How the New 2016 Defense Bill Impacts Families

We've been telling you since early this year about proposed changes to the Defense Department. For all those months the changes have been making their way through Congress where lawmakers squabbled … [Read more...]


Immigration Rule Change to Help Foreign-Born Spouses

Instead of forcing foreign-born military spouses to wait as long as a year to be able to join their service member stateside and live and work in the U.S., a new rule should make the process must … [Read more...]


Government Shutdown 2015: What it Would Mean for MilFams

Update: Shutdown averted! ... For now. Read more here. Although all indicators right now point to no government shutdown, there's still a chance lawmakers won't get their acts together before … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Project, Play Connects Generations

Years of military moves, deployments and holding down the home front had left Army spouse Amy Uptgraft exhausted. But then she was hit with a new idea -- a way to soothe her mind while doing what she … [Read more...]


Here’s the Problem With Reunion Porn

The problem, my dear American major sports leagues, isn't that you did something nice for a service member or his family. The problem is that by doing this one nice thing, you perpetuated the idea … [Read more...]


Exchange: Watch Out for Auto Sales Scam

If you are stateside and buying a car from the Exchange .... stop. You're about to become the victim of a scam. That's because the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) doesn't sell vehicles … [Read more...]


It’s Never Too Early for 2015 Holiday Military Mail Deadlines

If you're like me and absolutely refuse to acknowledge any kind of holiday season items before Thanksgiving, you know there's an exception to that rule: mailing items to our troops stationed overseas. … [Read more...]


How To: New Online Red Cross Emergency Message Tool

The Red Cross has rolled out an awesome new online emergency message tool. And we know how to use it. Red Cross emergency messages are the only official way to get an urgent message about injury, … [Read more...]


Recruiting is Hard Because We Don’t Value Service

I wonder if it's actually their own fault, in a way. Defense Department officials complain that the media spotlight on problems caused by military service, like PTSD, and our military and … [Read more...]


How to Update Information in DEERS

Need to update your information in DEERS? It should be pretty easy, right? After all, you've done the hard work by registering to start with. Your kids are already registered, too. This should be … [Read more...]


OCONUS? Using Move.mil Should Be Seamless

If you have done a permanent change of station (PCS) recently, you've probably used the military's claims website Move.mil. Gone are the days of filling out forms through other means. It's now all … [Read more...]


4 Important Things About AshleyMadison and MilSpouses

On August 18 hackers made good on a July threat to publish the personal information of over 37 million users of an adultery hook-up website. Among those 37 million email addresses used to register … [Read more...]


Maybe the Stress Is Too Much for Our MilKids

There's no denying it: war is really, really hard. It's hard on the service members. It's hard on the spouses. And it's really hard on the kids. As much as we'd like to think that we universally arm … [Read more...]


Retiring Army Chief’s Spouse Remarks Go Viral

It wasn't controversy that broke the internet over former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno's remarks at his retirement ceremony August 14. It was what he said about Army spouses. When the Army … [Read more...]


Military OneSource Rolls Out Site Redesign

Military OneSource rolled out a fresh new look August 1 in an effort to clean up what the site offers and make it all a little bit easier for users to find. And they succeeded. The redesign was … [Read more...]


POW/MIA Flag Is for Us, Not ‘Racist Hate’

Dear Rick Perlstein -- That POW/MIA flag you want to take down? That one you say symbolizes "racist hate"? That flag is for us. And by "us," I mean you too. I'm telling you this because … [Read more...]


MilFam Returns Stateside to Huge (Bad) Surprises

A military family with a home in Tampa, Florida returned from an overseas PCS to two big surprises. Not only were people living in their home without their permission or knowledge, but a management … [Read more...]


New Program Offers Peer-to-Peer Counseling

Officials with Military OneSource have peeled off from their 800-number counselors pool a group of experts with military experience to run a new peer-to-peer counseling program. The idea behind … [Read more...]