Know

I am a packer. I work for a moving company, and I go to houses every day and pack military family belongings. I  have so much respect for these military families and everything they go … [Read more...]


The Best ‘Home is Where’ Ideas Ever!

Regular people in decorating magazines collect ceramic chickens, hotel silver, blue and white plates, itty bitty Elvises. Military folks collect addresses. Lots and lots of addresses. When you move … [Read more...]


DoD To Roll Out New Housing Site

Military families were a little surprised when the Defense Department (DoD) decided not to renew their contract sponsorship of the popular Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) website late last … [Read more...]


PCSing? File for Unemployment

You finally get the job of your dreams. You are working at it for a year or so and just getting comfortable. Then, whoosh -- the rug is pulled out from under your feet as your active duty spouse tells … [Read more...]


How to Prep for a PCS Before Orders

Butterflies in my stomach. A tightening in my chest. A insatiable desire to use Google. Obsessively creating check lists. I'm on the cusp of our next PCS. If you're like me, the beginning of the … [Read more...]


New List Narrows Down Great Communities

Think back with me to your last PCS (or focus on the one you're doing now) and remember just how hard/terrifying/unsettling/frustrating it is to pick the perfect neighborhood for your family. There's … [Read more...]


How to Plan a Kick-Butt PCS

Whether you've been expecting new orders to come down or a change of duty station comes as a complete surprise, it's important to get your family squared away ASAP. Before you go off kicking and … [Read more...]


One Question No Military Child Wants To Hear

There are plenty of questions no kid wants to hear. Who spilled that? Isn’t it time to do your homework? You want me to find something for you to do? But the question no military child wants to … [Read more...]


10 Stupid Moving Mistakes That Put Us In The Hole

When we were young and fresh and owned nothing but a bed, a TV, and a couch we picked up from the sidewalk, we thought a military move was a time to make money. The military paid for the movers AND … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: Keep the Landlord Out

When you rent an apartment, you get certain rights along with a number of responsibilities. One of the most basic of these rights is the right to “quiet enjoyment.” That basically means that in … [Read more...]


Don’t Organize Until AFTER the Move!

Everyone (including, um, me) says that you really gotta organize your whole house before the move. Which is great. If you don’t have a baby a week before you move. If you know exactly where you are … [Read more...]


Housing Hacks: Get That Security Deposit Back

We've all heard stories about really lousy landlords and, thanks to military moves, we might even encounter one ourselves every once in a while. But far more often we encounter basically good … [Read more...]


Book Series Helps Kids Embrace New Hometown

When I talk to my son I sometimes feel like he hears me. But most of the time I'm pretty sure he has tuned me out and is instead thinking about Angry Birds. But when I read my son a book? He … [Read more...]