Our Favorite Quotes From D.C. MilSpouse Week

So you couldn't be in Washington, D.C. the week of May 3 for all the military spouse hoopla? That's OK. Because we've got a rundown of our favorite quotes just for you. As the head of … [Read more...]


MilFam Appreciation: ‘How Lucky I Am’

They say that military families are the backbone of their service members. We are there to support, encourage and love. We are a reason to keep pushing toward redeployment. We are the reason for a … [Read more...]


10 Things To STOP Doing In Military Life

I have a long list of things I’ve gotta stop doing in my own life. I gotta stop filling my car with drink cups. I gotta stop bingeing on Netflix. I gotta stop thinking of Taco Bell as a food … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quotes: ‘Blorft’ is an Adjective I Just Made Up

Every morning I wake up, drink some coffee and gird my loins for the day to come. Because in military life, especially, there’s no telling what kind of crazy any day will bring. What time will my … [Read more...]


Missing You Quotes

'Missing you' is the weirdest phrase.  Jeremy Sherman, an evolutionary epistemologist, says that “missing” is a contranym, one word with two opposite meanings. Missing means to be either … [Read more...]


Quote: Eyes in the Back of Your Head are Still Asleep

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thrown your kids the old line about having eyes in the back of your head. Despite the fact that it’s one of those sayings my parents used that I swore I’d … [Read more...]


Quote: Kindred Spirits Are not so Scarce

Finding a kindred spirit is a little like finding love at first sight. When you meet someone who is the perfect friend for you there is a moment where time hangs suspended and all seems right with the … [Read more...]


You Aren’t As Independent As You Think: Military Spouse Quote

When the Fourth of July rolls around, we Americans like to celebrate our “independence.” It is one of the virtues this great country was based upon, right? We believe Susan B. Anthony’s … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Start Where You Are

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been overwhelmed by military life. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this is sitting front of a computer with a raised hand. (And if you aren’t, please share … [Read more...]


Never Judge Yourself By Your Worst Day

The evil that you do won’t wake you up at night. Researchers say that we are pretty good at justifying our petty evils. What wakes us up are our shames. Our regrets. The memories of things we … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Tell the Negative Committee to Shut Up

I’m not typically a negative person. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments of pessimism and self-doubt thanks to those little negative voices inside my head. The other day I was … [Read more...]


Mark Memorial Day by Remembering Life

I never expected to know military death, even from a distance. When death came, it was not to my doorstep. There were many times its shadow passed by my home, but it never rested here. It … [Read more...]


Quote: We Have to Keep Everyone Resilient

Sometimes military life wears me down. Yes, there are aspects of this lifestyle that I appreciate, but there have been times when I wondered if I was cut out for military spouse-hood, when I was ready … [Read more...]


Quote: Find Happiness Making One Another Happy

Adventure is about to strike Household Bushatz in the form of tent camping. While that may sound like no big deal to some of you, it is a HUGE deal for me. I'm not quite the opposite of an outdoor … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: If Your Ship Refuses To Come In

Good work doesn’t just happen to people—milspouse or not. People who have satisfying work struggle to get it. I was reminded of this the other day when I caught this little thing about actress … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: I am not a Wife and I am not a Widow

No matter what your spouse’s experience in war is – no matter how simple or how harrowing – he is going to come home different in some way. Time equals change. And time apart is change … [Read more...]


Military Wife Quote: Stop Being Sad, Start Being Awesome

On the hard days the sadness of military absence is heavy like a backpack you can’t put down or a wet blanket you’re forced to haul. “Oh yeah, he’s deployed,” your fellow military spouses … [Read more...]


Deployment Quotes: Loneliness Is Overrated

I fell into a conversation with three female servicemembers about the upcoming deployment.  They were sure it would be no problem for me. “Because you are an independent woman, right? You … [Read more...]