MilFams Homeschool to Flee Common Core?

Don’t you just love it when any given political camp identifies a trend in the military community and then uses it to support their own agenda? I've seen it happen with food stamp use in the … [Read more...]


Founder: Pin-Ups for Vets Brings Joy

We know that when an organization becomes successful there are often people who want to put it in a negative light.  We want the SpouseBuzz readers to know that our Pin-Ups For Vets Ambassadors are … [Read more...]


How Your 25 Minutes Could Help Military Families

There is so much uncertainty facing military families. We are so busy with coping with daily changes – from moving, new jobs, new friends – that focusing on larger policy issues can almost be too … [Read more...]


Military Kids ‘Missing’ Vaccines in Big Numbers?

Her research started out as a way to show that having a single-payer health system, like Tricare, would increase the odds of a child being completely up to date on his vaccines. Instead she found the … [Read more...]


Pick Your Own Cuts: Housing Allowance

While many of the major benefits cuts like those that look at Tricare and the commissary are (at least for the most part) still in the debate stage, one benefit has already been somewhat downsized … [Read more...]


Headache Incoming? PCSing This Summer

Moving industry experts say a change to how the Defense Department expects moving companies to organize their schedules around military moves could reek havoc on the upcoming peak moving … [Read more...]


Free Sittercity Memberships Ending

Military families will no longer be able to use the babysitter website Sittercity after the Defense Department opted to discontinue their subsidized program with that service. The DoD-funded … [Read more...]


Commissary Adding Customer Wi-Fi to Stores

Have you ever noticed that even though the commissary has those online coupons, you can't actually access them while shopping in many stores because the cell signal is so incredibly bad? Welcome to … [Read more...]


Poll: Would a Big Commissary Price Increase Keep You Out?

A new study says the Defense Commissary Agency would likely have to increase prices 29 percent to make up for budget cuts proposed by the Defense Department. But would that keep you from shopping … [Read more...]


More Commissaries Lose Bakery, Deli Sections

Commissary shoppers at 22 more stores will be without deli and bakery sections, likely until early June, according to officials with the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). That means all gourmet … [Read more...]


How Many ISIS Threats Will it Take?

It's now happening monthly. In January CENTCOM's twitter account was hacked. In February I and a handful of other military spouses received tailor-made threats via Twitter. And late last week the … [Read more...]


Columnist: Ditch Veteran Preference, Military Discounts

When military spouses and others ask for discounts or special treatment at a business, they are not only embarrassing the military community, but they are encouraging a military-civilian divide … [Read more...]


MilSpouse Shoots Husband Home to Surprise Her

Imagine this: there's been a lot of robberies in your neighborhood. Your husband isn't due home so you set the house alarm, but you're still feeling nervous. That chirping of the alarm as someone … [Read more...]


Pick Your Own Cuts: The GI Bill

Among a pile of recommended changes to military benefits made early this year by a commission convened by Congress was a series of suggested changes to military education benefits. You can read … [Read more...]


Flag as MilFam Photo Prop ‘Shocking’ and ‘Disrespectful?’

There's nothing like a service member in uniform with his newborn. Maybe it was giving birth alone that did me in. Maybe it's the troops I've seen meet their babies for the first time at the … [Read more...]


You Say: ‘Don’t Touch My Tricare’

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to tell us which of the suggested Tricare cuts, if any, they liked the best. Both a commission tasked by Congress with examining military benefits and the … [Read more...]


Too Much Praise Puts the ‘Brat’ in ‘Military Brat?’

I want my military kids to know I am always proud of how they adapt and overcome. I want to encourage them. I do not want them to grow-up to be aggressive, narcissistic jerks. But a new study … [Read more...]


New Law Eases Burden for Special Needs Military Kids

A new law has taken a big load off the shoulders of special needs military families who want to stay in the service until retirement. The Disabled Military Child Protection Act, signed into law by … [Read more...]