The Magic Power of These Puppies

That dogs make great therapy animals for physically or emotionally disabled veterans is not new. Using the actual dog training as emotional boot camp for recovering war-fighters? That’s a whole … [Read more...]


Cat Survives Month in a Box – What to Do if It Happens to You

A cat owned by a former Navy family who moved from Virginia to Hawaii survived a month in a moving box during transit. Yes, a month. In a box. Without food and water. And she lived. Mee Moowe … [Read more...]


Pet Surgery Must now be Done Off-Base

A change to on-base veterinary clinics that is reported as "temporary" means you'll need to take your pets off-base for routine surgeries, at least for now. The command that oversees veterinary … [Read more...]


Big Changes to How You Pay for Your PCS

We have all heard the advice: start saving for you next PCS now, because even though many of the expenses are reimbursable, they come out of your pocket first. Now all of that has changed, in … [Read more...]


How to Make Sure Your Friend Doesn’t Sell Your Dog

When Brandon Harker returned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord from Afghanistan early this month he was looking forward to picking-up his two-year-old Labrador Retriever, Oakley, which he had given to a … [Read more...]


The Deployment Effect: Pet Edition

My husband and I took home a special little dog from the local Humane Society on Halloween, 2011. Ziggy (who we expanded to Ziggy Stardust in honor of my husband’s love of David Bowie) was a 15 … [Read more...]


How to Get Banned Pups on Base (Without Breaking the Rules)

It was puppy-love at first sight. My pre-teen friendship with my Gordon Setter, Taffy (full name: Salt Water Taffy Brite Star), was the kind you read about in books like Where the Red Fern Grows … [Read more...]


Does the Horror of Pet PCS Keep You Down?

Our dog Gunner and his girlfriend Abby recently had puppies. In lieu of a stud fee, Abby’s owner offered us pick of the litter. When the pups were ready to venture out on their own, my family played … [Read more...]


Military Service Dogs Deserve Our Thanks

The U.S. Military Working Dog Teams have been serving our country for nearly a century. From Sergeant Stubby to Coast Guard dogs that patrolled our shores to the 4000 Vietnam war dogs to Tillman, the … [Read more...]


Mil Working Dogs Should Get Benefits, Too

Like many military service members, Army Veterinarian Technician Lisa Philips struggled to pay expensive medical bills for her four-legged family member, nine-year old Belgian Malinois Gizmo. To help … [Read more...]


War Heroes of the Canine Kind

Our military community celebrates heroes whose stories are heartbreaking, yet ultimately heartwarming.  Over the years, I’ve read countless stories of heroic feats of our service men and women … [Read more...]


Report Animal Cruelty – Or no one Will

I’ve read comments on SpouseBuzz and elsewhere that military families don’t think the base police and housing enforce pet policies pertaining to neglect, lack of veterinarian care, abandonment, … [Read more...]


Will You Help End Military Breed Bans?

No military family wants to be forced to choose between affordable on-base housing and a beloved family pet. Sometimes troops must relinquish animals is because of inconsistent military pet policies, … [Read more...]


Is Your Military Family Ready for a Pet?

Although some might think the time, money, and planning for lifetime pet ownership isn’t worth it, many military families wouldn’t have it any other way. “My husband and I don't have … [Read more...]


4 Reasons Not To Get A Pet

Like many other military families, we are the proud owner of a fur child. Her name is Annie, and she is a black lab. She is gentle, loyal, great with our kids and the best company a girl could ask … [Read more...]


3 Ways A Dog Can Happy Up Your Military Life

Happy people are connected to other people. But if you ask me, happy military people are connected to their dogs, too. In a military family, dogs may have the ability to shape your habits during … [Read more...]


Dogs: A (Military) Spouse’s Best Friend

After people found out we were moving overseas one of the first questions to pop up was if we were taking our dog. The answer to that question was a no-brainer for us, “Yes, of course!” While we … [Read more...]


Are Military Working Dogs Being Euthanized?

Last week, an online petition calling for an end to the process of euthanizing retired Military Working Dogs was being circulated. I was outraged. I had no idea that this practice was taking place, … [Read more...]