Commissary Bakeries, Delis to Reopen

The bakery and deli sections at 44 stateside commissaries will be back in business by the end of June, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) officials announced May 20. The sections had shuttered … [Read more...]


Here’s When Your Commissary Will Get Wi-Fi

If you're a heavy mobile Wi-Fi user or you like to download coupons while shopping, you're probably pretty happy that the commissary system is working to join us all in the 21st century by adding … [Read more...]


Poll: Easy Gun Purchases for all MilSpouses?

A bill proposed this month by a congressman from Virginia would make it significantly easier for military spouses to purchase guns, regardless of where they live or where they claim … [Read more...]


Our Favorite Quotes From D.C. MilSpouse Week

So you couldn't be in Washington, D.C. the week of May 3 for all the military spouse hoopla? That's OK. Because we've got a rundown of our favorite quotes just for you. As the head of … [Read more...]


DoD to Start Advertising Family Help On Private Sites

The Defense Department will soon begin advertising military family resources on privately owned websites, a top DoD official announced May 7. "It's new that DoD is letting us engage in digital … [Read more...]


The Magic Power of These Puppies

That dogs make great therapy animals for physically or emotionally disabled veterans is not new. Using the actual dog training as emotional boot camp for recovering war-fighters? That’s a whole … [Read more...]


One Nationwide License for Teacher Spouses?

If you're a military spouse whose chosen career field requires any kind of state-based license, you probably pay special attention to the push for what supporters called "license portability" -- the … [Read more...]


GI Bill Transfer Came Down to ‘Do Spouses Serve?’

Over the last few months we've taken the opportunity to explain some of the proposed benefits cuts to you -- while letting you weigh in with what you think the best outcome may be through polls. In … [Read more...]


IG: Unchecked Contractors Had Army Family Private Info

A cascade of problems started by an Army decision to switch who manages their childcare subsidy program resulted in the personal information of over 9,000 Army children being available to contractors … [Read more...]


Gut Check: When Your Spouse Deploys at Home

Suddenly, with a flurry of late night phone calls, my thoughts and concern for those in Baltimore turned into fear. I felt like someone had just punched me hard in the gut. The words came out of my … [Read more...]


How This Supreme Court Case Will Impact Military Families

Today the U.S. Supreme Court will hear two constitution-based arguments. The first concerns whether the Constitution requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The second argument … [Read more...]


Guaranteed Time Off Before Deployment Pushed in Bill

A bill recently proposed in Congress would guarantee you time off before your service member deploys no matter what kind of job you have. Right now you are guaranteed two weeks of time off under a … [Read more...]


Poll: Cover When Nursing on Base or Leave

A new policy at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho issued April 16 that was rescinded today after coming under heavy fire said that moms on base -- unless they are on duty service members or … [Read more...]


Need to Know: Shipping a Car for a PCS

Are you PCSing overseas or to Alaska or Hawaii this year? Then there is a pretty good chance you are going to let the Defense Department ship one of your vehicles there for you. And why not? It’s … [Read more...]


Why You May Have to Pay for the ER

Among the many changes proposed by the Defense Department to Tricare is making you pay to pay between $30 and $70 (depending on rank) to use the emergency room if what you're there for is ruled a … [Read more...]


Free Vet Center Counseling for Everyone

Wayne Miller’s mother signed the waiver for him to enter the Marine Corps at age 17.  When he lost his leg and was temporarily paralyzed at age 18 due to a mortar attack in Vietnam, she and his … [Read more...]


MilFams Homeschool to Flee Common Core?

Don’t you just love it when any given political camp identifies a trend in the military community and then uses it to support their own agenda? I've seen it happen with food stamp use in the … [Read more...]


Founder: Pin-Ups for Vets Brings Joy

We know that when an organization becomes successful there are often people who want to put it in a negative light.  We want the SpouseBuzz readers to know that our Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors are … [Read more...]