When a New Duty Station Surprises You as ‘Home’

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Renter Vs. Home Owner: Pick One

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How to Help Your Toddler PCS

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PCS Alone: Any Ideas To Survive?

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Why I Miss the Magic of Military Housing

I wouldn't trade living in our new home in the outer 'burbs for anything. Yet, when I drive onto base I'm suddenly flooded with a sigh of relief and a twinge of homecoming. Could it be that I'm … [Read more...]


New PCS Rule Gives Users More Power Over Movers

Have a really bad moving crew? Starting in May 2014, a new rule gives you a bigger say in whether or not they get to keep working for the government. But to make it work, you've got to fill out the … [Read more...]


Is It Cheaper to Live On or Off Base?

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16 Tips for PCSing With a Special Needs Child

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21 Genius Moving Tips from Military Families

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Stationed in Alaska: Shovel Your Way Through

After surviving an epic road trip across the pot-hole-ridden roadways of the United States and Canada, we arrived at our home in the frontier land of Fairbanks, Alaska. My husband and I were thrilled … [Read more...]


Should You Rent Out Your Home or GeoBach Until You Sell?

I have a sixth sense for when we are about to get orders. I inexplicably start painting everything white. When we move in to a place, I see color -- apple greens, butter yellows, sky blues. As … [Read more...]


What if They Ditched BAH, Added New Allowance?

A plan to replace Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)  and the smaller Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) allotments  is quietly being discussed by some Defense Department (DoD) officials, … [Read more...]


Why F-Bombing the Post-PCS Low Didn’t Work

I try not to drop the F-Bomb. It usually slips out when I am really ticked off. Or driving. I woke up today in good spirits. My husband actually got to sleep in which meant so did I, since I do not … [Read more...]


The ‘See Ya Later’ Timeline: How Do You Farewell Military Friends?

I just said 'see ya later' to yet another great military friend and her family today. As we were saying goodbye, I told myself, "MJ, you've done this SO many times.  It looks like you might get out … [Read more...]


On-Base Housing Listings in One Convenient Place?

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Dear Boss: Moving Is Not “Following”

"I'm so sick of wives who follow their husbands around the country and just work entry-level job after entry-level job."  My boss said this to me-- about me.  I immediately bristled. I had to … [Read more...]


How to Stay Merry Through a Christmas PCS Move

Moving at Christmas? PCS over the holidays? No problem. This year, we have the great luxury of spending our holidays mid-move. As anyone who has done it before can attest, there is nothing quite so … [Read more...]


3 Steps To Survive A Remote Coast Guard Location

As a Coast Guard spouse, you anxiously wait for orders like you are in a military version of Jerry McGuire-- Show me Key West! Then the news rolls in. It isn’t Key West.  “Honey, we’re … [Read more...]