When the Cape Comes Off: Reintegration On the Guard Side

I love Superman. He is by far my favorite superhero, but there is something utterly ridiculous about the Clark Kent “disguise." I never could wrap my mind around the fact that he could change his … [Read more...]


PTSD and the Family: Maintaining Your Unit

From Somalia to Iraq Ashley Lambert-Wise’s husband, Rob, has served in both the Marines and the Army. Stateside today, he’s engaged in battle with an invisible foe: posttraumatic stress disorder … [Read more...]


Don’t Give In to Reintegration Exhaustion

A woman standing next to me in the airport once complained, “I didn’t get married to be a single mom, this isn’t what I bargained for. I’m so exhausted!” She explained that her husband had … [Read more...]


Hidden PTSD Symptoms You May Be Missing

“I really couldn’t tell if it was me or the PTSD,” said Angela* an Army wife. “It didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to live here any more without seeing a therapist.” Angela told me that … [Read more...]


Mailbag: How To Convince Your Soldier To Seek Therapy

Noticing some PTSD-like symptoms in your soldier (and pointing them out) does not mean he or she is going to have a V-8 moment. The soldier isn’t going to smack himself on the forehead and run off … [Read more...]


Love, Compassion and PTSD: Lessons From a Military Father

My father, David Clinton Tharp was a decorated 101st airborne paratrooper during WWII. Although he survived the battles of Normandy, Carentan, Holland, and the Battle of the Bulge, combat came with … [Read more...]


Poll: Does Girlfriend Trump Mom at Homecoming

When it comes to having your in-laws visit during homecoming, we stand pretty firm:  Don’t do it. But what about girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others? Do they trump parents, … [Read more...]


Why I Wish Your Husband Would Deploy

One of the rules of military life is that you never wish a deployment on anybody. You never wish that someone else’s husband would miss Christmas morning. You never wish someone else’s wife missed … [Read more...]


YDU: Stinky Reunions Aren’t So Romantic

I was recently thrilled when I learned that my husband’s unit was having a Family Day towards the end of their gunnery. Because my cat is not a good substitute for my regular … [Read more...]


The End of Deployment Zombies are Out to Get Me

Zombies were chasing me, clawing at me, drooling over my delectable brains. I ran, climbed, rolled under things, even tried to fly in my efforts to escape, but the zombies were determined. I … [Read more...]


What We Fight About After Deployment

We fight after deployment. This time we fought about 2% milk. I kid you not. Brad thought he would wait and buy milk when the store restocked with 1%. I thought anyone who finished the milk needed … [Read more...]


Let’s Be Honest: Intimacy After Deployment

There's a lot I didn't know about reintegration. I didn't know my husband would be at once desperate for my company and totally needing his own space and that I'd need my own space too. I didn't … [Read more...]


20 Happy Homecoming Resolutions

Homecoming tends to arrive ... eventually. But we spend a lot of time thinking about it first. We spend time worrying about it, mooning over it, waiting for it, hoping for it, praying for it. I, … [Read more...]


We Don’t Need No Reintegration

This family is completely out of whack.  During deployment we rolled along, sure.  But we were running like one of our tires was firmly mounted on a 6000-mile axel. Now that Brad is home, we need … [Read more...]


If I Ever Forget What Happy Looks Like

If I ever forget what happy looks like, please take me to the international arrivals gate at the airport.  I won't be like Hugh Grant in Love Actually looking for evidence that love is all … [Read more...]


Adios Friends, I Don’t Need You Cuz Deployment Is Over

Am I a bad friend just if I disappear after homecoming? Since my husband is coming home in a few days, I’ve noticed that all of my friends have been dropping verbal notes of goodbye into our … [Read more...]


Top 3 Ways to Help Someone Else’s Homecoming

It's the month of homecomings here at Fort Campbell. The Brigade to which we are attached is on their way back from Afghanistan and droves of friends and acquaintances are getting hints at when the … [Read more...]


How Writing Helped a Vet Reintegrate – And How it Can Help You

My son was only a year old when I left for Afghanistan as an infantryman. When I came home, he was, at best, scared of me. My wife had problems with my return too. I didn’t know why. Maybe … [Read more...]