Poll: Combine the Commissary and Exchange?

The CEO of Army and Air Force Exchange (AAFES) has officially proposed combining with the commissary in an effort to save them from the higher prices and potential closings under a new potential … [Read more...]


Poll: What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund?

My friends who attack their finances with the precision of a money ninja think tax refunds are for the birds. They have figured out their paychecks just so – and manage to not give their federal and … [Read more...]


Poll: Commissary Prices Will Likely Go Up Under New Budget

Defense officials confirmed Feb. 24 what you've been hearing -- that the commissary is about to see a budget cut so major that it will be forced to raise prices. The commissary system will be given … [Read more...]


Poll: Does Girlfriend Trump Mom at Homecoming

When it comes to having your in-laws visit during homecoming, we stand pretty firm:  Don’t do it. But what about girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others? Do they trump parents, … [Read more...]


Poll: Does Military Life Get Any Better?

Her question kind of stumped me. When a military spouse at a book club meeting in South Carolina asked me if military life ever got any better, I jumped right in with my answer: YES! Of course, … [Read more...]


Poll: What Military Life Issue Worries You the Most?

Our readers are always telling us about the parts of military life that worry them most. They care about the commissary. They worry about how deployment has affected their children and their … [Read more...]


Poll: Is Going Back to School a Waste of Money?

Every tenth of the month, I sit down at my computer, check my student loan bill, and empty my bank account to pay off my monthly installment. I loved school, I'm glad I have my degree and can attest … [Read more...]


Poll: How Has the Military Helped YOU Transition?

We've heard it over and over again from Defense Department leadership: the military is drawing down. Servicemembers will be transitioning out. Cuts to personnel are coming. Some reenlistments won't be … [Read more...]


Poll: Tricare May Close In-Person Service Offices

Tricare may permanently close all of their stateside in-person service centers early next spring in a move aimed at saving money. The centers, located in free-standing buildings or within military … [Read more...]


Poll: Bribe Your Kids To Exercise Much?

I would love to push my skinny little sixth grader outside, lock the screen door behind him, and strongly encourage the boy to go play in the woods. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the only person … [Read more...]


Poll: Would You Be Happier Outside the Military?

Happiness is a finicky thing. We spend hours of our days, often subconsciously, pursuing things because they make us happy. Heck, the U.S. was formed, at least in very small part, to protect the ever … [Read more...]


Poll: Why Are You Stay-at-Home Mom (or Dad)?

Solve an argument for us, would you? If you are a military spouse and you are primarily a stay home parent, we want to know why. Recently I wrote about the fact that military spouses were twice as … [Read more...]


Poll: What’s The Best Way To Deal With Bad Neighbors?

We all have our problems with the neighbors—bad lawns, noisy kids, crazy parties, empties in the yard, audible fights, trash cans in the street. Heaven save me from the neighbors in our old … [Read more...]


Poll: What Do You Unpack First?

Unpacking from a PCS is something of a science. The more you do it, the more you get it down to a fine-tuned rhythm. Me? I let the movers bring in my boxes and put together the stuff they took … [Read more...]


Poll: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for the Ball?

Just what is the value of a night out in a fancy dress with your spouse’s work buddies? That’s the question I started asking myself after I learned that it’s going to cost us $80 per ticket … [Read more...]


Poll: Worst Age to Get a Job

I've never had a problem with a job interview when I was young. If I was in any way qualified for the job, I could make that interviewer picture me in the job and want to hire me. Until I married a … [Read more...]


Poll: Fewer PCSes Coming Soon?

The military could have a smaller budget for military moves next year – and that could very well mean you’ll be staying at that duty station a little bit longer. The budget reduction of 5 … [Read more...]


Poll: Why Don’t You Exercise?

The evidence is hard to argue with: exercise is good for you. Research shows it increases physical health and lifespan. It has some of the same affects on your brain as an antidepressants.  It also … [Read more...]